Status: I wanted to rewrite a story I had a while back. Some things have changed. And comments would be nice xD

My New Life

Chapter One

I sat in the car while Uncle Kris drove. It was raining a lot, and I couldn't see the road much. I kept pulling on the seat belt, because I was too small to ride in the front and it kept hitting my face. This made Kris laugh.
“Just put the strap behind you,” he said. I nodded and did just that. After the police took me from Dad's house, I went to the doctor. They made me do a lot of things. I had to take my clothes off while other guy doctors ran tests on me. They took my nasty clothes away, and I was forced to wear the doctor clothes they gave me. It was like a dress made out of paper. After they tested me, I had to take a lot of shots. One of the shots was a tube with a bag connected to it. They said it was for fluids, but I had no idea what they were talking about. I had to wear an arm cast because Dad broke my arm a long time ago. The doctors said it didn't heal right, so they had to break it again and give me a cast. They said it would heal right now, and it would even be stronger. I have a lot of other bandages on my body, because of Dad. After a few days with police guys, hospital people, and getting shots, Uncle Kris got there. Right after we left, he took me to get new clothes. I got a pair of jeans, a new Pokemon shirt, and underwear and socks. He even bought me some Pokemon shoes that I saw. He said he wished he could buy me more, but I never went clothes shopping before so I didn't care. He told me that when I got to Landon's house that I would have more clothes. That's where he's taking me now, to Landon's house. Landon is my older brother, but I have no idea who he is.
“Hey, Kaiser?” Kris said, keeping his eyes on the rain. I looked up from my light-up shoes and saw that Kris looked sad.
“I'm sorry, kid. I'm sorry that I didn't save you.” He says, then he wipes his eyes.
“For what?” I was confused, he didn't do anything wrong to me.
“Your damn father. My damn brother. What he did to you,” His face looked mad now. I looked back down at my shoes and got sad.
“It's because of me. I made him mad,” I laid my head on my knees and poked at my cast.
“You didn't do anything wrong, Kaiser. You hear me?” I kept my eyes away from Kris while they got watery.
“Why would he hurt me, then?” I asked. Kris didn't answer. I don't think he could. I felt weird because he didn't say anything, so I started talking more.
“Why did Landon go away? Are you sure he's my broder?” I asked. Kris got to the end of the long road, made a turn, and kept driving. The rain got harder.
“Of course he's your brother, Kaiser. And he's very excited about seeing you again,” Kris smiled, “But he left because he had to. It's hard to explain, but your Dad hurt Landon, too.”
“Dad hurt Landon, that's why he left?”
“Yes. He had no choice.”
“How come?”
“It's hard to explain. You'll understand more when you're older.”
“Okay,” I looked back down at my Pokemon shoes. I was pretty sure that the light would make me run faster.
“Will Landon hurt me, too?” I asked. Kris looked over at me, his eyes got big. It made me flinch.
“No, Kaiser. Landon won't hurt you,” Kris ruffled my hair and smiled, “You'll never get hurt again.” I smiled big and nodded. I didn't want to be hurt anymore, and I was now glad that Dad wasn't here anymore. We stopped talking for a while, and I kept playing with my shoes or my cast. After Kris talked on his cell phone, he turned on a street and started going slower.
“Are we close?” I asked.
“Yeah, we're close.” He mumbled as he looked around, and came to a stop at the end of the street. He pulled into the empty driveway, and I looked at the house. It was bigger than Dad's, and it looked nicer too, even in the rain.
“You ready, kid?” Kris asked.
“I guess,” I frowned, “I'm scared, though.”
“I know, but I promise you, Landon is really nice,” Kris unbuckled his and my seat belt, then turned the car off. He picked me up in his arm and stepped out. I got more scared as we got closer to the house.