Status: one shot

One Pack of Smokes from Broke

down and torn apart

He looked wrecked, sat on a chair in an airport in Atlanta, Georgia. A bottle of NyQuil pills in one hand and an empty pack of cigarets in the other. His hair needed a haircut, but he didn’t care or notice. He focused rather on the coloured silhouettes moving in front of him and amplified sounds surrounding him, trying desperately to mute it all by drowning in pills.

One pill goes down easily, but even with his head craned back and eyes closed, he doesn’t doze off. The second pill starts to build up, he starts to feel it before realising what’s going on.

He’s hit rock bottom in an airport in Georgia, no where near any of the places he calls ‘home’ with no cigarettes and fucking NyQuil.


He’s surprised when he doesn’t wake up to an angry cop in front of him, he’s surprised he’s still there and alive at the airport. But at the same time, he’s disappointed.

His head is throbbing and the only thing he can think of is calling someone. He needs to call someone. His girlfriend can’t do anything. Neither can his ‘friends’.

“Tyler? What do you want?” He was hoping he’d get a nicer greeting, but maybe that was stupid to think of.

“I’m in Georgia,”

“What the fuck are you doing in Georgia? Aren’t you supposed to be in Florida with your girlfriend? Tyler...” he sighed, not wanting to say or hear anything else. He knew why Tyler called him.

“I nee-”

“No, what are you doing in Georgia? Were you too high to remember how you got there?” The words were spat and, honestly, they hurt. He knew he should’ve told him the truth and admitted that he was, but his pride was always something that messed with him.

“I don’t know, okay? That doesn’t matter,”

“It doesn’t matter if you wake up somewhere and you have no idea where you are? You’re a fucking idiot, Tyler. Don’t even think I’ll let you come here again.”

“Please. This is the last time. I’ll stop if you let me in. I’m serious about this, Matt, please,”

There was a long pause, a lot of tension and anticipation as to what he’s say.

“You can’t come after today. Be here by eight.” Matt hung up.

Tyler knew what he was in for now
He’d have to break up with her, ignore his ‘friends’ until he’d convinced Matt he’d change. He’s sure Matt would try to send him to Ohio. To that stupid rehabilitation centre his dad went to. He wouldn’t go without a fight, they both knew that.

The nearest flight to Boston was in two hours.
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This would be stupid if I continued it. I’ll leave it as this, sorry. Let’s ignore the little details that are wrong please and thank you (◡‿◡✿)