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My Own Loser

Chapter One- Us Losers

“So that about wraps up this week's video, guys! See you next week. And comment below on how your day went and next week you may be featured!” I say, smiling and making wild hand gestures while looking into the camera.

“And don't forget to 'lick' us on Facebook, stalk us on Twitter and Instagram!” Jack says, replacing lick with like and stalk with follow just to see if our subscribers will catch on.

“Peace out, you mother fucking Losers!” I say to our Losers while making a heart with my hands. Jack presses the red recording button and the video stops.

Jack flops back onto the black and white striped bedspread that I got from my mom for Christmas. “Do I have to edit it tonight?” he whines. I stand up and unscrew the camera from the tripod and plug it in to my Macbook.

“Naw, we can just do it in the morning. I'll even help.” I say. I rarely do the editing when it comes to the YouTube videos my best friend and I post.

About four years ago Jack and I started fucking around on the internet-- not literally. We were bored and were kinda upset that our band, All Time Low, didn't take off. So we made a video of us ranting about children's toys, made a YouTube account under the name AllTimeLosers and suddenly, we were... YouTube superstars.

In school, we were never really liked, with our music tastes and “gay” clothing styles. And I may be gay, but don't you DARE insult my style in a derogatory sense. But on YouTube, we could be ourselves and people liked us for it.

I unplug the camera from my computer and leave it for the morning.

“Mkay, Jack, it's 11:30, I'm tired, get the fuck out of my room.” I say. But Jack just curls up into a ball on top of my bedspread. I sigh.

“Nooooo.” He whines.

“Fine, then scoot.” I say, taking off my Pierce The Veil shirt and tossing it on the floor.

Being famous on YouTube has given us the privledge to meet bands we would probably be friends with if All Time Low had taken off. But actually, probably not, we would've been the babies compared to people like Vic Fuentes who's, like, 30. They probably would've looked down on us.

But we've become better friends with the members of Of Mice & Men, Sleeping With Sirens, Bring Me The Horizon, Pierce The Veil, A Day To Remember and bands like that than BryanStars. Tony Perry even let us go out with them for drinks. I think I made out with Mike.

“Jack, scoot.” I say, crawling into bed next to my best friend.

“Mmm...” He mumbles, scooting over and crawling under the covers while I do the same.


“Night Lex.” Jack says. He's the only one who I let call me Lex. It was Tom's thing.

When YouTube did the whole “draw my life” thing, I spilled it to the fans. They deserved to know why I never made jokes like “omfg kill yourself!” even when Justin Beiber got naked and sang to his GRANDMA.

But it made our “Losers” as we call our fans get closer to us. And it kind of was like All Time Low was still there, we would get our other best friends, Rian and Zack who were the other original members to get together and make a song with us which we'd post on our channel. One time, Kellin from Sleeping With Sirens tried to sign us but we said no, we were happy with who we were and what we were doing; making fools of ourselves on the internet.
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-Hannah Paige