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Someone, Somewhere

An introduction of sorts

February 17, 1984 5 in the a.m

Hello everyone if you are reading this then I am dead because the only way I am ever letting someone read this is over my cold rotting flesh. Well either I am dead or Bill decided to snoop through my things again. I know we’re brothers Bill but that doesn’t mean you can just borrow a pair of pants with out asking. I have no idea what is going to be written in this except that they are the shades of white, black and gray that I wish only to admit to myself. The story I can only tell a page of blank lined paper. A story I would love to be able to one day tell Jack over a cup of tea as we sit on our couch in a home we just bought as we share secrets until than we had been to afraid to share.

Honestly, it’s a story I wasn’t sure where to start so I decided to start it with Shannon. Even though my story begins long before her. Does it start in April of 1958 when my mum Margaret Charlotte Reed married my dad James Edgar Edwin when she was but eighteen and him twenty after only knowing each other for a short ten months? Rumors spiraling that she had gotten into some trouble. No that is not the beginning nor was it when I was born just short of their two-year anniversary on January 30, 1960. No the real beginning of my story begins August 1, 1963 the day I met William Markus FitzGerald by the teeter-totter.

Bill my best mate… no to call him my mate would be an insult. Mates can be replaced you know cause friends come and go. Not Bill my brother in every thing but blood and honestly he’s practically my soul mate. I can’t remember the details of the day we met but Mum says that is where it happened and Grandgeorge backed her up whenever we asked.

Grandgeorge was Bill’s grandfather on his dad’s side not that Bill ever knew who his dad was. I mean the man drunk himself stupid into a tree. And Bill’s mother took off with some bloke from St. Louis who was in England for all of five days maybe before he got into her pants and had her running off with him to Toronto leaving her only child (presumably) alone in England with a fifty three old man who had thought his days of child rearing were over. This was all before Bill was even a year old.

Well anyway it turned out that Bill and Grandgeorge lived about a couple of streets over from where we did so Mum invited him and Bill to come over for supper sometime. He accepted and ‘sometime’ turned into supper every Monday at our house, Cribbage and/or Bridge every Friday at Bill’s.

When we were five me and Bill met Jasper. There was some arseholes who where pushing around a kid with glasses when the teacher wasn’t looking. I would love to say that we went and stood up to them and told them to leave the kid alone. We didn’t instead we walked away and left him to be tortured. Though later we did start sitting with him more and found that we all shared a love of Doctor Who. And because of that our duo became a trio and Jasper started to stay at my house a lot to watch Doctor Who.

One time I asked why we couldn’t watch it at his house he only said he could only watch it sometimes so he didn’t get caught. I didn’t understand his parents were posh ass hats (Bill’s term). That his parents were there but nothing much else could be said other than that. Not that it mattered much to him because my parents adored him.

Jack when she heard about them rolled her eyes and would say that some people shouldn’t breed. She and Jasper spent a lot of time together sometimes I would find the two of them sitting close on the bus both with a cuppa in their hands whispering something softly to each other. They look good together I would think then she would see me and smile and those thoughts would disappear.

I want to see her again more than anything. I want to feel her skin against mine as I make love to her. I want to hear her soft moans ring in my ear as I bury my face in her neck. I want to show her all around my hometown and introduce her to my mum as the girl I plan to marry one day and see my mum smile and silently give her approval.

I want to see Jack so badly that I could die. And maybe I deserve to for all the secrets that I kept from her. Maybe I deserve to die for never telling her about my sister Shannon.
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It took me forever to write this. I think I did well.
I hope you liked it. Please let ne know. By the way when Jim said Bill was borrowings his pants he means...underpants lol