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Those of Us They Have Forgotten

100 years ago, on a planet known as Earth, a war of great measures broke out. Those who want to destroy the humans, the bad, were fighting against those who respected humans and wated to save them, the good. After a long struggle, the bad won and they tried to kill all humans. However, before they could get to them, many humans went into hiding thanks to the help of the good. Ever since then, the bads have ruled with an iron fist, while the goods snuck around to help humans and plot to win back their home. How will the tables be turned when the forbbiden happens: A bad falls in love with a human. Then, it seems as time progresses, more bad, humans, and good fall in love. With the love they have, the armies to back them up, and their own corage, they stand against the great ruler of the bad. Will it be enough to save them or are they all doomed?
There will be cussing, violince, boyxboy, and other things in this fanfiction. It is marked as PG-13 for all of this. Please, don't write hateful comments. Critism and such is accepted, however!c:
I hope you enjoy this fic! We don't own any of the band members, just the OC's!!!!!!!