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My Own Loser

Chapter Three- That Hot Loser With The Skinny Jeans In The Pictures

After Jack edited the video while I watched Catfish on mtv, we decided to go to the mall.

“Omg, Jacky, can we do the photo booth?” I ask, jumping up and down and pointing. It's 10 am on a Tuesday, the mall is completely empty so there's no one to talk to us and ask for pictures which is nice. I love, love, love, our fans but I really love having alone time with Jack.

He's always been my crush who I've had to work around. I've had to push it to the back of my head and just focus on being best friends.

And when he comes home with a girl I simply leave the house and go watch a movie with Rian and Cass. They are such good friends.

But I can't believe Jack hasn't really caught on.

Jack sighs, “Sure, Lex. But my hair looks like shit today, so don't expect the pictures to turn out perfect, okay?”

“Jack. You look really fucking hot right now so don't say otherwise.” I say. And it's true, his brown eyes are sparkly looking today and his hair is straightened and combed to the side like it was when we were in high school. Before he can respond, I take him by the wrist and I start running towards the photo booth, dragging him along with me. We reach the booth and I sit on the stool. Singular. There's one, small stool. Jack sits on my lap without a second thought though. And I feel like I'm in a sauna. I'm probably blushing like crazy but I don't care.

Jack reaches forward and I can see his boxers peeking through the top of his skinnies. I see his boxers all the time but not when he's fucking sitting on my lap. I mean, ohmifuckinggod.

He inserts money and hits the button to take pictures. He wraps his arm around my neck.

“Smiles!” I say. The booth takes the picture.

“Okay can this one be weird?” Jack says, giggling.

“Fuck yeah!” I laugh.

I stick out my tongue and put my arm around Jack's waist, clutching his thigh and pulling him closer to me.

It snaps the picture.

“Okay okay okay just look really seriously into the camera.” I say.

We both put on 100% straight faces and look into the camera as it flashes.

For the last one, I feel Jack put his head on top of mine and we just smile.

“Okay get off me, fat ass!” I laugh. Jack does so and he stumbles out of the booth, me following.

We awkwardly stand outside the booth, waiting for our pictures to develop. I look at Jack and practically start drooling.

He's wearing black skinnies and an Anthem Made t-shirt that Kellin gave him. He looks hot in all black. Okay he looks hot in anything. And he looks hot in nothing.

The photo booth shoots out two strips of pictures and I jolt forward and grab them, handing one to Jack. We both look at them. I laugh as I look at them. He's so goddamn adorable.

“Fuck, Lex, on the weird one, when you grabbed my thigh, I think you might've given me bruises!” Jack laughs, stumbling towards the food court. I smirk.

“You fucking liked it.” I say.

“Not as much as you did.” he says.

We get some Panda Express and go shopping more. Well, I go shopping. Jack tells me if my jeans are too loose or tight when I try them on.

And I swear I saw him stare at my ass when I purposefully tried on a pair that was too small.
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