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Win or Lose.

"So, what did you get" Draco asked immediately after we left the store.
"Nothing that concerns you Mr. Malfoy." I said in a matter of fact way. "Beside, the box is charmed to NOT open until the party." I added as he attempted to snatch the bag away.
"Fine." he grumbled. "Just tell me what style it is."
I smirked slyly, an Idea forming. "Oh, I dunno." I teased.
Draco whined. "Come on Ell !"
I sighed, pretending to give in. "Oh alright. Marvis convinced me to get something a bit more... Traditional. For a Malfoy ball that is. Something over the top. Personally I thought it was a bit too frilly and kinda gaudy. But now I'm thinking it's the perfect choice. " I smiled brightly.
Apparently it worked because Draco turned away and scoffed. " I never thought of you as much of a follower." He mumbled.
I eyed him skeptically. "Why do you care anyway?"
"I don't." He said as he stopped walking. "I was just hoping for something a bit more.." Draco pulled me into him. His hands firmly held onto my waist, causing me to tense. "Flattering." He smirked, His hot breath melted against my ear as his fingers danced on my sides seductively.
I shook the unnerving feelings out of my head and shoved him hard. "Keep dreaming Pretty Boy."
He gave me a scolding look that said he wasn't too keen on the new nick name.
I decided then that it was stuck for good.
If I returned home too soon I knew that my mother would rush from her beloved herbarium and judgmentally itemize every minor detail about myself and the dress before deciding it was not up to par with upper class standards, thus I convinced Draco that we needed to spend the day elsewhere for our own protection. We wandered about the shops a bit before heading to a small cafe for lunch where I gracefully made a fool of myself by stumbling over an unused chair whilst walking to the outside terrace.
"Bloody hell Eliana!" Draco grumbled as he offered to help me up. "Thought you'd at least out grow something."
I took his extended arm with a scoff. "and whats that supposed to mean?" I asked while dusting myself off and avoiding the eyes of those around us. We sat down at our appointed table and as we ordered i could just feel the arrogance emit off of that charming smirk of his.
"You're clumsy, you've been falling all over the place since we were kids." Draco mused.
The waiter brought us our coffee. I smiled and thanked him before taking an annoyed swig of the chilled liquid. "Dude please, I have not." I mumbled.
"Well DUDE."He said, mocking my american accent and staring at me with icy intent. "How Did you get that scar on your arm?" Draco asked with raised eyebrows and a smirk that said he knew he had me.
I looked to my left arm and sure enough there it had always been. Straight from my palm, wrapping down and around my elbow. A hazy thought emerged as I subconsciously stroked the skin. There were shoelaces, laughter, and something... White maybe? And fast, it was definitely fast. Someone was calling to me taunting..
"Eliana." Draco said with look that clearly showed that I was stupid and weird.
I huffed angrily before drinking my coffee and sighing. "Whatever Malfoy I- I don't remember. "
"I thought so." he sighed. "Yet of all the things! How could you not? We were kids, running up the attic stairs when you fell back and.."
"I remember being at my grandmothers playing in the gardens when i shouldn't have." I lied.
Draco merely shook his head. "your so thick, you know that."
I laughed amusedly. "And your a dick so whats your point?"
"My point is that you couldn't go a bloody week without an accident." he said with a sly smile.
Now I'm not quite sure if it was the caffeine or perhaps Draco's condescending demeanor, more likely, but something caused my pride to boil and for me to say something I knew future Elli would soon regret.
"I'll take that bet." I said arrogantly and clicked my tongue.
He merely rolled his eyes. "Like either of us need more money."
"No not money Draco... Lets make it a game." Sometimes he is just so dense. "If I don't have any accidents whatsoever, till the end of the party, I win.
After a moment of him milling over whatever deceptive thoughts his devious mind could concoct
Draco smiled and said, "Alright. If I win, which is inevitable anyway, then Ell you have to answer any question I may think of. "
I almost saw that one coming, damn it. "Any question?" I cringed.
"Truthfully too." He nodded.
I sighed and waved him off. "Fine, whatever but.... if I win?" Excitement ran through me as the thought grew. "You have to Burn every suit you own." I said.
His eyes widened and brow furrowed. He sat there confused for a moment before stating, "Are you bloody mad?! Those are one of a kind your not ser-"
"Oh and you can't buy any for a full year." I explained as I propped my sneakers onto the table and leaned back triumphantly in my chair. "If your so worried Draco you can be a pussy and get out of it."
He's not the only one who can push buttons.
Draco looked worried for a moment until I swiftly fell backwards in my chair. Nice one there Ell.
"I think I'll be alright." He mused.
Now I wasn't too enthused on shopping and Draco claimed he had other matters to attend to before the party. I had asked him if that included cleaning his room and he assured me that was not on the agenda quite yet. Thus we traveled home.
I ran quickly through the gate of Uncle Darfen's old home and into the large brooding doors. Slamming them shut tightly behind me.
"Mom-MOM!" I yelled as I scurried up the stairs and into the foyer, opening each door and scouting for her presence. "I got that stupid dress you wanted of me!" Fortunately no one seemed to be home.
I made my way to the basement, slamming and locking my bedroom door behind me in case someone had truly still been home. I pulled the box from off my bed and hastily tore the mass of green fabric from it. Although my color choice was green, I was adamant on making sure Marvis designed something extremely different for me. Standing out amongst the crowd was a was a horrific misdemeanor at these functions, this I knew I'd be reprimanded for later, but I wasn't about to sacrifice myself anymore than was necessary. I had tried to blend in before and the universe it seems had other plans for me, thus I figured why argue. Even the color was somehow magically crafted to illuminate a vibrant chartreuse and shimmer to something deeper, depending on the light. The dress was an elegant ball gown with a wrapped, dropped-waist bodice and sweet heart neckline and the corset was laced with a black ribbon.
What was even more exciting though was the hidden surprise inside. As I spun, the dress would transform from an elegant ball gown to a gorgeous high low dress with black lace and tulle. I'm not usually one thats too big on dressing up and all that jazz, but seeing how perfectly Me this dress was,
well... It'll change a girls perspective on things.
Looking in the mirror, I decided that thick combat boots would be the only acceptable shoe for a dress such as this. So I rushed to my closet and put them on.
"Mother would flip if I walked out of the house in this." I laughed quietly to myself as I posed in the mirror. "To a Malfoy gala of all things."
I twirled and spun in the mirror before fumbling onto my bed in shear dizziness.
"How the hell am I going to last a week in this bet?" I mumbled in thought.
Suddenly a voice, so faint, so mute, trickled to my ears. Laughing at me. It was light, muffled and hauntingly familiar. I hardly believed it even existed beyond my imagination at first, but it was enough to bring me to my feet and alert my senses.
"Who's there?" I asked to the open silence as a slight glimmer of a faded figure appeared in my mirror just behind my reflection. A tall, broad figure, with dark curly, short hair,pale skin, and piercing ice blue eyes.
My Hair.
My skin..
My eyes...
"Dad?!" I questioned nervously as I turned around to see nothing but the emptiness of my bedroom. "That's not possible." I reminded myself as a dreadful fear and loathing consumed my spirit.
My hands were shaking, stomach churned, and it somehow felt very hot in this tiny enclosed space. I wrapped my arms around my body and paced before walking to my vanity and slashing everything on it to the floor. Anger quickly took over as I stared into the eyes of the frightened girl before me.
As I stared into HIS eyes.
"He's dead, remember. Your safe now. It's over." I said, repeating that phrase in my head until I finally changed and left the house without a clue where I was headed.
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