Sequel: Cyanide Sun
Status: completed


Nothing would change the fact that he was here and she wasn’t. That felt so wrong. It felt like it defied the laws of the universe; it was like light without darkness, yin without yang, love without enmity. How could one exist without the other?
  1. Chapter One: The Beginning of the End
  2. Chapter Two: Don't Close Your Heart
  3. Chapter Three: Buried Alive By Love
  4. Chapter Four: Salt in our Wounds
  5. Chapter Five: Please Don't Let it Go
  6. Chapter Six: Right Here in my Arms
  7. Chapter Seven: Razorblade Kiss
  8. Chapter Eight: Under the Rose
  9. Chapter Nine: Drunk on Shadows
  10. Chapter Ten: I Will Be the End of You
  11. Chapter Eleven: Venus Doom
  12. Chapter Twelve: Vampire Heart
  13. Chapter Thirteen: Funeral of Hearts
  14. Chapter Fourteen: Poison Girl
  15. Chapter Fifteen: In the Arms of Rain
  16. Chapter Sixteen: When Love and Death Embrace
  17. Chapter Seventeen: Sweet Pandemonium
  18. Chapter Eighteen: The Sacrament
  19. Chapter Nineteen: Wicked Game
  20. Chapter Twenty: In Love and Lonely
  21. Chapter Twenty One: You are the One
  22. Chapter Twenty Two: Killing Loneliness
  23. Chapter Twenty Three: Heaven Tonight
  24. Chapter Twenty Four: Love You Like I Do
  25. Chapter Twenty Five: Circle of Fear
  26. Chapter Twenty Six: Wings of a Butterfly
  27. Chapter Twenty Seven: Shatter Me With Hope
  28. Chapter Twenty Eight: In Venere Veritas
  29. Chapter Twenty Nine: The Foreboding Sense of Impending Happiness
  30. Chapter Thirty: The Path
  31. Chapter Thirty One: Too Happy to be Alive
  32. Chapter Thirty Two: Dark Light
  33. Chapter Thirty Three: Behind the Crimson Door
  34. Chapter Thirty Four: Drawn and Quartered
  35. Chapter Thirty Five: Love Without Tears
  36. Chapter Thirty Six: Sleepwalking Past Hope
  37. Chapter Thirty Seven: Endless Dark
  38. Chapter Thirty Eight: Close to the Flame
  39. Chapter Thirty Nine: No Love
  40. Chapter Forty: Again
  41. Chapter Forty One: Heartkiller
  42. Chapter Forty Two: For You
  43. Chapter Forty Three: Hearts at War