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Burried a Lie

Eliana Aldridge

"But MOM! Can't I just stay here? I don't wanna go to these people's house." I whined while laying my upper body across the kitchen table in over dramatized exhaustion. "Please!"
"NO!" My mother snapped. "The Malfoys have been good friends of ours for years. You're going. Still I'm surprised you don't remember that little Draco. You two used to be inseparable. Oh! Now Here." She handed me a pie to carry while giving me a look of pure disgust. "Couldn't you have actually looked decent for once?"
I looked down at my outfit. Nice, non-baggy or ripped, dark skinny jeans, a red Guns n' Roses tank top, with a studded belt. I thought I looked good, I mean, I even put on makeup for once!
"Better than that god awful dress you wanted me to wear." I mumbled.
"I Heard that!" Apparently she heard that. "At least my shoes aren't about to disintegrate."
"Hey!" I said with a twinge of insult. "I can run forever in these shoes. They are my favorite and If we're attacked by somethin' who will be the one to get away? ME!" I mocked humorously.
"Whatever." She was still grouchy about it, i could tell. "They look like you pulled em' out of a dumpster."
"THAT is their 'Asthedic Appeal' Mother." I said while sticking out my tongue and turning to comfort my shoes. "It's ok baby, you just ignore the mean woman."
"Oh, how stupid!" My mother laughed and rolled her eyes. " You are such an idiot."
"Bitch." I replied. She looked hurt, but instantly we both then chuckled.
Sure to others this bit may have come off harsh for a mother daughter conversation, but for us it was hardly beyond mild. Our family fought so intensely that broken dishes and throwing punches quickly became the norm. I'm not intending to sob about it here, though it can be a lot to deal with, I'm just saying that after awhile, you become immune to things that others find inexcusable.
After we had left I was still kicking invisible cans all the way up to this, so called, 'Manor'. More like mansion if you ask me. Our house was a manor, not this. I had also just finished unpacking and was looking forward to relaxing alone for awhile.
Unfortunately, that didn't seem to be an option this summer.
"OH! Narcissa, it's been too long! How ya'll been?" My mother said cheerily in her thick southern accent as the two women exchanged the customary air kiss greeting.
"Rhonda! Wow, you haven't aged a day! Ah, won't you come in, You are quite early." Narcissa replied with a slight hint of jealousy. Which was true, all my family had a young appearance to them. My mother had even been mistaken for a student a few times at my last magic school back in the states. Still, the way the older woman said it seemed as if she resented her for it.
Jealous much?
The woman led us through a large hollowed hall and into the foyer. All of which was decorated lavishly in deep purple, black, and greens. As I said, 'manor' had hardly described this place. Too many rooms for just one family, too many places for secrets to bury.
"You've grown Eliana Dear." Narcissa snapped eagerly. "Why don't you run along and play with Draco for a bit, eh? He'd never admit it, but he has looked forward to your return."
I gave her a questioning glance before standing up from a chair I had found. She spoke with more command than suggestion and as much as tweaked me, I was too bored with them to complain. My mother nodded, so I turned on my heel and wandered away.
"Third floor to the west wing last door in the hall. That's Draco's room." I heard her call from the foyer. I wandered a bit, desperately trying to not get lost in this maze of a house. The house my parents inherited from my uncle Darfen was HUGE, castle like even, But it was nothing compared to this. As I walked, I took note of all the photos around the house. The west wing hall was lined with photos of a young boy. Blond hair, blue eyes and as proper as can be. The photos grew as he grew, and every one the same as the next: stocky, dull, and every bit boring. The end of the hall, I assumed, caught up with the present because there was a family portrait of three. The mother with a stout smile plastered on her pursed lips, The father looking proud with a luxurious cane in one hand and the other on his sons shoulder. Finally the boy, about seventeen or so and as blank as a freshly painted white wall. No emotion, no smile, frown, nothing. His eyes, though, said everything. Fear, anguish, , a loathing so cold I practically winced. I could almost feel his cold gaze wondering why they were doing this. to go from a boy once so happy, so eager, to... this? Well, I hated saying it, but...
"He's lucky he's cute."
Instantly a door to my right unlocked and swung open, creaking as if by some old unused magic.
Creepy much?
It opened up to a large bedroom. A room in which at first glance was similar, but much different than the rest of the house. While the rest of the house was overly decorated like that of an old super villain and gave off a cold, stuffy museum vibe, this room was well... Lived in. It was huge, don't get me wrong, and had the same style as the rest of the house: what with the fireplace in the corner, stone pillars surrounding the bed, and even a grand piano off to the side, it somehow was much different. Slowly I tiptoed in a bit further, hoping not to intrude upon an-others presence. I could honestly say that this had become my favorite room in the house. Not that I had explored much but seeing that this space actually looked utilized, well...
It felt like home.
It was messy too. Clothes thrown randomly askew, books tossed for use here and there. It was a paradise compared to the rest of the place. Eventually, I wandered over to the dresser. A big wooden thing with a centered mirror bordered by shelves that were stuffed with every kind of knick nack, books, and Items of intrinsic value you could imagine. From little statues of dragon-like creatures to old, worn out books on the history of Salazar.
It was exciting to find a place worthy of exploration in a 'Do NOT touch the art' kinda house like this.
Tapping my wrists together and bouncing on my heels, I scanned the room for anything else of interest. I finally sighed deeply and succumb to my curiosity. See, when my mind wanders I get fidgety, and when I get fidgety... I have an uncontrollable urge to stick my nose in every drawer, nook and cranny. Regardless of boundaries.
So that's exactly what I did.
After adventuring through everything of interest I eventually found myself bored again.
Not to mention that the house was so cold that I was forced to borrow a ratty, old, gray and black stripped, zip up, knit sweater off of it's destined desk chair. Sure it was tattered, and looked kinda bad, but then again..
So were my shoes.
I dramatically plopped down onto the massive bed and sighed. This Draco kid was nowhere to be found and I was yet again left with nothing to do till dinner. I blew a raspberry in frustration and reluctantly accepted my fate. For the time being, that is. Until I saw the glimmer of an rather ornate treasure chest hidden behind the dresser. I snatched it up quickly and brought it back to the bed. The box was purely white gold and decorated with two winged Dragons for handles. It was beautifully crafted and looked to hold many wonders. If I was the owner, I'd store only the most precious of items here.
Unfortunately... It was locked.
"Spiritus, Qui Me Sorem."
The Latin translation was carved hastily where a lock should have been.
"The Spirit that watches over me ?" I mumbled as I looked around the room frustratingly for a clue.
I huffed in annoyance till my eyes fell upon the plaque on the door: 'Draco Lucious Malfoy's Room'.
"Dra- It couldn't be?" I said questioningly before placing my hand over the scripture and whispering:
An unlocking of rustic gears and pulleys were churning within the box before suddenly...
It opened.
Inside, much to my dismay, was NOT pirate treasure or a cursed historical object- but a series of six books. No title, all leather bound in black and worn-looking. Each book was , cover to cover, written in red, neat cursive and branded by a silver roman numeral on the spine. Intrigued, I tossed my feet up onto the bed, fluffed up the pillow behind me, and flipped to a random page in book I.

12, May- 1993

"I don't understand this ever-growing pit pit in my stomach and the only day that suppresses it comes when I get to hear from her. So one can only imagine what it was like for me to envision her here in person, like before.... I am one of the lucky few to have ever actually met the girl of their dreams, Yet, somehow.. It's all gone....
Wasted away by my own arrogance.
Most will feel a special pain in their stomachs from the nervousness of being around the one they think they adore... THIS IS NOT THAT.
This is different, an effortless void of anger, and sorrows, and physical pain that refuses to set me free. and hasn't since she- "

"AH! Wha-wh who?" A very startled male voice exclaimed. I looked up to see the boy from the pictures, wide-eyed and wet, desperately clinching a towel to his waist.
I guess I forgot to check the bathroom, huh?
"Easy Dude, just a girl in your bed. Don't have a Fucking seizure because I don't have a Penis." I smirked at my own rudeness. I wasn't exactly mad at him, I hardly knew him. It was just the whole situation of being stuck up here in the first place. It tweaked me. Plus I tend to come on strong, not going to change that because a pretty face walked in the room.
"WH- What? I am not!" The blond scoffed angrily. Out of shear annoyance, I turned the page, Ignoring his outburst.
His voice calmed hesitantly. "What are you doing??" He asked.
I guess he saw the chest.
"Reading," I replied smartly while waving him away. "And... your kind of interrupting. "He suddenly snatched the book out of my hand and stuffed it away in the chest along with the others. "HEY, That's MINE!" I exclaimed while reaching for it like a child. He shut the case and mumbled something Latin before shoving it back in it's, oh so cleaver, hiding place. "I was just getting to the good part too!" I whined. He merely sat on the bed and grasped my arm forcefully.
"Who are you?" He asked with a seriousness that gave me chills.
I rolled my eyes in annoyance. "Well, GEE Draco, I dunno'. You tell me." I huffed. Within that split moment his deep, blue eyes locked with mine in such disbelief and wonder, as if understanding something he hadn't before noticed.
"Eliana Aldridge.." He whispered breathlessly.
I looked away and sighed. "Unfortunately your-"
"Do you remember me?" He asked, forcing me to look at him.
I swallowed deeply as I stared into his eyes. My hands shook slightly and I could feel Anxiety building within me, edging me towards a place I'd rather not visit. Quickly, I shook myself out of that daze and fell right back into my comfort zone.
"Well, I dunno'," I said as I teasingly pretended to lift his towel. "Maybe you can jog my memory."
Color drained form his already pale face as he leaped from the bed and scoffed.
I smirked as he left for the bathroom, relaxing in his bed in my new found victory. He didn't seem like the type too used to loosing and... Well, it was nice.
Draco returned from the still seamy bathroom moments later. Fully clothed in a white t-shirt, dark jeans and black high-tops. His hair was a mess and he looked as if he hadn't slept in a while. Unlike the hall photos, he looked disheveled and in my opinion...
More human.
"AWWW, You even dress cute?!" I said in the most childish, look at the lost puppy kind of way.
Draco's face burned as he shoved his hands into his pockets and sat at the edge of the bed. He seemed nervous, Shy even. Nothing like I imagined the boy in the pictures to be.
Moments passed in silence before he once again asked if I remembered him.
"No, but apparently everyone else thinks I should." I quickly mumbled in annoyance.
Draco stood and paced through the room, returning to me with a pained expression. I couldn't tell what was up with him. He seemed to consider something before he turning away from me, yet again, to untie something from his neck.
"This." He said while running a hand through his, already messy, blond hair. "You don't remember THIS." I had to open his hand myself for he seemed to not even want to look at me for the moment.
Still, the trinket I took from him was crudely made and strung onto a black, rope-like cord. For something that seemed so precious to a Malfoy I would have thought it to be something valuable.
This was no such thing.
Merely a square piece of yellow wood with a sun roughly burned into the grain. I flipped it over. Words were etched into the surface of the small plaque. Now my Latin was good...
"Sol cordis mei."
Unfortunately not THAT good.
"Sun of my heart. That's what it means." Draco explained as I turned it over in my hands.
Memories slowly crept through the dark haze of my minds eye as I stared deep into the Daja Vu like an overworked pensive, forever toying with a blurry thought I wouldn't possibly let come to light.
Quickly, I gave it back.
"I-I'M sorry I-"
"Eliana ." Draco whispered, breaking through my thoughts with his warm blue eyes. He grasped my hand in his and gazed sullenly at them before placing the necklace back against his chest.
A knock came at the door, suddenly, surprising us both.
A house elf stood in the doorway, wearing a dirty old cloth.
"S-sire, Miss? This elf is very sorry for the interruption but I am to inform you that dinner is served." He announced politely. He gave me a once-over questioning stare before his eyes went wide with excitement. "Miss Eliana, You have returned! Oh, what wonderful news!"
I smiled, Draco's brow furrowed.
"Ugg, Don't talk to her!" He snapped with his hand raised as if punishing a dog.
"Dude, knock it off." I said, stopping him. He wouldn't have hit the creature, I could tell, but still that was pretty rude.
"You ok?" I asked the little guy.
The house elf lowered his hands from his head, simply nodded, and left in a fog. "Was that necessary?" I asked, turning back to Draco. He looked sullen, sad even, as he glanced at me from beneath his bangs and shrugged.
"Welcome back Miss. Aldridge." He said in a proper tone as he then lead me into the dining hall.
Dinner was fantastic. A four course meal consisting of elegantly prepared food fit for kings.
Halfway through Draco leaned in close to me. "Is that MY sweater your wearing?" He asked.
Heat rose within me and I nearly choked on my wine. I had only meant it as a joke really, but now that we were back in reality I felt kind of embarrassed.
"Oh! W-well you see-I was c-cold and I.... Sorry." I mused pathetically.
"Keep it." He said devilishly. "Looks better on you anyway." he smirked as he gingerly traced his fingers down my arm.
"Oh! That reminds me, Eliana dear. You just have to come to our little Gala this weekend. " Narcissa interrupted suddenly. S"he sparred a glance at my mother and I knew something was up. "Our Draco will be there after all. "
I looked to Draco for help. He shrugged.
Thanks a lot buddy.
"W-well I-I don't reall-"
"Marvelous!" She cut in. "I'll add you to the list, and I am so sure in leaving your mother here to dress you accordingly. "
I cringed at the idea.
As we went to finally leave the Malfoy Manor Draco pulled me down a hall I hadn't noticed before.
"Meet me tonight, yes? Under the bridge in the gardens say... Midnight?"
I contemplated this for a moment as I watched his smile slowly fade to a smirk. I couldn't tell what he was thinking, and that was new for me. I usually read people quite well.
He leaned in closer to me, waiting for an answer I didn't have.
"Draco... I dunno' if I can I- I mean.."
His arms folded in frustration. " Oh! So the 'Great Eliana' is afraid of mommy is she?" He cooed.
I spun to him With fist clenched. Somehow he knew what buttons would push me.
"Midnight." I stated blankly.
Draco smiled triumphantly as he placed a soft kiss on the back of my palm.
"Midnight. " He whispered.
It was late when we finally got home and as we walked in I ran right down to my room and shut the door. I slammed my back into it and slid to my knees. My heart was beyond racing and I attempted worthlessly to control my rapid breathing. Today was too much to handle. Why here, Why now? I thought we had avoided all of this when we left, but no. here I was thrown back into the never ending vortex of sorrows... With him.
Why did it have to be Him?
"That bastard!" I cried. tears fled from my eyes as I took the leather cord from my neck and held the moon carved wood in my palm.
"Luna animae meae." I read, before thrashing it clear across the room.
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