Status: One-Shot for a contest!

Until My Dying Breath

One-shot written for this contest that is hosted by gatesguardian. and Shyla_the_human.

My Prompt: (An Avenged Sevenfold member of your choice) is your best friend. You find out that you only have a few months to live so you finally admit your true feelings to him.
-And I chose Brian! hehe

Adalaide May Matthews grew up with the boys of Avenged Sevenfold. But she was closest to Brian. They did everything together and she was in love with him. She could never get up the courage to tell him how she felt. That is until one day when she gets some unexpected news from her doctor.


*I do NOT, sadly, own Brian Haner Jr. or any of the other guys in A7X should they appear. God only knows how much I wish I did own him. *le sigh*
*I DO, however, own Adelaide and any other original characters that appear. So please don't steal them.
*Please don't steal my story for I have worked hard on it and really love how it turned out. So please don't steal or face my wrath! Just kidding but seriously, please don't steal it.
*It's rated R for possible language and sex scene(s).
*If you have a problem with this story or how it goes or ends or whatever please do not leave negative comments unless they are for constructive criticism. Also please do not report this story for something stupid or what not. If you have a dire issue with my story than please message me first.

*Story title credit goes to the song 'Any Other Way' by We The Kings.