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Fancy Pants

Alright, so there's this dude. His name is Dodger. There is this girl. Her name is Emma. Stuff happens. The end? I'm really bad at giving descriptions of my stories, especially when I don't even know what it's about. It's kind of a figure-it-out-as-I-go thing.

Enjoy? Tell me if you did? Or what you think? Please?

I also don't think I'll ever finish this story but who knows maybe but if you like it, I have other stories. I wrote this about three years ago and the other stories I have up are within two or so years old and my writing style has grown a bit but yeah anyway hi bye
  1. Fancy Pants Ch. Uno
    I spaced this all out for you, love me.
  2. Fancy Pants Ch. Two
  3. Fancy Pants Ch. Three
  4. Fancy Pants Ch. Four Score and Seven Years Ago
  5. Fancy Pants Ch. Cinco de Fuq
  6. Fancy Pants Ch. bangerz bangerz bangerz
    aka six
  7. Fancy Pants Ch. Siete
  8. Fancy Pants Ch. Eight-o with some Déjà vu-o
    Hey, unless you speak Italian, you might wanna get Google Translate out for the last bit. It's defintely not real, genuine Italian, but I'm a dumb English speaker so I obvie used Google
  9. Fancy Pants Ch. Nine - Revenge of The Caps-lock
    So is this a good story or like...? eh. this is a 'fun' chapter. love it like you love me...just not as much or I'll get jealous and kill you.
  10. Fancy Pants Ch. Ten hens chillin' in my den washing their feathers with Wen and ones of them is name
    d Ben and he has a kid. That little Devil Wears Prada BOOM. I ran out of space tho in the title so boohoo i cry.
  11. Fancy Pants Ch. Eleven
  12. Fancy Pants Ch. Twelve bells from hell
  13. Fancy Pants Ch. Thirteen aka holy crap this is a good one omg read it
    fo real though.
  14. Fancy Pants Ch. Fourteen smorteen courteen porteen and other words that rhyme with orange
  15. Fancy Pants Ch. Fifteen aka is this a short chaprte? whoops spelled chapter wrong
  16. Fancy Pants Ch. Sixteen also I'm sorry don't send me death threats
    is this story turning too much into a drama? ehhh. super sorry. I also posted this chapter a long ass time ago but deleted it because I started to feel like this story was taking a turn it didn't need but I really like this chapter so here you go.
  17. Fancy Pants Ch. Seventeen a chapter in which Dodger finally goes to have dinner at Emma's yay
    yay again.
  18. Fancy Pants Ch. Eitghteen and sorry this took forever to update