Status: This is a personal thing, but read on if you wish.


When we were first together, and until December, we were completely about making life together, getting to the positions we wanted. And for me, that's what it was always about. I love you dearly, but I have all these thoughts about what you've said to me the last month or so, and how your ego kept you from seeing what you were doing, what you were saying. As you said, "You win". Truly, Kanon, you won. You got everything you wanted out of me and broke me in the process. I think of you all the time and I can't keep myself from trying to talk to you. I literally cannot. I'm all alone in this process, and it's the one thing I've become afraid of - my mind is wild when there is nothing to keep me seeing the frame of everything. I just picture myself dead, or screaming. Just screaming wildly. There's a part of me that has been torn out, which is normal. The need to talk to you, though. The need for you to please come back, the way you were. Once you left, everything came back to me. I spent 8 hours walking across the valley today. I walked and walked and walked and you remember? Do you?

Do you remember me?
  1. Do you?
    If you care, please read this, man.