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Nine: Love Her.

Third Person POV: Warning it does get graphic! I won't say it again.

Finn pushed Alex up against the door, his eyes boring into hers. He saw the fear and excitement in her eyes. He knew she hadn't been all the way before, she hadn't been touched by another man since the raid of her pack, which secretly turned him on more. He didn't want any other guy touching her, ever again. It was the wolf in him that was protective, and got jealous easily.

He stared at her for a moment, taking in all her beauty. She was, just that, beautiful. Her brown eyes glimmered in the low light of the hallway lights, her dark hair looked like silk. He wanted so bad to kiss her and never breakaway, he never wanted to be away from her again. If she left him, he thought he'd die.

"I think we should move," Her angelic voice flowed through his ears, the smile on her face lighting up like a christmas tree.

Alex was nervous, she'd never been with anyone this special before. Just Finn. Finn was ALL she thought about, wondered about, fantasised about, wanted to kiss, wanted to hold her. It was him.

She couldn't deprive herself any longer, she wanted him- needed him. She grabbed a handful of his hoodie and pulled him down to her lips. There was a spark, not just the normal one but, something else like time stopped and her life revolved around this very man. If he left, she'd never be well again. She could feel it. He felt the same way.

He swallowed a lump in his throat and instantly went for the door handle for his room. They shrunk in, he glanced both ways, making sure no one was looking. He wanted this to be special, uninterrupted.

However, Alex was getting impatient. She wanted him now. She wrapped her arm around his shoulders, slowing pulling him in; breathing shallowly against his neck.

She begun slowly kissing and sucking on Finn's neck as he moved cautiously away from the door. He didn't wait for a thing, or even her approval. He whipped around, and pushed his lips on hers, making them fall on the bed.

He wouldn't admit it but he wanted her naked body pressed up against his in the most naughty way possible.

He sat in between her legs, taking it slow as it was her first time. He moved quietly to her neck, his turn to make bruises.

By the time he'd made one, he had a sudden urge to mark her. He couldn't suppress it, the feeling burned inside of him.

He looked up at her, "Only if you're ready," He said, praying she said yes.

She had her eyes closed, like she was preparing herself for the bite.

"Go ahead" Her raspy voice was enough to send Finn mad with lust.

She braced herself for the bite, which was presented. Her teeth pierced into her lip, willing herself not to scream. It hurt, but it wasn't a stabbing hurt more like, the pain radiated then it stopped. She realized that Finn was licking her, which healed the wound easily.

He wiped the blood off his lip. It tasted sweet, oddly enough. The feeling was gone, but was replaced with lust: pure lust. He watched as she looked down at the scar, it was there for good: they both knew that. Now, any male werewolf that came near her knew that she had been mated and every female knew as well from the smell of Finn.

There was no turning back from that point. They couldn't be away from each other for more than 4 days now, they could read each others minds, and well- they could have pups now, which was definitely DOWN the road.

She couldn't wait any longer, no- she needed his manhood inside of her. Her Finn-thirsty sex drive was going insane. Soon enough, seconds after her wolf took over.

She flipped them over so she was on top. She straddled him, and lifted her shirt off. He just smirked up at her, liking how she took control.

Alex grabbed his hands, wrapping them around her firm breasts. He felt her perky nipples under her pink lacy bra, she hadn't anymore regular bras.

She dropped her hands to his bare chest, slowly rocking her pants against Finn's crotch. He was already semi hard, her work was cut out for her.

She reached around her back and undid the clip, letting it drop around Finn's hands. He was still smirking, which made Alex slyly do so as well.

He threw the bra over her shoulder, landing somewhere on the floor. He'd finally had enough of her directing the show.

He rolled them over, pressing himself against her still half clothed body. She reached her hands up and ripped his shirt off, tossing it on the floor. He was already at my pants once he finished gazing at her magnificent tits.

He yanked Alex's pants off in one pull, sending them to the pile of clothes on the floor. He glanced down at her panties and his eyes grew wide. His eyes returned to hers, his smirk appeared on his face. He saw she was sporting wetness in her nether regions.

He pulled his own pants off, revealing to her his grey boxer shorts. He basically jumped back onto her lips, getting almost all the undressing done.

He leaned down, his bent arms on both sides of Alex's head. Her hands wandered down his rock hard stomach, finding his manhood through his boxers. She grasped the fully erect rod abruptly, causing him to gasp.Her hands found their way into his underwear, rubbing his dick nice and slow, making him groan.

He gulped, blinking slowly. He hadn't felt anything so heavenly before, she wasn't even sucking him off and he was literally at the edge.

"Babe," He gasped, as she realised his throbbing cock. He was literally wrapped around her finger and she couldn't see it.

His breath slowed and he smiled, "You're good at that,"

She chuckled deeply. He moved down her body letting his hands trail on her hips. They pulled down her pink thong, that clung to her mound.

She moaned as he begun licking and sucking on her pulsing clit. She forced herself not to scream as he pushed two fingers into her pussy, sending her to the edge of climax but he slowed down, right when she was about to hit. That bastard.

She groaned and he chuckled slyly. Alex rolled my eyes, and he begun kissing her. It was an apology kiss, like he was sorry for building the sexual tension then stopping.

She pulled at his boxers and he instantly knew what she wanted. He yanked them off throwing them onto the floor. He leaned down, his hands on either side of her head again. He slowly positioned himself at the opening in her pussy.

She drew in a sharp breath as he pushed in. She gripped his back, digging her nails in which didn't faze Finn. He was cautious, watching her to see if he was hurting her too much. She seemed fine, only a tiny bit tense. She let her breath out. He sensed her discomfort instantly, He pushed in further breaking the hymn for sure. He bent down kissing her sweetly.

She gulped, and looked up into his eyes, "We can stop if you want?" He offered.

She shook her head, "No, i'm fine.....just don't go too fast okay?"

He smiled down at her, he loved her so much.
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It's like one of my FIRST sex scenes so be nice, okay!