Status: Idk man :)

My Own Loser


Hey guys.

So, um, school's starting up. In two days. I don't know if I'm going to be able to post that much anymore (I know, I don't even update as often as I should).

And, my mom and I are moving and won't be able to afford internet, I'll only get it on certain days when I'm with my dad. I'm sorry I'm such a loser guys.

Um. Yeah. Don't worry, ALL my stories will be updated in the next week or two, EVEN MY ORIGINAL FICTIONS. Which you should check out because my fanfics are really just for fun, I honestly don't put in as much work into them as I put into my original stuff because that stuff is more personal.

I sound like a bitch, huh.

I think my depression's coming back, just like school, can't ya tell?

I'm super excited for September 17th, I'm going to House Party and I HOPE I get Meet & Greet with atl. I love them. I'm also writing letters to each member so my writing life is a little busy right now...

Um... what else??


I love you. Please stick with this story, PLEASE.


-Hannah Paige