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These Walls

I rolled around in my bed just waiting, hoping for time to pass quickly. My mind had raced through every possible outcome of tonight. Finally, around eleven thirty I gave up and decided to get ready. Now I'm normally not one to care much about these things, but my eyeliner had smeared from all the stupid tears and I looked horribly sick. Plus I wasn't going to give Draco the satisfaction of knowing how nervous he makes me. I'm stronger than that.
I Fixed my dark makeup and left my pajamas on: a black tank top with green plaid boxers, and I took his jacket with me. The cool air stung my barren legs as I made my way from our garden to the Malfoys. The only separation between us was a large, stone privacy fence that was easily scaled from a tree nearby. I always wondered how protected the Malfoy manor actually was. Weather or not they placed any protective enchantments was far from my knowledge, but I assumed that if they had then a large crack in the wall was enough to break the magic for me to slip through unnoticed.
Yes, I remembered this from before. I remembered everything from before. Why I refused to truly admit this to even myself was beyond me, but I wasn't about to dwell on that bag of cats at the moment.
I quietly tugged at the lowest branch and swiftly pulled myself up into the tree. The fall to the ground stung my legs, causing me to stumble to my knees. I eventually made it to the bridge and stopped to catch my breath.
There was a ledge that ran under the bridge alongside the water. I followed it, somehow remembering it being much wider once. The moonlight shimmered through the water casting a pale glow throughout the garden. I trailed my fingers against cool stone wall, stopping at a nick in the stone.
A drawing of two children was carved, neatly into the rock. I smiled slightly.
"Reminiscing, are we?" A male voice echoed through the small tunnel. Slowly, I turned to him.
"No." I stated as Draco walked closer. "I'm sorry, what's your name again?" I smiled, leaning against the wall with my arms folded.
This tweaked him, I could sense it. And yes, It felt good.
"Funny." He said as he towered over me with his arms on the wall behind. Draco was so much taller now, about a foot taller than me. Which wasn't saying much cause I'm only five foot myself. Still, as much as it burned me, i found myself checking him out a little. He wore dark green cotton pants and a black tank-top that conformed to his chiseled frame nicely. His hair was a mess and there was some blond stubble to his chin and jaw. I hated admitting this but.. Draco had become exceedingly attractive over the years, and with him being so close it was starting to get to me.
"You haven't changed a bit, you know," Draco spoke, his eyes never leaving mine. He hugged me and I could feel his warm breath against my ear. "I've missed you, Ell." He whispered. A cold chill ran down my spine as his lips lightly grazed my neck.
I couldn't do this, not again.
"Do NOT call me that." I said angrily as I pushed him away. " and NO I DO NOT KNOW!" I started to walk off, hoping that he would get the hint.
Too bad Draco's never been one for riddles...
" Oh, will you stop with the pretenses already!" He said as he hurried to follow me.
"Shut up, Draco." I grumbled, I couldn't take this.
"Why? So you can lie to everyone some more?" He said as he grabbed my arm and pulled me back.
"Shut up." I retorted.
" Your lying Eliana. Perhaps you are able to fool everyone else but... It's me remember?" He said arrogantly. I pushed him again, which hardly did more than make him wobble. So i did it again, and again, and again.
"You'r not serious." He said.
"Come off it. " He sighed.
Another push.
"You really think that hurts?" He smirked.
Really big push.
" Were not kids anymore Ell, you can't just go beating me up like you could back then!" He said in an amused, annoyed laughter.
"Stop it." I said and attempted to storm off, yet again, but Draco pulled me back by my wrist.
" Just tell me that you re-" He started.
"STOP IT!" I yelled, shaking uncontrollably as I slammed my right hook into his jaw. Draco stumbled by the shock of what I did and fell back into the pool. He resurfaced eventually with a shocked expression plastered on his handsome face.
"Y-you, Eliana you hit me!" He exclaimed in confusion.
"Y-yeah.." I was a bit confused myself. " Well.. You wouldn't Shut up." I said defensively. I felt a bit bad for him, after all I did just fly off the handle, But he just....
"I suppose I probably deserve that." Draco said with an amused laugh. "I'm such a git sometimes." He swam over to the ledge below me and stretched out his hand. An offering of truths.
I rolled my eyes and sighed before taking his hand and accepting the small gesture.
Hey I'm not that cruel.
Apparently Draco is.
He pulled me into that water and I was instantly overwhelmed by what felt like a freezing ice tundra.
"I fell for it." I said angrily. "I can NOT believe I actually fell for it!"
The water was cold and the air harsh. I resurfaced with the intent of killing his but... truth be told, we weren't little kids anymore. I tried to drowned him, and in that moment I may have actually done it otherwise, but I couldn't. He was to strong for me now. Damn it.
Draco smirked arrogantly at this realization and took me under instead. His arms snaked around my waist and locked me in place. I couldn't move, I couldn't escape. Nothing, but gaze menacingly into those deep baby blue eyes of his.
We resurfaced quickly, panting heavily as we laughed. I gave up quickly on squirming seeing as I wasn't getting anywhere and it was only dragging us under.
"I guess we're not kids anymore, eh?" He said through panted, airy breaths. Draco shifted then, he placed my legs around his waist and a hand at my thigh for support, the other tracing down my spine.
"That's not fair." I said breathlessly, as his hands trailed up my body and down my arms, placing them around his neck.
"You've been gone for way too long, Ell." Draco whispered and smiled devilishly, with that playful look in his eyes I knew so well. I sighed, as our foreheads touched.
"And why is that?" I asked as a chill ran rampant through me.
" Because Eliana." He gasp deeply. "I've missed you too damn much."
I almost expected him to kiss me. Right there, on the spot, pure romantic bliss. He didn't though. that would have been too Hollywood. And it's never quite like Hollywood is it... In fact, Draco became a complete gentleman after that. Well, enough of one at least. Besides that I mean I did just slug him one after all. He helped me out of the water after awhile and led me to the top of the bridge where we talked throughout the night. He didn't linger on anything about the past and didn't question me further on it. Nor I him. Of which I was happy about but I could still feel him thinking about something. In all honesty he hadn't changed much from my memories. Still as dumbfound confident as always and luckily his humor hadn't left him. Which I was happy about. He was actually pretty sweet too. In a cheesy, charming prince kind of way. Over all things were as if nothing had happened between us.
And I was bound to keep it that way......
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