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Draco Malfoy ~

Emerald flames engulfed our form as the chimney sent us hurling into the unknown. I quickly snatched up Eliana as we spun deeper into the darkness. She smelled of sweets and her childish laughter echoed through my head. I was suddenly pulled from the girls intoxicating effervescence by a foul odor and, seemingly more worrisome, chunky green liquid we had apparently landed in.
The room opened up to a large, Hollowed, brick hall that was dimly lit and packed with the dirtiest and most strange people imaginable. It was hard to avoid the puddles of putrid green water and potential spots of vomit as she dragged me through the mass of people. There was music too. So loud and so harsh I thought I'd never have hearing again.
El only seemed ever more pleased by the nature of the place as she bobbed energetically up and down like she was looking for something.
"__ ___ ____ __ __ _______ _____?" She mouthed nonchalantly, as if I could hear her through the ringing in my ears!
"WHAT!?" I asked, clearly still confused as to what was going on.
She thought for a moment before once again dragging me off to, luckily, a slightly quieter place.
"__ ___ ____ __ __ _______ _____?" She tried again but I simply just shook my head.
Elaina merely rolled her eyes in frustration and tilted herself higher to reach my ear.
"Do you want to go shopping first?" She whispered.
I had to laugh because clearly I was missing something. Who would want to shop in such a horrible place?
I started to shout my question but then quickly took my cue from her. Leaning into her I whispered, "Where the hell are we?"
Realization must have finally hit her as she laughed and pulled me into the toilets.
"Eliana this is the MEN LOO you can't exactly -" I scolded but she cut me off.
"Oh please Draco! Can't exactly talk outside now can we?" El spat with her hands on her hips.
Someone groaned miserably from the end of the small room causing us both to turn in the direction.
"Umm Hey uh guys?" A young man said as he stood at one of the urinals awkwardly. "Can you not? I uh i-I'm not exactly .. I'm kinda shy about this.." He explained nervously.
I almost felt bad for him.
I mean, there's a reason why I always used the stalls at Hogwarts.
It was right then that I could have killed the vile woman for she gave an amused huff before walking over to the unknown chap. "No. Elaina n-n -Oh for merlin's sake El!" I moaned as she took a rather dramatic look at the mans willy before laughing that devilish laugh of hers.
"Trust me on this Sweet Heart." Eliana said in her thick accent to the frightened young man. "You ain't got nothin' to be shy about." She winked at him before skipping back over to me.
I sighed and simply shook my head. I mean.. The nerve of this girl.
Suddenly a long trickling stream echoed throughout the loo and the two of us locked eyes for a brief moment while suppressing our laughter.
After he finished the stranger quickly clasped his arm around my shoulder. I winced. He was shirtless and smelled of dead fish.
"Your girl?" He asked, Pointing to Eliana who had taken to playing with her hair in the mirror. She looked so innocent just then. I nodded quickly. If only everyone knew she wasn't.. " Wow she ah-"
"Yeah she has a way of doing that." I said suddenly knowing that it was her charming atmosphere he was referring to. How she tends to pull you from your comfort zone Yet somehow instantly erase all your worries and fears. It was an aura she had about her, something magical that filled you instantly from one of her glances, her smile, her touch...
I grimaced at the thought of his lusting eyes upon her and quickly shrugged off his arm. It seemed to snap the stranger out of his trance. "Well uh-t-thanks." He mumbled before rushing to leave.
Instantly Elaina skipped up to me, her glossy lips merely inches from mine. It was unexpected and my face flushed from her closeness. "YOUR GIRL, huh Drakie-boy?" She questioned with a playful click of her tongue before bouncing back over to the mirror.
"El." I said sternly, ignoring her question. "What the hell are we doing in a place like this?"
"It's Neverland, Aren't you excited?!" She said eagerly. I had to stop her from bouncing before she could explain further. "Only the largest Magical Rock Festival IN the world!"
The way she spoke was as if she expected me to understand. My face clearly said otherwise cause her eyes went wide with shock.
"Please tell me your joking." She said. I shook my head. "Jesus Draco don't you ever leave that damn manor?!" I merely shrugged. Sure I did occasionally but I knew that wasn't her point.
"So we're at a concert? " i questioned.
" in an underground sewer in America. " Elaina explained.
My eyes went wide and my jaw dropped slightly. How was that even possible? "I didn't know the floo network could travel that far." i mumbled.
She smiled at me and shrugged. "neither did I. Just kinda guessed. "
I laughed and shook my head. "You're maddening Elaina. You know that?" i said.
"eh, only slightly. " she replied sarcastically as we left the bathroom. " by the way Draco.. " El said as she pressed against me, her hands on my chest for support as she motioned for my ear. "That dude left a piss stain on your shirt."
My momentary confusion cleared as i scanned my shirt and sure enough there it was. I instantly winced and slapped my forehead in aggravation.
I suppose that's what I get for wearing a white T-shirt to a metal concert. If only I knew how ruined it would truly be by the end of the night.
Eventually we entered the concert hall where thousands of people were dancing like waves rippling and crashing against each other. Suddenly Eliana took off for the crowd on the floor and i had to dodge several drunken idiots just to keep up with her. She gave me the widest smile before tapping on the rather large guy in front of us and simply pointing upward. The man made some more hand gestures and mouthed something inaudible as i was left there to decipher the secret language these two strangers shared. How it was possible to understand anything over the roaring bass guitar was beyond me.
"Try and stay on your back. " El whispered in my ear before the man lifted her up onto the crowd where she disappear.
What the bloody hell was that supposed to mean?
The Bloke then turned to me and before I could protest he tossed me up onto the crowd. I was too scared and nervous to focus on anything other than plummeting to my doom at first. It was terrifying to realize that weather or not I stayed afloat within the sea of bodies rested on my trust that these drunken commoners would keep me from falling. I was tossed about, sometimes further than expected, lower than expected, but I never fell. Halfway through my ears adjusted. The ringing stopped, and at that moment an energetic adrenaline shot through me and forced every negative thought out of my head.
I hated admitting it. I truly did.
but that was so much fun.
A large older woman In yellow quickly snatched me up as I was forced toward the stage. She place me down and continued leading her team of brute force to help control the chaos.
Ignoring me completely.
"DRACO!" Someone shouted off in the distance. I turned to the voice. How I heard anything through the piercing static was beyond me, but Eliana stood bouncing and waving off to the side so I ran to her. She took my hand and pulled me directly into the crowd and eventually we somehow wove our way to the front of the stage. Where I refused to dance like the bloody git's packed around us. I was a Malfoy after all.
I was taught to dance from an early age by some of the most renowned teachers in the world. Mostly waltzes and couples dances for if I ever courted someone at one of the many special events I was to attend. Thus my skills and charm had never been an issue before. I knew I was good.
Till now.
Dancing is simple. One step here, two steps there, twirl her, lock eyes, another step, spin us both, flash a charming smile and your done.
Now all the rules, the structure of what I knew was gone.
And I Draco Malfoy, was nervous.
I tried not to show it, to just stand there in the crowd watching Eliana with a cocky attitude.
Though I should have known. I never could hide things form her.
She would dance, then glance back at me to ask if I was ok or to tell me to loosen up and relax.
About the fourth time I was told to relax she finally turned from the band and gave me a scolding, yet comical look.
A little girl with short dark brown pig tales and bright blue eyes stood within my mind giving me that exact look. Her look.
I simply laughed as I shook Eliana's Ten year old self out of my head.
"Fine Love, have it your way." I whispered to her.
We spoke very little after that and didn't really need to. What little we did was mostly done in hand signals, hushed whispers and body language. I never really understood why these things were so enjoyable to everyone. As a Malfoy I was taught by some of the most famous musicians and could have met just about anyone I chose. Yet as we jumped and danced and sang along to the roaring music, it became increasingly clearer.
Nothing else mattered.
Although thousands of people surrounded us, it truly only felt like it was me and her on that dance floor. She was pressed against me so tightly and I had my arms protectively around her waist at all times. The crowd was pretty rough and we directly in front of what Eliana calls a 'Mosh Circle' so that didn't help and there was no way I was going to let some common drunk ruin it for us either.
Sure we were sweaty, dirty and at one point I had managed to fall into some of that chunky green goo. The band too had also decided to drench us in not only their beer but some red sticky substance that neither looked nor smelled appealing. Yes, we too were tired and the stress of running off of practically nothing was quickly forming a strong pain in my side...
All my worries, all my fears from before had vanished like the flame of a candle.
And I never wanted it to end.
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