Disposable Teens

Brian Warner (age 15) and his best friends at his high school try to form a band, to impress girls and to become cool among their peers. The band is called Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids, and each member must take a band name. Brian (Marilyn Manson) is the vocalist, Scott Mitchell (Daisy Berkowitz) plays guitar, Brad Stewart (Gidget Gein) is on bass, Freddy Streithorst (Sara Lee Lucas) the drummer, and Stephen Bier (Madonna Wayne Gacy, Also known as Pogo) plays the keyboard.
In order to succeed their friendships will be tested, crushes will appear, hearts will be broken, friends will be enemies, sex and alcohol will lead to cheating, fighting will leave scars and bruises. After all the damage was it all worth it?
  1. My Name is Marilyn Manson.
    How it all began..
  2. Jealous?
    Their first official fan may cause trouble...
  3. The New Guy
    The tall teenager was wearing a Beatles "Abbey Road" album cover tee shirt.
  4. V-Day Issues
    A lovely couple were testing out a condom.
  5. User
    A lustful mistake could lead to A painful decision.
  6. Innocence
    First day of a new school year..
  7. Virgin
    You can call me any day or night..
  8. Pain
    Party time!
  9. Home
    Where one belongs.