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Someone, Somewhere

Even though I'm on my own
I know I'm not alone
Cause I know there's someone, somewhere
Praying that I make it home
So here's one from the heart
My life right from the start
I need a home sweet home
To call my own

-This story is a work of fiction.
-I do not own any images used in this story.
- All characters belong to Indigo Umbrella
-Title and lyric credit goes to Someone, Somewhere by Asking Alexandria
-This story is strictly fiction and any relations or likeness to any actual person or thing is completely coincidental unless stated otherwise.

This story is dedicated to Indigo for allowing me to write this prequle to her story. You really must check her out as she is fantastic. Both to talk to (which I go A LOT) and to read. I've read a lot of the stories she as posted on here (I just can't get enough!) Her Lunacy Fringe series is amazing! READ THEM ALL!! <3

Honestly she is the reason I even know about this site and why I signed up.