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Status: Updated 12/17/19.

Perfection, Thy Name Is Happiness

Four months have passed since the birth of Sheena and David's son, Shawn. Life couldn't be better for Skyla, Pierre and their soon-to-be two year old daughter, Charlotte aka Carly, but with Simple Plan having downtime after a long tour, the loving parents want to add onto their family. Time'll only tell how life is going to be from now on.
  1. Ever-Loving
    Intro. A wonderful evening after a long, tiring week.
  2. Brand New Blessing
    An amazing, beautiful day.
  3. How Wonderful Is Today?
    Time to tell Carly the wonderful news.
  4. Emotions Run Wild
    A sonogram is the beginning of an emotional day.
  5. Birthday Extravaganza
    Carly's second birthday.
  6. Don’t Know What Hit Me
    An exhausting day.