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Familiar Taste of Poison.

Some time later...

~ Eliana

"I won't actually do this." Draco said. He stood above the waste-bin, arms folded with a disgruntled brow. "You can't expect me to-"
"You lost." I told him simply. I took his arm in mine and said a devilishly sincere, "Would you like it if I said a few words?" He blinked slowly and looked to me. His eyes held a deep hatred that only fueled my amusement.
"This is nonsense," He said eventually. "Neither of us even remember the last few hours anyway."
I merely shook my head. "We've been over this." I said. "You were hiding from Pansy in an empty bathroom. Drunk, sitting on the floor. I was escaping Fletcher when I joined you there. That's it."
Draco shuffled his shoes, hands already at his pockets. "What's with us and bathrooms-"
"You're stalling." I grumbled.
"Because this is stupid El!" He said, kicking a nearby rock. I sighed, my hands racing to my temple.
"Malfoy, your such a whiner!"
"What, No I'm not!" He said. I merely smiled and nodded.
"Kinda are, alot. All the time."
Suddenly his wand raised and he mumbled a quick "Incendio."
Fire erupted from the can in a short burst before every suit the Malfoy had owned was turned to flame and dust.
Well almost..
I was giddy with excitement as I lifted a small pile of extras into my arms.
"Those too?" Draco asked, but I shook my head no.
"Can't let quality go to waste can I? These are for me." I said, being the high-fashion Tom-boy that I was.
"You won't look better in them than me." Draco grumbled bitterly. He eyed me over before adding a snarky; "Aldridge, You do realize that you're a girl don't you?"
With my nose in the air I swiftly turned, ignoring the boy. "Yes well that doesn't mean that I always have to dress like one. Regardless of what my mother claims."
Draco let me wander off back towards my uncle's mansion. I was a good distance from him once he decided to follow.
"Don't expect my uniform as part of our deal Aldridge." Draco said which.. Confused me honestly.
"I'm in Slytherin." He explained which.. Still wasn't helping me. "For Hogwarts.. El don't tell me you're that bloody stupid?"
That's when it hit me.. "Oh, right your school." I said passively and shrugged. "We don't have uniforms at mine."
Draco stopped walking, clearly as confused as I was.
"No uniform," he said. "What do Americans wear then?"
I shrugged and continued walking. "Whatever we want to really.."
"Like.. Your street clothes?"
"No Malfoy a toga!"
He seemed to consider this for a moment before realizing my caustic nature. I shook my head. The thing was.. Everyone knew about Hogwarts. It was legendary. Rumors spread like wildfire from that place. Plus I'm pretty sure everyone's had 'Hogwarts A History' on their syllabus at some point in their Wizarding career. It's one of the most famous places in magic history.
Riversview, however, was not as near so. It was newer, created in the late 60's and while not as impressive on a resume as Hogwarts would be, I enjoy it.
"In America we also take muggle courses." I said simply, knowing that English schools didn't.
"That sounds highly unnecessary. " Draco said dully.
I thought it over and shrugged. "I bet my essays are more eloquent than your's."
Draco snorted and I could feel his eyes roll behind me. "Fancy writing, big deal. Waste of bloody time if you ask me.."
I thought of it for a moment.. Muggle courses.. It never occurred to me.. I had moved so young that I hardly remember much of England. So to me taking muggle courses was the norm. For him, it wasn't.
I tried again to remember more about my childhood.. But it was hazy like a barrier cast over and distorting the images.
"El, you coming?"
Draco had continued walking through the gardens towards the entrance to my mother's conservatory. He held the door open and stood there impatiently.
"Y-yeah." I said as an unsettled twinge of nervous energy told me not to go in there. It felt weird and once I reached the conservatory doorframe I bounced back as if I'd been shocked.
"I'm using the day room entrance!" My mouth spoke without me. It felt mechanical and strange.
Draco merely stared, his face flat as if I had said something idiotic. "Aldridge, this way is faster-"
I snorted arrogantly in order to cover up my true unnerved feelings about the room.
"Malfoy, it's unsettling that you know more about my own house than I do." I said mockingly, leaving to cut back through the gardens.
Draco caught my arm, a devilishly handsome smile on his lips. I suddenly ended up with my back against the stone mansion walls.
Sunlight beat down on us. The heat becoming increasingly apparent the closer we were. His blonde hair fell into his deep blue eyes. Beads of sweat lingered at his brow and his grey t-shirt clung to him like glue. In this light and angle, I couldn't help but at it to myself how attractive Draco really was.
Though, I'd never actually tell him that.
"How about now?" He asked, body inches from mine. "Still as unsettling?"
My eyes closed. Deep breath.. I could sense his presence all around me like a hazy cloud. The heat burning flesh. His hand in mine against the wall above us. The other unwavering from my waist.
It was nice in a way, almost sensual.
Then there was a giggle.. A childish laugh from a little boy suddenly echoing through my head..
"More so.." I lied, biting my lip in attempt to hold my composure. A sharp inhale escaped me as His hand raced beneath my tank top, stopping mid back. It took me from my daze and brought me back to reality.
My glare could have killed him where he stood, his deep blue eyes sparkling playfully as he laughed.
"You should hard seen your face Aldridge! Pricel- oui!"
I slugged him, again and again in the arm, doing practically no damage to the kid. When that didn't work I shoved him and he stumbled to the ground.
"Shut up Malfoy." I said but couldn't suppress a laugh myself.
I mean the kid was so damn persistent!
Eventually we found the day room entrance and both wondered into it in a relatively ok mood.
Until my mother spoke.
"Ah Darling! There you are," Rhonda said. She gave me an awkward hug and a peck on the cheek, which told me someone else was in the room. My mother turned and smiled once she noticed that Malfoy was with me. "and Draco nice to see ya as always."
He bowed slightly, so customary it was almost sickening. "Of course Mrs Aldridge. "
"Now Eliana if you would, I have -"
There was a sudden screech as if from a chair. Someone stood and joined us at the door.
With his tall frame, awkward hair, and overtly posh day suit.. It was unmistakably Warren Fletcher.
"The beauty emerges at last," he said with too large of a smile. "And sir Malfoy, a pleasure."
Honestly, Draco looked disgusted and I didn't really blame him. Fletcher's attempt to a hand shake with Draco left the air momentarily awkward.
"Fletcher.. What are you doing here.. At my house.." I said. His smile grew, if possible, and I slowly got that bad juju vibe all over again.
My mother quickly glared at me but smiled when Fletcher did.
"Always right to the point this one!" He said laughing. "An admirable trait-"
"I should go." Draco said, causing my head to snap in his direction. His eyes were burning like mad.
"No no," I said quickly. Eyes locked to him in hopes that he would get the hint and stay. "No no no." Not sure why I thought he would, Draco never gets my hints.
Honestly I was dreading this. As annoying as Draco Malfoy can be he was clearly the lesser of two evils when it came to Warren Fletcher. Sure Draco angered me. He knew exactly where to poke a sharp stick if need be and he did so often enough. He was intentionally brash, conceded, and an ass hole more than 90 percent of the time. And yet there were occasional moments that at least told me we were friends. That we were comfortable enough around one another to be ourselves.
Draco was a different kind of stress relief. When I felt trapped and I couldn't speak my mind he was there for me to piss the hell off..
It was.. Nice.
Then there was Fletcher whom was older, handsome and charming to almost everyone near him. Everyone except me.
"Eliana, don't be rude.." My mother said. "Show young Mr Malfoy to the door please?"
"I ah.." Draco was tugging at my wrist. Clearly ready to leave yet, I couldn't think.
Fletcher stepped forward now only inches from me. "Don't be long Sweetie." He said, his hand taking my chin softly as he smiled. Instantly I jerked away, eyes wild, confusion and anger sweeping through me.
"Dude?!" I exclaimed as Draco forcefully pulled me down the entrance hall. I was appalled at the gallant man. "How dare he-" I turned to Draco once we were out of sight. A wild fire burning with rage inside me, caused by that one simple act. "Don't leave me-don't leave me- please don't leave alone with him!"
Adrenaline had kicked in and when I couldn't read his face I jumped in the air and childishly grunted. I couldn't look at him and think, so I turned away pacing.. Fuming..
"Aldridge- bloody hell Eliana- just stop!" Draco's voice I ignored but his hands were on me fast, forcing me into the back wall.
I stopped once his eyes were locked with mine. "Stay with me?" I asked but when he rolled his eyes I knew the answer. "Aw, come on. You suck dude."
He shook his head and motioned down the hall. "Don't be an idiot El, go."
I winced not liking the situation. "I don't wanna!" I whined. Draco sighed.
"Entertain Warren for an hour, play the game El." He said. I shook my head, eyes wide and brow furrowed.
"He's like, 25 Malfoy!" I said, to which he ignored.
"Look just-" Suddenly his hands were running quickly through my tangled hair, straightening my shirt and overall making me look a bit more presentable. "Now just-GO." He said and I hoped above all that he missed the heat now forming in my cheeks.
I grumbled, stomping my foot and hum-hauling around childishly before walking sternly back into the day room.
Damn it Malfoy.
"Ah, now then!" My mother exclaimed eagerly as the two of us entered from opposite ends of the day room. She held an ornate tray of things as she passed and settled them on the coffee table. "I took the liberty of whipping up some tea for the two of you. Fresh from the conservatory!"
I took a seat on the couch and gave her a rather lousy smile. "Gee, thanks Ray.. Appreciate it." I said blandly, of which she ignored.
"I'll be out working so you two have fun. Lord knows those Snarla Tree's won't de-thorn themselves.." She paused after thinking for a moment. "Well.. They might, but it's best that they don't eat eachother. Never a fun day when poison spreads!"
My mother wandered off, Laughing to herself as if she had said the funniest thing..
Of which neither of us seemed to get.
"My mother ladies and gents." I said as I tried strongly to sink further into the couch corner, hand to my forehead in embarrassment.
"She seems lovely."
I rolled my eyes and took one of the tea cups. "Seems is the operative word there.." I mumbled. There was a moment of silence before either of us spoke.
"Eliana, tell me something." Fletcher's said. He moved closer, arm draped along the backside of the couch.
"You first," I said, placing the tea cup back on its plate. "What-"
"Am I doing here?" He finished, a knowing smile plastered to his perfect teeth. "Well, I wanted to talk. After all, our time was cut short at the gala and I couldn't standby without knowing you more so."
I nearly choked on my Tea when he touched my leg. Something odd-feeling told me that he had plans for more than just talking.. But I shook it aside..
"Fine, what do you want to know?" I said. Fletcher took a cup for himself and downed it before pointing at me and smiling.
"Are you always this direct?" He asked.
I nodded quickly and crossed my legs. "Yes."
Fletcher hummed his eyes scanning once again. "You know, most women would kill to be alone in the same room with me." He said, taking another swig of his tea and commenting on the exquisite flavor.
I snorted loudly, not able to control the amusement. "That's the thing Fletcher," nor the sarcasm. "I'd kill while In the same room as you." I chuckled to myself quietly as I pored another teacup.. "I'm not like most women." I added as if to ease things.
His grin wildly grew. "Indeed." He said. "So tell me about Eliana, I look forward to knowing her explicitly."
I took a moment to glance out to the gardens, internally debating on what to do. Finally I settled on playing the game. Sooner this was over the better..
I giggled lightly and smiled. "Oh, I'm a this and that kinda girl," I said, standing and walking to the large windows. I did a few small dance stretches before twirling elegantly and posing. "There are many things that peak my interest."
"Like plants?" He asked but I merely shook my head.
"Too impatient for Herbology." I said simply, thinking of all the things my mother had tried to teach me. Fletcher joined me at the window.
"So dance then?
I nodded. "And music. Surprising I know. Mah' was thrilled to know I had a feminine side."
He laughed at me and for the first time it felt rather sincere. "I hear you've become a rather skilled witch at your school-Riversview? They have top marks." He mentioned.
I smiled and attempted to blush on command. " I suppose, if that's what others say." I said, leaning onto the windowsill.
"They say you're much like your father in that regard." Fletcher said. He took my hand and slowly drew circles on my palm. "Smart, clever witch. Shame about the accident. Your father was a good man."
I tried ever so hard not to glare at the mention of my father. I wanted to tell him the truth, that he was actually.. A terrible person. But that would be futile. People in Wizarding high society saw only what they wanted to.
My mother had planted some angel trumpets, a flower that renders the consumer unconscious.. Just outside the window. I plucked one of the delicate flowers and Fletcher charmingly placed it behind my ear. I smiled..
Fletcher ushered me back to the couch where he told me all about his greatest accomplishments, awards, how much of a hero the ministry considered him to be for saving the government pounds in tax right offs. He was halfway through an excessively boring story.. Something about a client that had made one too many Wizarding exposure risks and how he managed to reduce the sentence.. I assumed he was a lawyer, but wouldn't dare ask because lord knows that would release a flood of more rambling.
Anyway, I couldn't stand it.. I was miserable. Honestly, I was trying.. Desperately to at least pay attention. I nodded like I was supposed to. Said the occasional "Oh," and "Uh huh." I kept eye contact with him and yet... Before I knew it the flower seeds were in my hand and I was politely offering Fletcher more tea.
With a smile..
Pushing his cup up further for him..
Making sure he downed the last drop.
"Gosh you know, the sunlight in here is really ah-"
Instantly he fell over, his body slamming to the floor with a loud thud.
My smile fell. I dropped the sugar spoon onto its tray. It clattered loudly.
"Idiot.." I grumbled before storming off to my room.
The basement of my uncle's house had always been colder than the rest. I liked it. Expecially on a hot day. Past the 2nd largest bath and beyond the billiard room was mine. I tore through the door and slammed it with my foot.
When I looked up I noticed I wasn't alone.
"Hey." Was Draco's short reply. His body cast onto my bed casually. An arm above his head, the other using his wand to leviosa the alarm clock from my nightstand absent-mindedly.
"Hey." I said slowly, not expecting him to be there. "I thought you-"
"Left?" He said and shrugged. "You asked me to stay."
I shook my head, amused. "Yeah.. I did, so I wouldn't be alone with Fletcher." I sighed and flopped down onto the bed horizontally. Draco lay vertical, half propped up by my headboard and without asking I turned his lap into a pillow. Which he didn't seem to mind.
"Your mother would have never allowed that." Draco said. I touched the clock making it spin.
He was right.
"So fun time with Warren?"
I groaned at the thought and snuggled my face into a nearby pillow.. "Mot med-xactfry."
Draco laughed and I could feel his stomach rise and fall with it. "Why do dislike him?" He asked. I pulled the pillow from my face and sent him a very dull look. "I mean, sure he's a git but girls always seem to like him."
I sighed and tossed the pillow to the floor. "I don't know." I said.
With a flick of his wand Draco let the clock drop, catching it right before my head. I winced. He laughed.
"Fine," I said after shoving him a bit and laying back down. "What do you have against the guy, hmm?"
Draco thought for a moment and shrugged. "Warren's.. Weird. He claims to be more noble than he actually is. As if purging the dirty blood from his line might make people forget he's nothing but a stupid half-blood."
Though I was kinda shocked at the absurdity, it sounded like the guy. "Well that's lovely.." I mumbled Draco gave me a look that told me it was my turn but I didn't know what to say. Eventually I grumbled. "I dunno why, Ok.."
He laughed at me and his head shook as if he thought of something.. "Ju-ju." He mumbled. His dark blue eyes on me again. Gently I felt my bangs slowly being brushed to one side. "You always used to say that some people just gave you bad ju-ju vibes."
My brow furrowed. I sat up and flattened my bangs back into position. "N-no I didn't."
"Corse' you did. Anytime you even saw my aunt Bellatrix you'd say she had bad ju-ju."
I thought it over for a moment and hoped we could avoid the subject. "Isn't she in Azkaban now or something? "
Draco looked caught off guard. He blinked. "Besides the point." He said slowly.
I shook my head and smiled. "Exactly my point. You should listen to me more."
I stood and stretched but with a quick yank I was back onto the bed, Draco laying beside me. His arm around my waist. My heart heavy, beating firebolt fast.
"Listen, to the girl who just early had my best clothes destroyed?" he said, still seeming bitter about the whole thing.
I rolled my eyes at him. "Oh please, I did you a favor. You look better this way."
I regretted saying that. It only fueled Draco's already large ego. He smiled and with a cocky click of his tongue winked as if he was hitting on me.
I sighed but he was trying not to laugh at me. I lay beneath him and once his eyes met mine we both burst into a fit of laughter.
That's when I felt it, his forehead brush mine. We lingered there. Eyes closed, letting our laughter die out. I felt nervous again. Like before when we were in the gardens or in the water. It felt nice and light, airy. Almost recognizable in a way. As if a sudden void of deja vu slowly chipped itself away.
That laughter was in my head again. Childish and faint. It didn't go away until Draco spoke again. His older voice stealing away my attention.
"El, do you remember this?" He asked. His voice husky, low and still amused. Seductive in the still air.
"Remember what?" I whispered, not wanting to ruin the moment.
"It's just.." He chuckled again and suddenly his head dropped to the crook of my neck. "This feels like before."
I could feel the warmth of his breath. It sent a shiver down my spine. When he pushed himself up his eyes landed on mine. Wanting answers I didn't have.
I smiled half-hearted and brushed the blonde hair from his eyes. He took a breath and let my hand travel repeatedly through it. His eyes closed, breath hitched, and slowly moving into my hand every time I slightly touched his cheek. "El, I ah-"
"Feels familiar.. I guess." I admitted, the moment playing with my better judgment.
His eyes shot open. A smile toying with the corners of his lips. His eyes brightened. Draco went to speak but stopped as if he saw something.
"What's this?" He asked, pulling something from my hair. "Gift from that retarded loser?"
"Oh that's uh.. SHIT!" I said, bolting upwards and knocking Draco to the floor. The flower still clutched in his hand. "I forgot about Fletcher!"
Draco looked insulted from the floor so I offered him a hand to help him stand. "Warren? I thought he left?"
I winced, suddenly very embarrassed. "Not exactly.."
Draco looked stressed. "Aldridge what did you do?"
I scoffed. "What makes you think I did something?"
He shook his head, his opinion unwavering.
Suddenly a very familiar, yet piercing and shrill voice echoed throughout the mansion, calling my name.
I sighed, grumbled and took his hand. The two of us bolted back into the dayroom. Where Fletcher's lifeless body lay limp against the floor.
Draco lifted his shoe, taking Fletcher's arm and watching as it slammed back to the floor. He eyed me skeptically, glancing occasionally at the floor.
"You... poisoned him?"
Suddenly my mother burst through the door while shoeing us out of the way. "Oh hush now Draco it's just a minor sedative."
My mother gave me a very harsh look before proceeding to help the guy.
I could feel Draco staring at me. Clearly not liking the situation. Slowly I glanced at him and took the flower from his hand. "I... wouldn't go eating that."
"I'd say not! You could have killed the poor man!" My mother exclaimed.
I shook my head and waved her off. "Relax Rhonda I only slipped him like.. Four seeds."
Her eyes told me that four was more than enough.
"I will deal with this, and when he wakes you will apologize and politely suggest dinner in return." She said. Suddenly the guy vanished and my mother stormed off to her conservatory without a word.
It was silent and I was angry. I didn't want another moment with the guy let alone give an apology.
Draco's look was smug and sarcastic and soon he was laughing.
"Now you have a date with the one person you can't stand."
Instantly I punched his arm. "Shut up loser!" I said before storming off in the opposite direction of my mother. "The second person I can't stand would be you!" I snapped, quickly taking the left side grand stair before slamming the library door behind me. I could still here Draco's smug voice mocking me with its laughter. Reminding me that no matter how sweet the occasional moments might be..
He's still an ass.

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