The Tenth Night

Holly Grove News
July 23th, 2012


It's July, 2003 and the weather is picture perfect. Children indulge in their freedom from school while parents are enjoying the season that they can be carefree with where their children are. But then the sun went down and the small town of Holly Grove will never be the same again.

Seven seemingly unconnected murders were committed between the hours of nine pm and four am while the moon was high and the streets were dark. Police were left baffled in the morning with no leads, no evidence and no clues. Was it a work of one serial killer or were there several killers at large in this small town? No one knew and after a few months, everything went back to normal and front doors began staying unlocked. That is, until the same night in 2004 came around and seven more bodies were found come morning.

Surely the police would catch a bold killer? Unfortunately, that isn't the case as Holly Grove's local police force remains clueless as to who is behind these seemly random brutal attacks. And when the night approached the next year, the town waited in anticipation to see whether the same fate would strike, and unluckily for the seven victims, it did.

Which brings us to July 23, 2012, just four days after the ninth annual attack that has left this town rocked to its core. The police are still lacking a perpetrator which leaves a nasty taste in the families of the victims, and begs the question: When are the police going to start doing their job?

Author: Jonathan Hichen