Blown Away


Annie snuck into the old house, trying to silently close the old creaky door, an impossible endeavor, but it was worth a try. She sighed as she heard the stumbling footsteps of her father walking towards her.

“Actually decided to come home at a reasonable hour, huh?” he slurred, sitting down at the kitchen table with some difficulty. A bottle of jack was clutched protectively between his two large hands. The tattooed man only wore a dirty wifebeater and paint-stained jeans- not that he’d painted anything in years. He just didn’t bother to wash anything. “Got any homework? Y-Y’know I can help.”

“I’ll just be in my room…” Annie mumbled, shrugging the backpack up higher on her shoulder, kicking off her shoes at the door and heading off. Why couldn’t her mother still be here? Everything was perfect before the accident happened. The thoughts were shoved away as easily as the various paraphernalia was brushed off her desk, dumping her textbooks there.

“Just like your mother, always running away!” Her father hollered from the kitchen. Annie wasn’t sure who he was angrier at, his late wife or Annie. It had been a fight that had sent Mom to her death anyhow. It was easier to blame Annie for something she wasn’t even involved in to sober up enough to realize his own mistake. Annie sighed, turning on and up the old tv in her room, set to the only tv station in the area.

-of Underwood County should keep their eyes on the sky as a large thunderstorm is coming through the area. Underwood County is under tornado watch. Stay tuned as we get more from our weather experts…”

Annie’s stomach churned. Ever since she was a child, tornados or thunderstorms in general scared her. As a child she’d always run to her mother to cuddle until the horrible lightning and thunder passed. That obviously wasn’t an option now. She tried to immerse herself in Geometry, but really too distracted to do anything.

She heard her father stumbling around the rickety house, bumping into doorframes and tripping over things he’d simply dropped. She hoped he wouldn’t come in. For years he’d either neglected her or when he was too drunk to see straight beaten her just to get his anger, frustration, and grief out. She missed her mother too, and her emotions were a twister of anger and longing towards her father, and unresolved grief towards her mother.

A tornado has been sighted in Underwood County, nearby Sabin. All residents of Sabin should seek shelter by going to their basements or finding a central location in their house, such as a bathroom or…”

As if on cue, the weather sirens went off. Annie’s stomach churned in fear, and she got up quickly, knocking over her chair and hurrying over to the window. Tears from the sky beat against the window and the sky was tinted a nasty shade of black and green. She raced around the room, emptying her backpack and filling it with all the memorabilia of her mother and all the things she counted as precious, rushing out to find her dad passed out on their ratty, beer- stained couch.

She stared at him for a moment, then rushed over, shaking him quickly as she glanced nervously at the window. Her eyes widened as the twister came into view in the distance, heading towards them. The bile rose in her throat as she stared at her inebriated father, and a surge of adrenaline and anger went through her limbs. What a perfect revenge.

A storm as vicious as her emotions would give him exactly what the wicked old man deserved. She ran out the door, leaving her father for the storm. A gust of strong wind nearly knocked her off her feet, the shutters on the windows whacking against the side of the house. She hurried around to the back, climbing into the cellar and locking it behind her. Nobody was getting in or out until that storm of emotions had passed.

She just sat down as the ground vibrated and she heard the sound of shattering windows above her, a train-like sound going overhead. She shook in fear, not even realizing she was crying until a tear dropped onto the back of her hand. Everything was gone, blown away.

Police Report: 2234, Sabin, OK. House found collapsed. Two inhabitants, daughter, 17, survived, father, 41, casualty. Daughter reports she didn’t know her father was there. Daughter will be staying with relatives.