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Fancy Pants

Fancy Pants Ch. Siete

After checking to see if the coast was clear and confirming it was, I pushed the heavy door open with my hand, letting Emma dunk out under it. I followed behind her skittish little self, watching her smooth out that blessed dress of hers. What a wonderful clothing choice today. Made the unexpected sex so much easier - and omg.

“Uh,” I noticed something when she turned her back to me once more. She stopped coxing her sex hair back to normal to glance back at me with a perplexed look on her cute little face.


I gestured for her to face her back to me, and after another perplexed look she did, allowing me to grab the several Sticky Notes off her butt. How did I not see that? I’ve been staring at her butt since the day we met. I should’ve noticed something was different.

I waved the pieces of paper in front of her face, crumbling them, shoving them into her hand. Her eyes widened.

“Oh…thanks.” She spun back around to look at me, fumbling the ball of paper in her hands. She hitched a thumb behind her. “I guess I should…go.”

“Yeah,” I started, looking at the clock. And then realized oh god. The time. Five minutes into third period. Uh-oh…did we really have sex for twenty-ish minutes? Crap.

“What?” she asked, seeing my shocked face. I had half a mind to grab her and stop her from looking at the time. She’d flip. So I did grab her, but uh her face isn’t connected to her arms? So me grabbing her arms didn’t stop her from looking at all? That’s dumb???

Her jaw dropped. “We’re late!” she snapped. “And to Psych class - if we are both late and walk in at the same time…they will know.” oh fuck. She’s right.

“Then you go in first, and I’ll be there…in ten minutes,” I suggested, not knowing what else we should do.

“Then you will be very late.”

“I’m rarely on time for that class, though. They won’t be that shocked.”

“Are you sure?” she asked after being silent for a couple seconds. I nodded like it wasn’t a big deal, because it wasn’t.

“Yeah, go. I’ll be there,” I assured her doubtful face. She still stood there, so I slap that ass, you already know. (You: Playa, playa. Me: yee)

She gasped, hands going to where she was spanked - oh she’s into spanking btw. Left cheek has a small bruise on it now…js. She narrowed her eyes at me in a very…unf way. Girl, I’d stop that unless you want to go for round two.

“Go,” I said again, and she finally listened, saying she’d see me later, and I watched her butt as she scurried to class.

Man. How did I not hear the bell?

Oh well.

I passed by the circular red table with the messed up stack of tempos placed on them. Looks like people had just grabbed some as they passed by, which isn’t good for the school because tempos cost a dime and there’s only about ten left out of the at least fifty that were originally there. I wonder where she was taking these…but I don’t really care. I had sex. That’s all that matters. I grabbed one and took it with me into the restroom, where I leaned up against the wall and flipped through it until the ten minutes passed and I made my way to class.

Mr. Davis was in the middle of explaining…something psychological. No one really seemed to be paying attention but they sure did notice me waltzing in. Everyone snapped their attention to me, and stared as if they knew I took a tempo without paying.

I glared at all of them, stealing a glance at Emma, and that’s when I noticed something else about her. On her collarbone…was a hickey.


but yay.

I'll tell her later, and continued to my desk as Mr. Davis spoke. “Oh, glad to see you decided to join us today, Mr. Riz-i-lee.”

“Glad to see you’re so happy to see me, Mr. Day-hay-vis.” I shot him a grin which he returned. I pulled out my seat and sat next to Emma.

He replaced that grin with a look of ponder. He scratched his beard, looking between Emma and I. “It’s strange - Ms. Emma was also late today.” The class ‘ooh’d. I killed them all in my head with my unpaid for and rolled-up tempo.

“Oh, was she?” I asked, giving a fleeting look to Emma. I held up my hand for her. “High-five.” She along with the class let out a giggle, but she high-fived me. I leaned an arm on my chair as Mr. Davis spoke again.

“I see you’ve rubbed off on her.”

Oh, I did a lot more than rub off on her.

BOOM. Cum joke ohhhhh snap. (Author: I’m tired…that’s why this chapter’s a bit strange. Is it strange? Is this whole story strange? maybe.)

“I guess so,” I held my hand out for another high-five, which she gave. Mr. Davis just smiled a knowing smile. You could tell he knew something had happened. And that’s when he leaned forward a bit towards Emma and squinted his eyes. Emma gave him a strange look and he stood up straight.

He began to pace in front of the room.

“My, Emma,” He failed to hide his smile. “Well, what’s that on your neck?”


I’m done with him. For life.

Emma’s eyes were wider than her legs - BOOM. I’m sorry. I had to. Her hand flung to her neck as several people got up to see what Mr. Davis was talking about. And to appear out of the loop as well, I too leaned forward to see the small bruise resting on her collarbone, out for all to see…when I noticed another bruise getting darker on the right side of her jawline.

Two. Two hickies. Both from yours truly.

“Is that a hickey?” someone asked. Emma’s hands frantically closed around her neck to cover the blemish, but neither were actually covering them.

“Uh,” was all she managed to get out before someone else spoke.

“There’s another one right there - on her jaw.”

Scattered ‘Oh my God’s flooded the room as more people rose up to see. Not enjoying any of this attention, her face began to get redder and redder. Her eyes went for mine, begging me to do something.

I broke out with, “You all act like you’ve never seen a couple hickies before. Yes, they exist. Get over it.”

Loudmouth cackled out, “Well, we never thought we’d see them on Emma - no offence, Emma.”

“None taken,” she mumbled, voice near shaking from how uncomfortable and nervous she was.

Seeing she needed more help, I spoke again. “Well, there they are. Keep staring and I’ll have to charge you.”

Laughs were being let out as Mr. Davis finally helped the situation. “And knowing Dodger, I doubt he’s joking. Now in your seats, in your seats, you children. We have a lot more important things to discuss than the souvenirs Ms. Emma brought back from the detour that made her late to class. Though now I’m curious,” He paused to obnoxiously check my neck out. “Does Mr. Riz-I-lee have any souvenirs as well?”

Just her virginity.

GAAAHHH. I’m a douchebag. Stop that. See, this is why I shouldn’t be given sex; I will brag about it and make lame jokes in my head.

I am so sorry, Emma.

“Nope,” I disappointed him and the leering pricks. “My ‘detour’ was sold out of souvenirs. But next time, I’ll bring back some proof.” Ooh. Snap, how am I thinking this fast? Go me. Then, just for funsies, I nudged Emma’s shoulder, “Right, Emma?” See, this way, they don’t know if I’m joking or not. ahhh. genius.

The class, along with Mr. Davis laughed, and then finally, finally, we went back to ignoring him as he continued on with his lecture until the bell rang.

Well, we dodged that bullet but not fully unscathed.

Heh. My name’s Dodger and I just kind of said my name. Heh. Dodged. Dodger. Nameception. (Author: I need a nap. But this chapter will not end here, my bros. The show must go on.)

The rest of the day was pretty lame. Word of Emma and I’s ‘detour’ has yet to reach David and Chance, so I didn’t have to deal with that, but the topic of our little conversation prior to the bell ringing did involve a bit of what Emma and I actually did Friday night. Each other.

“Where’d you guys even go?” David inquired, cracking his knuckles against my desk. I held back a gag. “One minute you’re on the couch getting ‘friendly’ and then you’re gone - both of you.”

“I don’t know.” I wasn’t too sure if I wanted him to know. I mean, if he obviously doesn’t know where we went and what we did, why tell him? All he’ll do is run his mouth to everyone.

“You don’t know?” he laughed. I shrugged.

“I can’t remember.”

“Well, where’d you wake up?”

“On Earth.” I smiled as he glared.

“Funny. Seriously, where’d you guys end up in the morning?”

“Home - I took her home and then went to mine and slept for a zillion years.”

“That’s it?” he pressed, the nosy side of him getting more prevalent. “Did you guys…you know? Because the way you were kissing was very…‘woah.’”

I let out that irritated sigh, but mentally smiled at the memory…of no memory. Damn.

“Nope. That was it.”

“Then what’d you do all night? You took her home in the morning.”

….damn. Wait, did I tell him that? I couldn't remember.

“Slept.” With each other. BOOM. Okay, I’ll stop.

“With each other?” He smirked, and I wanted to end him for stealing my joke.

“She slept in my bed; I slept on the floor.”

That smirk grew bigger and I knew he was conjuring up what he thought was genius. “Was that before or after you fucked?”

Mrs. Orr, the study hall teacher, heard him curse, and snapped at him to watch his mouth. He apologized then called her a bitch under his breath.

I was hoping he suddenly forgot what we were talking about, but…no.

“So…” he said, waiting for me to answer his question.

I answered with, “So…?”

“You know - answer me, dude. Before or after.”

“It wasn’t before or after anything - nothing happened. We talked and fell asleep.”

“You’re lying,” he assumed rightfully, nodding his head.

Another annoyed sigh. “And what makes you think that?”

“Because,” he said simply. “After what was happening on that couch…there’s no way you just ‘talked’ and then ‘fell asleep.’ You probably talked, did the dirt, and then fell asleep, but…just no way it could’ve just been that.”

“You don’t seem to have a lot of faith in me, buddy.

“No, the problem is I do - I have faith that you nailed her. You had to’ve.”

“I don’t have to do anything you’re expecting me to do,” I shot back cunningly. “Why do you care so much, anyway? Is it going to affect how you sleep at night? No. So fuck off.”

And once more, when you finally get fed up with him for being the nosy bitch he is, he gets butthurt.

“Well, geez, I was just wondering. God.” And off he went mumbling and grumbling over to his seat, neglecting to hook his thumb under Chance’s collar, so Chance hung back with me. I was expecting him to silently follow David, but he stayed put, just looking at me in a strange way.

“What?” I asked warily.

He had a slight smile, and shook his head. “Most guys would be running their mouth, bragging their head off, about getting laid at a party. But you aren’t. You’re respecting Emma right now, and…I don’t know. I think that’s pretty, you know, respectable.”

“Well, I’m not a douche.”

“And I’m sure Emma’s happy about that. Really, though, that’s awesome of you.”

I didn’t know what else to say except, “Thanks, Chance.” He just smiled, going back over to seat.

See. The only place you should ever go bragging about getting sex is in your head, ‘cause elsewhere can screw your day up.

Ahh. Well, I’m feeling pretty good about myself now.


It’s snowing out right now. So much, we ain’t having school today.

I don’t think I’ve ever told you what time of year it is in this story - it’s nearing the end of January, and has barely snowed, til now. And we’re getting blizzards.

I’ve been stuck up in my house since yesterday, which I normally wouldn’t mind; I like being alone, but now that I feel like it’s my only option, I miss the outside world and the people who inhabit it - fuck.

Natalie was unexpectedly pounding her hand against my window. I wanted to cry - mostly because I suddenly wanted to be alone - but let her in.

I unlatched it, shoving it open. “What the eff word are you doing? We have a front door, you know.”

She grinned, climbing her way in, crying out in shock when she did a summersault, flinging down onto my bed…before bouncing off and landing onto the floor. I jolted forward to see if she was still alive. She starfished in a seemingly uncomfortable position. “Ow,” she grumbled, hands gripping her head.

I patted her knee, sitting back in my bed. “You’ll be fine. Suck it up,” I said, playing the tough love role.

“Oh, I’m not too sure,” she debated, sitting up slowly. “I feel like I just lost my backdoor virginity - my ass hurts so bad.”

“And in my room,” I laughed. “What an honor.” I reached a hand out for her to take, which she did, pulling her up in onto my bed. As she went on moaning and groaning about the pain she was experiencing, I found myself unfortunately wondering if she was a virgin - either doors, really. Then wanted to bitchslap myself.

No, you dummy. The only virginity you should be thinking about is Emma’s.

And now I want to hang out with Emma.

We haven’t gotten freaky since that time at school and that was about a week ago, and I’m having withdrawals. We just haven’t had the chance to ‘hang out,' other than the times we got together to work on our Psych paper, and her mom was on watch the whole time.

She’s still set on having me met her dad soon - now determined since I was her ‘first.’

Wait…are we even dating?

…no. We’re not.

Holy crap. How did we manage that? Oh well. If she wants to make us a thing, that’s cool with me. ‘Cause then I get to do her whenever I want, and things won’t be weird afterwards.

Man. I have seriously tampered her innocence - and guess the mothereffing what…we didn’t use a condom - either times, I think.


Well…shit. Hope that doesn’t come back and screw us over. (Author: Oh it won’t…or will it? O_o)

Natalie and I chilled for a few hours until she got a call from her dad, asking her where she was, and she ‘skadoodled,’ leaving me to have a mental breakdown about being a horny idiot who neglected the use of a condom twice.

I should talk to Emma about that, especially because she might not even have noticed, and could suddenly wind up pregnant and have no clue.

But how would I go about that? Like just pop up at her house with a pregnancy test, all ‘hey…sup, yeah, pee on this, will ya? just for laugh, ha.”

I don’t want to worry her over nothing…because then she’ll probably never want to do it again.

No, stop being dumb. Talk to her.

Blegh. Okay.

I pulled out my phone, going to my contacts. I found Emma’s number and texted her.

To: Emma
From: Me
hey, uhh, don’t freak out or
anything, but uhh…both times
we did it…I didn’t use a thing.
…..yeah. sorry.

SORRY???????? What is wrong with me? ‘Hey, sorry, you might be pregnant’ - I’m so dumb.
It felt like she took her jolly ol’ time replying, probably trying to figure out what I meant by ‘thing,’ and when she finally did answer back, it was short.

To: Me
From: Emma
Uhm, what thing?

Damn. I’ll have to use the real word.

To: Emma
From: Me
a…you know…condom.

And she took ages to reply, but finally...

To: Me
From: Emma

That was it. Just ‘no.’

To: Emma
From: Me
I am so sorry. I didn’t even think
about it. So what should we do?
Do you want to get a pregnancy
test, just in case?

I wanted to die - the slight possibility…that we could’ve just fucked our lives up…was a lot to handle, but I knew that if she did end up being, y’know, with child…as scary as that might be, whatever she wanted to do - be it getting an abortion or keeping it - I wasn’t going to ditch her. That much was set in stone.

To: Me
From: Emma
It’s okay. I know you didn’t mean
to forget. And that would probably
be smart to do. I really do not
want to buy one though…

To: Emma
From: Me
I can go get one, if you want. I’m
bored out of my mind right now.
I can get it and bring it to you.
Or whenever you want.

I wanted to find out now. It felt like my life depended on knowing now. But doesn’t it take a couple weeks before you can find out for sure? Like, it takes two weeks before the embryo or something is there? I don’t know - and that’s why the test should be negative; I’m not ready to be a father. I don’t even know how this shit works.

Imagine how she’s feeling right now - she’s the one who’s going to end up having to make the big decision, and if she goes through with it, she’s gotta pop it out.

Fuck. I fucked up big time. Both of our lives won’t be the same after this.

Stop. She might not even be pregnant. I could be freaking out over nothing. But I guess it’s better to care too much than not at all.

Again, the several minutes she took to reply felt like hours, and when my phone buzzed, my heart was pounding in my chest.

To: Me
From: Emma
You would do that? You’re handling
this well or so it seems. Thank you.
Yes, if you will, that would be great.
I am home alone now, besides
Herald, so if you would, yes.

HAHAHAHA. She thinks I’m handling this well?!?!?! I want to jump in front of a train, hahahhah lol. oh god. kill me ahah.

Well, if she thinks I’m doing alright, it’s time to super glue that brave face on, because the second she sees I’m anything but okay, she’ll freak. Gotta stay strong for her sake, really, or we’re both going down -…..her parents. My parents. If the test turns out positive, we’ll have to tell them eventually.

eff word.


I shoved my face into my hands, holding back a scream. Keep it together, fucker. Don’t you dare breakdown. Be a man and be there for her now. Cry yourself to sleep tonight. You’ve earned it.

Thanks, me.

You’re welcome, bitch.

oh god. SEE. I am not mentally okay right now.

But I forced myself to message her back, sounding as sane as I could.

To: Emma
From: Me
Yeah, ain’t no thang. I got you.
I’ll go to CVS right now, and be
over soon.

Well…the last sentence was okay, but…the first few…wtf?

To: Me
From: Emma
Still handling it better than me,
but okay. Thank you.
Dodger…I’m so scared.

Oh fudge. Me too, gurl.

To: Emma
From: Me
I know. We’ll be fine. No matter
what. I’ll be as involved as you
want me to be. I swear. I won’t let
you go through this alone.

To: Me
From: Emma
Thank you so so so so much.

And with that, I took off for the local CVS, praying I had the courage to even buy it.
♠ ♠ ♠
ahhhhhh snap