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Aunt Witty

Before I begin, I would like to take the opportunity to make you guys familiar with the protagonist of my narrative “Aunt Witty”.

“Aunt Witty” is my paternal aunt. She is the head of the Sociology department in a university. She is a ‘jovial soul’ and makes friends with almost every person she meets. She has that special inborn charisma that makes people feel comfortable when they are around her and she is always geared up to help people, be it in their work, relationships, carrier or anything that you can possibly think of.

“Your wife has got a great sense of humour, she knows exactly how to entertain people and set up a joyful mood”, “She is a stress buster to me, whenever I am stressed out she is the only person I hunt for. She lightens up my mood“, ”Your aunt is full of beans and so easy to get along with”, “She is always a great help to people around, you are lucky to have her”, these are a few of many compliments that my uncle and I get to hear from our friends and others around.

All in all, my aunt is almost a celebrity in town. I must tell you that she is not known as “Aunt Witty” anywhere except in my house because it is a nick name given to her by me bearing in mind her persona.