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Marchen Wonderland

Into the Wonderful Abyss

"Wait, so she just fainted?!" Liza asked the short man. He just informed her that Karen had collapsed whilst they were talking in the hallway, and not knowing what else to do, had dragged her into his own room and laid her onto his futon.
"Can't you look after your girlfriend better?!" she half-yelled at him.

"She's not my girlfriend! HIGH DISGUST!!" he yelled back with full-force.

"You called her 'kitten' earlier... " she revealed.

"So!? Big deal!!" he yelled, as a blush creeped up onto his cheeks and he shoved his hands into his pockets.

"I STILL don't understand your relationship with her, but whatever.. You should be more careful of what happens to her!" Liza scolded the height-challenged man.

"I said, she's NOT my girlfriend!! We're just... friends..." Keiyuu trailed off. 'Yeah, friends that cuddle with each other...' he thought.

"Suuuure... Friends with benefits~" she taunted, waggling her eyebrows.

"Shut up you... Amazon!!" he said, turning an even deeper shade of red.

"Oi, don't tell me to shut up.. Let her sleep peacefully, okay?" the woman said, continuing down the long hallway.

"... She's not my girlfriend..." he muttered under his breath, closing his door. He walked over and sat down next to his futon and gazed at Karen's blissfully sleeping face. 'She doesn't want to be...'


"Keiyuu.....? Karen...?"

The two small figures looked at each other. "You don't know who we are..? How cruel!!" The feminine voice cried out and started wailing. "What's wrong with you, Hatter-san?? Now she'll never stop crying and we'll be flooded out of the house because of her tears!!" another figure ran up with what looked like dog-ears coming out of his head spoke quickly.

"It's okay, Renka... He's just half- asleep..." the familiar male voice spoke reassuringly to the girl. As the confused man's sight finally became normal, he was startled to see the likenesses of Karen, Keiyuu, and Maiccho staring back at him. "WHOA! Is it Halloween already?? What's with the ears?" he asked with a grin.

The other three looked at each other in confusion.

The girl, though she somewhat resembled Karen, was dressed in a short, sky-blue cheongsam that flared out at the waist into a frilly skirt. Large, white cat ears projecting from her head, and a long furry tail in a matching shade swished behind herself.

Right next to her was a person that looked somewhat like Maiccho, but had short dog-ears coming from his mess of light brown hair. He was clothed by what appeared to Yura as a kung fu uniform in a dark blue hue. The back of his hair was tied back in a long braid, draped over his left shoulder.

The last person had long chestnut-colored rabbit ears peeking through his dark brown hair. He wore a longish brown jacket over a white dress shirt and complementing short pants cut off at the calves but nothing on his feet.

"Ears...? Our ears have always been like this... Are you sure you're okay, Hatter-san? Did the Coconut Bird hit you over the head with a wrench or something?" the rabbit-eared likeness of Keiyuu asked.

Yura blinked, "....What..?"


Liza sat back in her chair, perplexed and confused. "Now Yasu's sick too... " she sighed. A whole day had gone by and one by one, all of Kra had fallen ill... Though he had seemed to be feeling better, Yura had still been calling her 'Arisu' most of the rest of the day. She didn't understand it one bit... Who was this 'Arisu'??

"Who's sick?" a childish voice questioned. Liza looked up to see a dark blond man with an.. in her opinion, odd.. haircut peeking into her room.

"Takeru? What are you doing in here? This isn't where you're supposed to be right now! I told you to stay away from this part of the apartments!"

"Why? You said that the Kra guys are all sick, didn't you?"

"Yes, and Karen is sick too..." she said, rubbing her temples.

"Then I'm here to help!" Takeru said, boasting a grin.


"Well I'm sure there's something I could do for them, isn't there?" he rambled.


"I could make them soup, right? It'll make them feel better for sure!"

"TAKERU! WILL YOU SHUT UP FOR A MINUTE?!" the woman snapped.

"Sorry.... I just got a bit carried away again..." the once-bubbly blond said solemnly and lowered his head.

"It's fine... I just need to take care of them for now.."

"But I can help-"

"Out, Takeru... Out of my apartment!" She said in a huff. Finally getting out of her chair, she pushed him out of her apartment and into the hallway. "Go bother Chiyu or Shinpei or someone else!"


The sliding door slammed hard in the young man's face.

"Sheesh... You'd think she'd be happy to not hear Kei-chan or Kari's voices.." he muttered as he walked down the hallway and stopped short. That door hadn't always been there.. had it...? He reached for the doorknob, turning it slowly, and opened the door a peek to see the room in total darkness. "Hello...?" He thought it was odd that there was no light.. All the apartments had at least one window.. Didn't they..? He walked further into the room and the door slammed shut. a trickle of sweat ran down his brow.

"Hello...?" he was finally able to choke out, flipping open his cell phone for a source of light, but to no avail; It looked to him like the floor.. wasn't even there at all. Then he noticed that his feet weren't firmly planted on the ground...

"Am I.... falling?!!"


"Maybe I was just a bit too hard on him... He was only trying to help..." Liza resolved as she went to open her door. He couldn't have gone too far. "Takeru? Keru? Where did you go?" she called out, searching the hallway. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a door sightly ajar, directly in front of her own apartment door. Curiously, she didn't remember anything like that before. As she peeked into the room, she felt a slight shove from behind herself and stumbled into the pitch-black room. "Takeru?! Did you push me?? This is not funny! Not one bit!!" she yelled out as the door below her slammed shut. Wait, below her..?