Finding a new home.

''I wish I could Bubble Wrap my heart,
In case I fall and break apart,
I'm not God, I can't change the stars,
And I don't know if there's life on Mars,
But I know you hurt,
People that you love and those who care for you,
I want nothing to do with the things you're going through.''

The music sounded in the girl's room, while she looked out of her window, watching the lights that appeared to sparkle from the other side of the river, absentminded, remembering her boyfriend, who she hadn't seen in days, remembering the last words she heard from his mouth.

'You are nothing but a useless part of my life.'

Those words hurt more than what she was willing to admit. However, she found herself staying up late every night, hoping to see him facing her with a warm smile. Of course, such thing hadn't happened in a long time, since he had begun drinking too much, too often. She kept praying that something would change, that he would go back to being the boy she had loved once.

"Hello?" – her voice was shaking, giving it away that she had been crying.

"Emma, please tell me you're not waiting for him to show up at your house and apologize! Nothing's ever going to change, you have to stop him from hurting you even more." – she heard Alice almost scream, clearly upset.

"I'm not waiting for him."

"Don't you lie to me."

"Well, I'm giving you what you wanted, and you wanted me to say that." – the girl chuckled, imagining her best friend's reaction to her playful reply.

"Seriously Emma? Seriously?"


"If you don't snap out of it, I swear to god, I'll get on the freaking car and go beat you up. It's only like a 4 hour drive."

"I can't just snap out of it, he said he had changed this time, I have to give him the chance. I don't have any other options. It will be worse if I don't give him the chance, believe me."

"Do you know what the definition of insanity is?"

"Repeating the same action indefinitely, hoping for a different outcome."

"Exactly." – and with that Alice hung up, not even bothering to fight with Emma.

It was about 3 am when Emma heard a knock on the door. By then she was resting in the couch, almost asleep. She opened her eyes and stumbled to the door, opening it only to find Andrew standing in front of her, drunk out of his ass, with red lipstick stains all over his previously white shirt.

She bit her lip, trying to fight the tears that were reaching her blue eyes.

"Get out."

"Emma, sweetheart, come here!" – he said, grabbing her arm in an attempt to maintain his balance.

"Get out!" – she said, a bit louder this time, jerking her arm away from his hand.

"What's wrong with you?" – he said, his voice slightly distorted by all the alcohol. She looked straight at him, observing how the moon light touched his face, getting ready to finally end the relationship that had haunted her for over a year and a half now.

''This is the last time,
I give up this heart of mine,
I'm telling you that I'm
A broken man who's finally realized.
You're standing in moonlight,
But you're black on the inside,
Who do you think you are to cry?
This is goodbye.''

It had been a whole month since Emma had broken up with Andrew and she was going crazy. He kept showing up at her door step when he knew her parents weren't home, which happened a lot since her father was a doctor and her mum a nurse. She spent most of her time alone at home with her dog, Maggie.

She used to be a happy person, when high school started. Back then she had tons of friends, she was never alone. But Andrew had driven them all away once they started dating, only a few months after the begging of high school.

All but Alice, she wasn't scared of him.

But Emma was. At first he was the perfect boyfriend, saying and doing all the right things. But then, out of nowhere, he started acting out, drinking and claiming that she was only his, not allowing her to be with her friends, showing up at her house whenever she had plans with someone other than him, not letting her go, even if he had to hurt her just to get her to stay. But the worst part was that she still loved him for a while after that all started. He had been her first love.

But now that she was finally free, all that love had turned into fear.

Emma's last year of high school was only 2 weeks away when her parents decided to do something about the Andrew situation. Things were out of control, with him following her around everywhere and threatening her. They couldn't stand the thought of their daughter not being safe.

So, they chose to take her somewhere where she could start over completely, Beacon Hills. It wasn't a completely random choice, it was where Alice lived. And they knew and loved both Alice and her parents.

But most of all, it was far away from their current home.

They left without telling anyone where they were going, not wanting him to find out.

It took 3 days of packing and a 4 hour hours trip, but the 3 cars were finally parked outside of their new home. It was a boring trip, since they rode separately but they needed the space of the 3 cars to take all of their stuff and also they couldn't left any behind, since her parents weren't going to have the same schedule at the Beacon Hills hospital and Emma couldn't leave her car behind, she was much too attached to her baby, it had been a birthday present from her parents.

Their new house was big, with a beautiful garden in the front, a pool on the backyard and a lot of space for Maggie to run in. But the best part wasn't that or even Emma's huge bedroom with a walk-in closet. The best part was that it took exactly 5 minutes for Alice to get to her house.

With Alice's and also her parents' help, soon the house looked like home. Sure, the furniture was all new, but all those little things, like the photos of Emma as a baby or the paintings that her mother, Alicia, had painted a few years ago, really made the difference, making the new house look like their home.

After everything was in place, Emma's parents went out with Alice's parents, so they could get to know the place they were going to be living in a little better. The girls stayed at home, Emma unpacking all her clothes and makeup while Alice sat at her bed, telling her about her friends in Beacon Hills, leaving out just a few details.