Chronicles of a Vampire's Slave


My breath was short as I looked down at him, my eyes dancing with joy as I run my hands through his thick brown locks of curly hair, kept just long enough to show his curls. I was straddling him as he looked up at me, his eyes soft and his hands on my back slowly dancing under my underwear to cup my ass. I squeezed my eyes shut and sigh softly, my face burying into his warm neck, the sound of his blood pumping as I slowly take in his scent, my eyes becoming tinted and my teeth pulsing as I lift myself away.

“Liam, I am a vampire.” I breathe out softly, my breath still short if not shorter. Liam stares at me, his human self slowly becoming aware of this. And then, his eyes narrow and he shoves me away, and I pull to my feet, gazing at him.

“You're a vampire?” He says, his eyes turning cold. “A monster?” His face turned into a look of disgust and fear.

“Yes...” My face fell, I'd thought he'd continue to love and accept me.

“That's out.” He glared and pointed. “Get out of my house-” His words cut off as smoke filled the room, time was coming. Shit. I'd broken the law. My human had not accepted me and now, I was going to be revoked and enslaved. I wondered if my heart would remain broken.