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One More Night

Chapter 23

“WHAT?” Marc’s family spouted the question at once, making him flinch at the sound. He’d known that coming completely and one hundred percent clean to his family would be difficult, but he’d had no clue just how bad it really would be.

“You’ve gotta be kidding us Marc,” Eric insisted, but all he could do was shake his head.

“I’m not. I talked to her two weeks ago when I was back in Thunder Bay,” he continued, and saw Jared was about ready to blow a gasket. He couldn’t blame Jared for his behavior, but he’d hoped they were past this.

“Whoa, you went and saw her?” Jordan cut in this time, and all Marc could do was nod. His younger brother looked stunned, like he was having trouble comprehending this information.


“Because… because she means a lot to me,” Marc started, but his hesitation allowed Eric to realize there was something more to it. Marc internally cursed at himself, knowing Eric was a lot more intuitive than Jordan, and that Jared was too frustrated to pick up on things like that.

“And what?”

“Sh-she’s… I mean…”

“Are you two gonna date?” Jordan asked, and Marc swallowed hard.

“I don’t know – I mean, she’s upset, obviously, there’s a lot to talk about and figure out still…”

“She didn’t know?” Jared’s voice surprised him, and Marc turned to the youngest brother, shaking his head.

“She had no idea Jared; why do you think I feel even shittier about it?”

“I just… I mean, I assumed she must’ve known who you were and all,” he mumbled, and Marc hoped that it meant there was hope for the two of them to get past this yet.

“She didn’t. But it’s more than that…”

“Shit no!” Jordan’s holler made all of them flinch, and they turned to see his blue eyes wide and his mouth hanging open slightly.

“Jord what are you talking about?” Eric asked, before realization dawned on him as well and he slowly turned back to Marc.

“Oh no, Marc no,”

He knew what they were asking. Marc had known from the first moment that they wouldn’t take any of this well, but it was harder than expected.

“Yeah,” he forced out the whisper, and saw that his brother’s expressions didn’t change.

“She’s pregnant,” he confirmed for them, and for a moment he could have swore that Jordan was going to pass out.

“Holy fuck Marc,” Eric swore, balling his hands into fists. “How could you be so stupid? You thought Robyn was trying to screw you out of your money just wait—”

“She’s NOT like that! Why do you think she didn’t tell me about it?!” he demanded, not willing to tolerate anyone speaking poorly of Bree. Marc would defend her till the bitter end, especially when his brothers didn’t understand.

“She didn’t?” Jared asked, and Marc let out a grown as he sank down to the couch.

“No, she didn’t. Her brother did because he was worried about her and thought I should know; he gave me the chance to man up and come clean to her or keep things the way they were. She was going to just raise the baby by herself because she didn’t want anything from me and was convinced I wouldn’t want anything to do with them,” he explained, and after a moment Eric sat down as well.

“I gotta give her some credit; that’s a hard decision,” he acknowledged, and Jordan flopped down next to him.

“You’re gonna be a dad?” Jordan asked, as if it wasn’t obvious enough.

“No sherlock he’s gonna be a monkey’s uncle,” Eric snapped at him. Jordan’s eyes narrowed at their oldest brother before he turned back to Marc.

“How do you feel about that? That she’s having a baby?”

“I’m… well… if we can work things out? Kind of borderline excited,” he admitted, and Eric shook his head.

“Only you, Marc,”

“Look, Robyn and I had nothing compared to the feelings that I have for her, all right? She means the world to me, and she’s an amazing person. You don’t have to believe me or be happy or whatever but that’s the truth. Not the greatest circumstances but we’ll figure it out,” he ran a hand through his hair, feeling drained all of a sudden.

“If you’d kept it in your pants you wouldn’t have to figure it out,” Jared sneered, and to Marc’s surprise Jordan came to his aid.

“What’s got a goddamn rod shoved up your ass? Marc and Robyn were miserable, and yeah, he did a shitty thing, but he’s our brother and he’s doing what he can to fix it. So either calm the fuck down or get the fuck out till you can handle it. Like it or not that kid’s gonna be your niece or nephew Jared,” the deep, booming voice that belonged to Jordan was twice as intimidating when he spoke like this. It was right up there with their father’s voice when he was letting them know they’d done something wrong.

Jared seemed to struggle for a few moments until he shook his head.

“I just can’t be okay with this. Not now, anyway. See you guys later,” he threw the goodbye over his shoulder as he left the room. The three of them sat in silence for a while, before Eric spoke.

“He’ll come around Marc – he’s just a little tore up is all,”

“You don’t have to apologize for him; if I were him I’d be pissed too,” the sigh was evident in Marc’s voice, and the two blondes cringed ever so slightly.

“I’d like to meet her,” Jordan piped up, catching Marc by surprise.


“Your baby-momma. I want to meet her.”

“Baby-momma? What the hell Jord?” Eric reprimanded him, but Marc found himself laughing at Jordan’s bluntness.

“It’s okay – just don’t you dare say anything like that ever again,” he told him, and saw both of them relax slightly when they realized he felt well enough to laugh.

“And as for that I don’t know – we’re still trying to talk and figure out something; still no guarantees that she’d even consider taking me back,” Marc found himself floundering, and Jordan raised an eyebrow at his older brother.

“Look, I get it – you feel like that’s gonna bombard her. But I’m that baby’s uncle and I want to meet her. When she’s ready. If you’re involved in your kid’s life she’s got to know that we will be too,” he shrugged, shocking the two elder brothers with what was near unbelievable thought coming from Jordan. He’d never been one to read into things or be the most diplomatic.

“Yeah, she does, and to be honest I think that scares her,” Marc nodded. Eric sighed, giving him a sympathetic look.

“I know the feeling; Tanya was terrified to meet all of you the first time. She said just the way I talked about everybody that they meant the world to me and that she was afraid that everybody would find something wrong with her and that opinion would rub off on me. I’m guessing that’s what she’s thinking?” Eric supplied.

“I think so – she hasn’t come out and said it but it’s definitely there,”

“What’s her name, anyway? I mean, you’ve told us everything else, but not her name. I feel ridiculous saying ‘her’ and having Jordan come out with ‘baby-momma’,” Eric chuckled, and immediately Marc felt himself withdrawing a little. The earlier fear of Robyn discovering Bree and turning her life upside down was still there, even though he knew his brothers had his best interests at heart here. But after all the lying and deceit Marc didn’t want to keep anything from them; he just hoped they would keep it to themselves until they had everything figured out. It was a leap of faith, but he knew he was going to have to make it.

“Bree. Her name’s Bree.”
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