Sequel: Feel
Status: finished!


tick tick tick.

It was forty five minutes until school started that I found myself walking down random hallways aimlessly, enjoying the silence. It was nice, peaceful-

“Justin, hurry!”

Okay, spoke too soon.

I turned the corner to see Desi tapping her foot on the hard tiles, cutting a hard clacking sound in the hushed hallways, and Justin spray-painting on a locker.

“Hey,” I said, walking cautiously towards them, “what’s going on?”

“Revenge,” Justin said, flashing me a quick smile. I gave him a small one and turned my attention to Desi, flicking my head towards the locker.

“It’s Vic’s,” she said, checking over her shoulder. “For what he did yesterday.”


“No! Oh, it’s-it’s fine,” I said, scared that he’d continue picking on me, especially because now he apparently wants to be friends.

“Well,” Justin said, the cap of the paint making a pop as he placed it back on and put it away, “too late now.”

“Jesus Christ, Justin…” Desi trailed off, rubbing her temples, her eyes rolling.

“It’s fine,” Justin said, rubbing her back. “For you Kels. It’s like a gift.”

Who the fuck ruins someone elses shit for a gift?

Oh, right.

Fucking Justin Hills who’s impulsive as fuck and has the mindset of a 4th grader.

I hate like, ninety percent of my friends.

I just shrugged at them, and walked off, far away from the locker. I can’t have people thinking I did that shit.


First period was almost done, my eyes were glued to the clock, the red hand running a marathon around the numbers.

Tick tick tick, one one one one one one. Tick tick tock, run around the clock. Tick tick tick, two two two. Tick tick tock, run around the clock. Tick tick tick, three three three. Tick tick tock, run around the clock…

I wonder how many seconds has Kailey been-

kellin that is a bad thought

Oh, right.

Tick tick tick, four four four. Tick tick tock, run around the clock.

oh look kellin class is gonna be over. prepare for the bell.

Tick tick tick, five five five. Tick tick tock, run around the clock.

The bell rang, never failing to make me jump and wince. That damned bell.

I grabbed my bag, and leaped up, but before I could make my great dash to the door a hand was on my wrist and a breath was clawing at my neck. I flinched away, but the grip was hooked on my hoodie sleeve.

“Wanna hang out at lunch?” a murmur asked.

It was Vic.

Tick tick tick, there is Vic. Tick tick tock, his hand is like a rock.

“Uhm,” I said, struggling out of his damn grasp, “sure. Where?”

To be completely and brutally honest, no, I didn’t want to hang out with him at lunch. But, at the same time, I don’t want my ass beat by him at any time. Play it safe, not sorry.

Well, as safe as you can play it with a so-called murderer.

“Just meet me at the front door. We should go off-campus.”

Oh shit.
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