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Pitter, Patter.... Pitter Patter...
The sound of my black DC shoes echoed throughout the emptiness of the hall as I ran. Each step as painstakingly loud as mirrors, one by one, being dropped off a ledge.
I was running, faster and faster till the souls of my feet burned. Like an Olympic sprinter, my legs pressed on. Released by the sound of each warning shot. BANG! Goes the gun, releasing them from their prison. That noise, so loud. That BANG pushing me onward.
Was I afraid? Nervous, anxious? Angry? I couldn't tell. I just needed to be somewhere, anywhere but here. Yet it was like I was on a treadmill, Forever stuck in this land of stairways and doors.
Breathing, wheezing, hurting, stabbing, wheezing.
Such harsh wheezing.
My chess tightened. Pain roared through me and consumed my lungs, causing my body to fall in it's place. I couldn't take this.
I had to get out of here.
I pulled myself together and searched for an exit. There was nothing but stairs and a door to my front. There were always doors, which led to stairs, which led to more doors. Which led to....
"More F-ing stairs." I wheezed, wrenching the door open in one final swoop.
Suddenly, I was engulfed in sheer, liquid blackness. It consumed my lungs, sending the weight of my body to it's crushing depths.
I couldn't see. I couldn't breath...
I couldn't die.
"Ell." Spoke a voice so faint I almost imagined it.
So soft, so sweet. So comforting.
"Elli." it said again.
I awoke suddenly. Dazed and confused as bright sun shone through even brighter hair.
"Ugggg." I grumbled while tossing a hand through my tangled hair. "What time is it?"
"About seven thirty." Draco replied. I pulled the covers off my head and gave him the dirtiest look I could muster.
"Why the fuck am I up right now? It's summer!" I complained before eyeing him questionably. " Also... Your in my room why?" I asked.
He shrugged. "Just couldn't wait to see that.... Gorgeous face of your's doll. "
Considering that I probably needed a shower? Well...
He's an ass.
"Get out." I snapped.
"Touchy in the mornings are we?" He cooed. I snored. "Well, then I guess you don't get to know."
He had my interest. "Know what?"
"No, no. It's trivial really." Draco teased.
"Will you just tell me damn it." I said slapping him lightly, but enough to knock him off my bed.
"Always so violent." He said while dusting his pants. " You know, that is the one thing I wouldn't regret you loosing." He spat.
I didn't quite understand his exact intentions by that statement but it still, kinda' hurt. "Really?" I questioned, my eyes falling to the floor.
Draco got right up into my face, causing it to turn red and hot as flame.
"No." He smirked. Knowing that small act made me uncomfortable.
I pushed him away instantly. "Ass." I called him.
Apparently the true reason he was here is that he, according to our mothers, was to assure that I succeed in acquiring suitable attire for the galla this weekend. OH, and in such little time too, they wondered if I could ever find anything fitting.
Fucking women and their squabbling. I hated it.
but still, in other words..
Dress shopping.
It was smart actually. If I was left to do this I'd forget and go comfortably in my jeans and sneakers, using the 'nothing to wear' ploy as my get out of jail free card.
Always by 'Accident' of course.
With draco tagging along I had to actually buy something..
What fun is that?

"This sucks." I grumbled as I kicked my third invisible can of the day.
"I always assumed women liked these things." Draco stated as we walked down Methilance; Fashion capital of the wizarding world.
"Yes well... If you haven't noticed Drakie-Boy, I'm not all peaches and cream." I muttered prickly.
"More like Sugar and Cyanide, if you asked me." Draco mumbled under baited breath. I shot him an 'I heard that' look and his face calmed. "Look ok... We HAVE to do this and it doesn't work unless you ENJOY it. So stop moping around and, for the sake of it, find something you like."
I started to protest but instead gave a sigh of defeat. He was right, and as much as I hated being wrong, he had a point.
"Where to Gandhi?" I said and he took my hand, leading me to a place I have never heard of. Though that's not saying much..
"I get all my suits here." Draco explained. " They will have something you like."
My day just got a hole lot better.
"Wisely Wombles?" I snorted loudly. "Your get your suits from a place called..." I paused and turned to him, unsure if he was actually serious. "Wisely Wombles?" I suppressed a rather large laugh, and it was growing hard to keep it at bay. "I always figured that Madam Malkin's would have been the place, but no no.
Draco merely huffed in annoyance.
"Do you... Wobble in your Wombles suit?" I asked, releasing the floodgates to an ocean of laughter.
"Shut it." He grumbled angrily as he pushed me into the store.

"Ah! Young Master Malfoy. What a pleasure." A rather old, typical looking butler man exclaimed upon our enter. "Your usual I presume? Hrrm, I'm thinking Gannet and Hippogriff Tail, yes?"
I whispered to Draco. "Man, you weren't kidding. All your suits?"
Draco smirked. Apparently thinking he had impressed me.
Not true. Lost some cool points actually.
"None for me today Marvis but she...." Draco paused to pull me out from behind him. What? I dont like strangers. So sue me. He gave me a stern look and pulled me from my hiding spot. He snaked his strong arms around my waist and pressed us together, securing me in place.
I wasn't going anywhere.
"She," He continued. "Is in need of something spectacular." I could feel his devilish grin against my neck and I couldn't help but wonder why The Great Draco Malfoy was being so courteous with me.
"Spectacular, you say?" The gentleman said as he quickly closed down the store. Apparently the Malfoys had pull everywhere. "Something to melt even the coldest of hearts, I think."
"Nothing Pink." I said hastily as he led us to the back of the store. "Or frilly."
"My dear, Pink and frill is for children and elder witches." He said as gestured to a podium. "It would do nothing for a beauty such as you."
Draco gave me a nudge and I stepped onto the podium.
"Now lets see." Marvis mumbled as he encircled me, scrutinizing every detail. "Ah, you have an exquisite frame my dear, like a blank canvas ready to be painted."He exclaimed.
"Really?" I asked a bit nervously as I looked in the mirror. "Cause I never...." I trailed off.
Now I'm not one to care much about these things., but to put it frankly: My family is known for having good sized tits, a wide ass, and a tiny, model size waist. The epitome of pin up. as my grandmother would say. Still exquisite was a bit of a stretch.
Marvis, apparently lost in his thought for the moment, quickly snapped to and turned to Draco.
"Sire." He spoke tentatively. "I feel greatness about. Might I impose a bit of mystery? Until the date of course."
With a wave of his hand Draco walked away. "Do NOT disappoint me Marvis." He said, his voice echoing off into the distance.
"Why send Draco off?" I asked curiously. "He doesn't care what I wear, our parents MADE him do this." I explained as Marvis draped three different fabrics over my shoulder.
"My dear, all my time with that family and I have never seen any of them as drunk off another's existence as that boy there." Marvis smiled as he tossed away the two unworthy fabrics. "Besides, that was the first time Draco has ever been nice to me." I chuckled and rolled my eyes.
"You have anything a bit more... Punk Rock?" I asked suddenly.
Marvis smiled at me. "You know what..." He said as he sent away the other fabrics.
"I just might."
♠ ♠ ♠
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