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Eagle Eyes and Cherries.

"Mr. Malfoy, moshing? Who would have thought! " Eliana mused as we stumbled out of the crowd, laughing and panting hysterically.
"I know. " I agreed, " did you see that - "
" That Big-Ass Drunk Dude. " She finished. "Hell yeah, you were so fast i was worried he'd pummeled your scrawny ass."
I frowned. "I am not 'scrawny' and I can handle myself thank you Lovely."
She merely shook her head and once again we burst into a fit of laughter.
3 bands had finished since our start and the next would take a moment to set up during the intermission so we decided to get some food.
I was quite sceptical on what could possibly be editable in a place so grungy as this but Eliana asured me it would be worth it and in all honesty..
I was famished.
"El I thought we were having dinner? " I asked in confusion after a moment of simply standing and chatting. Eliana eyed me skeptically and pointed her thumb at the mass of witches and wizards in front of us.
" Not like we're in line or anything Draco. " she said smartly.
I grimaced at the thought. It was an exceedingly rare occurrence for a Malfoy to wait in line for anything and I didn't quite like the idea. The line was long and too overbearing. I wasn't about to embarrass myself by doing so either.
" Wah-Draco! What are you doing? " Eliana grumbled as i led her to the front counter.
"Woah, wait a second buddy." A rather tall bald man said in an annoyed tone as i cut up to the counter. "Who the hell do you think ya are?"
"Yeah no cuts! "Someone off in the distance yelled.
Never had i needed to wait in line like some comoner and i wasn't about to start. What good are lines for anyway? A big waste of time in my opinion. I smirked at his question.
"Malfoy. Draco Malfoy to be exact. And i sugest you piss off before my father hears about this. "
I could hear Eliana moan distastefully and the big guy folded his tatooed arms menacingly. I pulled my wand from my back pocket slowly, and kept it hidden behind me. Just in case.
"Your father? " the guy said with an amused snort. As if he hadn't heard of him. He truly was as grotesque as comon folk come. He laughed and spat at the ground. I suddenly became quite nervous as he walked toward me but he seemed unarmed and I knew with my wand at the ready I'd be ok.
" Daddy's not around to protect you pretty boy. " The man laughed.
"Filthy sack of scum is not even worth a Malfoy's time." I mumbled and proceeded to ignore the man. I mean, who was he for thinking that he had superior rights over a Malfoy?
Instantly as I turned, a roaring pain seared it's way through my skull. An intense spiraling sensation engulfed my senses as i tried to focus on the three disappointed Eliana's standing before me. My vision tunneled suddenly and the last thing i remember was thinking that, once again, I landed in that putrid green goop.
I awoke in a hazy fog. A massive headache ruptured through my skull, into my eyes and, for a moment, i was slightly disoriented. Till that familiar sent of body oder and alcohol pulled me into reality.
The bathroom. I was slumped on the watery floor of the mens loo. The place where this little adventure started.
But how.. Why?
The last i remembered was talking with Eliana before.. Nothing-No wait.. There were cats.. And a troll with... Tea?
There's no way that was correct.
I ran a hand through my greasy hair and sighed out of frustration, accidentally hitting my head on the wall behind me as i did. Idiot.
"Maybe this not knowing stuff is how El feels around me. " I mumbled sullenly.
" What about me? " Someone piped cheerfully as they stumbled into the room, nearly dropping the contents in their hands as they did so. I merely shook my head at her question. I didn't want her to think that I was thinking about her, even though I was, in fact, thinking such things.
Sometimes, I confuse even myself.
" Geeze boy! I leave for just a moment and you're already black and blue? " El said as she took my face in her hands and and lightly carassed her cold fingers over my jaw and cheek. " He did a number on ya, eh Cherry Pie? " She mused.
It wasn't until she touched my left eye that I flinched from a terrible pain and shot away from her.
" So that's where it's coming from. Bloody Hell! " I moaned as i examined my bruised eye, cut lip and jaw in the mirror. It hurt tremendously, my jaw was still bleeding and my eye was already swelling. Funny as it was.. I coudn't remember how any of it occurred.
" What in merlin's name happened? " I asked.
El merely shrugged. " You were being you. Like always, and some guy nocked your lights out for it. "
I eyed her sceptically. " Oh.. " I replied simply, not too sure on what she ment. I sat down next to her. "And that merits all of this?"
I expected her to be upset with me. Angry at least for.. Whatever I had said or did. But once again Eliana was never quite that predictable.
She merely laughed at me. Her smile ever so slight and amused. He blue eyes brightened by delight. Instantly I felt embarrassed. "Well ya, sweet heart! " She said light-heartedly. "Ya can't go around cutting lines and calling people scum without a bit of backlash. "
Instantly, by her words, it all started to come back to me. I tossed my face in my hands. Groaning from both pain and embarrassment.
"What was I supposed to do, just wait for hours in line? " I grumbled as the memory resurfaced.
" Yes. " She said simply with an amused smirk pursed on her lips. " Just like everyon-"
"I'm a Malfoy! " I interjected and she shook her head.
" I tried warnin' ya' Love. " El said with that soft american accent spreading through her words like wildfires. "None of that.. Pureblood, rich bitch, hierarchy stuff exists here. If you want respect you have to earn it. " She said sweetly as she handed me foam tray of sorts. "Eat." She insisted. "You'll feel better."
The plate consisted of a very plastic looking slice of pizza and some unrecognizable piece of meat that had been stuffed into a burnt loaf of bread and topped with everything imaginable. I looked to Eliana as if she had gone entirely insane. Did she honestly expect me to eat this?
Apparently so. "It's pizza and a chilly dog." She stated bluntly with an expression that clearly said I was an idiot. "I think you'll survive. You'll need your strength, trust me."
As reluctant as I was, I cautiously gave in. I think the scariest thing about Ell is here eyes. She can say a lot with very little and in that moment I wasn't about to challenge her. The food itself wasn't as bad as I had previously expected and after the first bite I suddenly grew a new appreciation for common food. Although being that famished would have made even Dragon dung seem editable..
"Oh, I got you a lemonade. " Eliana said as she handed me a foam cup, which made me wonder if all commoners chose to eat with plastic utensils.
"What's that?" I asked suddenly, through a mouthful of 'Hot dog' as I pointed to the half eaten plate by El's shoe.
"Funnel Cake." She said cheerfully. "A really good one too. Want some?"
I took the plate and eyed it skeptically. "You goof just try the Damn thing." El said with an amused laugh as she playfully smacked my shoulder.
It tasted of buttery, warm, gooey, bread enhanced by a plethora of sweetness. I tried a piece and then another before instantly deciding that it was delicious.
"See, good huh Drakie-boy?" Eliana said as if reprimanding a child. I merely ignored her. For I was blissfully blinded by the taste of such a delicious sweet.
"Oh, oops. " I said after realizing I had almost eaten the whole cake already. I offered her the plate but she refused.
"Who am I to deprive The Draco Malfoy of his first funnel cake." El mocked. "You can have the rest Cherry Pie."
Eventually we finished our make shift dinner and once again embarked throughout the crowded halls. Eliana led the way while forever refusing to explain where we were headed, paying no rearguard my countless nagging.
"Oh, here it is!" She exclaimed as we came upon a part of the wall that shared an absolutely identical resemblance to every other cold and grimey brick wall in this place. Sometimes she truly seemed so mental.
"Please, you couldn't possib-" I stated but El quickly pulled me through the portal.
We were still apart of the underground sewers. Only this seemingly looked much nicer. We were in a large cavernous room filled with many shops and people scurrying about.
"Hey Draco, look up." Eliana said as she pointed to the air. Sure enough the shops continued to spiral upwards as far as one could see, connecting by either a rope bridge or a ladder. Wizards and Wiches gathered everywhere to either sell buy or trade merchandise. The lower floor consisted of shops pertaining to the many band's that had or were performing. However, as we traveled further upward, the more strange and random each shop became.
Something caught Eliana's attention, forcing us to enter a shop called Eva's Emporium of Wizarding Collectables
"Just try it on!" Eliana whined as she shook a rather garish old man's robe. " Don't be a baby."
I scoffed and turned away from her. "I am not a child. I'm simply refusing to humiliate myself simply for your own amusement."
El sighed and rolled her eyes. "Fine." She said nonchalantly as she turned on her heel and walked off. For the slightest moment I contemplated leaving her there. Merlin knows i'd find less trouble without her. Unfortunately the satisfaction i'd feel wouldn't equate to the beating i'd receive if anything happened to Eliana. Thus, I grumbled and begrudgingly went to find her.
As I wondered about the shop I eventually found her flirting with a random stranger behind a shelf of broken broom parts.
"What are you doing?" I asked with more annoyance than I intended.
El twirled a piece of her long hair as she smiled innocently at the unknown man and winked. "Finding someone who will play with me." She said. Although cheerful in tone, her words struck like ice. Eliana was MY friend. My OLDEST friend. Her family was just as wealthy and was held in as high, if not higher, regards as my own. Never should her company be wasted on some stranger, nor was I about it.
"Malfoy. " The young man said suddenly. "You know this eloquent woman?"
"Zabini?" I questioned. For me to identify anyone in a place like this was far from expected. Least of all Blaise Zabini- the tall, dark, and stoic gent of Hogwarts. ""You look... different." I said while eyeing his casual attire. It was odd to see him dressed so informally. "What the bloody hell are you doing here?"
Blaise folded his arms as his eyes glanced me over. "Enjoying the festival which... clearly. As have you."
I suddenly felt very aware of my appearance and quickly observed myself in a nearby mirror. Although Eliana had stoped the swelling, my eye and jaw now sported large discolorations. Dried cuts, dirt and scrapes grazed my chin, lips and nose. My hair, which usually was kept in pristine, well managed condition, was now a mess, matted from sweat, it hung loosely into my eyes and spiked in all directions.
I looked bloody awful.
By just my smallest luck, so did he.
"So Blaise, you two are old friends?" El asked suddenly.
"Our families share similar interests." He nodded in reply.
I smirked as an idea formed. I'd get her back for dragging me here. I knew her all too well.
"Do you recognize her Blaise?" I said elegantly as I offered Eliana's hand to him. Confusion struck her face as she glared at me. Knowing Blaise's eclectic taste for treasured objects, I pressed on. "Even in such a disheveled state her looks are quite exquisite, no? " He took her hand and merely nodded. "But those eyes, surly only one brave soul could pass those along, eh Blaise?" I said, taunting him knowingly.
"Miss Aldridge?" He whispered as it suddenly clicked.
"What?!" She snapped in annoyance. El never was one to enjoy attention unless she had chosen to seek it. Her name especially made her uneasy. "Eliana, please. " She said sternly.
Blaise, though seemingly unfazed, lightened with slight excitement.
"It's an honor." He said simply.
"Indeed." El replied flatly as she removed her hand for his. "You guys are totally harshing my mellow. It's kind of ruining the festival for me."
I stood triumphantly, pleased by the dark scowl on Eliana's face. Blaise nodded in agreement and gave us an amused huff.
"Never expected the mighty Draco would grace Neverland with his presence." Blaise boasted.
"Admittedly, I never intended to." I said smugly.
Zabini glanced at Eliana and once again I felt as if they were speaking in tongues. Did everyone here know some secret code that only they were privileged to?
"His first time. " She explained. "He still doesn't quite understand why places like this exist for people like us. "
"If he stays," Blaise said shortly. "He will soon enough. "
Of course I hadn't a clue as to what the two meant. After all they had made it quite clear that I was a novice to their veterans, but as we wandered throughout the shops I think I started to understand.
As if by some untold use of magic, the three of us slowly grew accustomed to the festival atmosphere. A constant adrenaline fueled our behavior, forcing us to act on pure impulse. After awhile I stoped protesting Eliana's humiliating whims as did Blaise. I no longer needed to force away the thought of being embarrassed from every onlooker. As Eliana had stated several times throughout the night, no one truly cared who we were or what we did.
Sure the place was wretched and foul. The people were just the same. Neverland was full of disgusting oders and indeterminate substances, which the three of us attempted to avoid. Yet somehow every kind of witch or wizard had gathered from all over to unite in a place so outwardly grotesque.
Though I realized that it became surprisingly refreshing to not always have the fear of death or dishonor looming over me. I needn't watch my tone or perfect my words. Here there was no one to impress. The place created a strange kind of freedom. One that forced away all your worries and fears. Even if I tried to thing about what may come, The stench of rotting slugmites or the intense rush of adrenaline and sound of the roaring music seemed to force me to live in the present.
Here I didn't have to be a Malfoy first. Here I could be simply Draco.
"Just get your ass out here Blaise!" Eliana grumbled as we waited for our friend to return from the dressing room. Eva's Emporium seemed to hold a lengthy collection of every stupid, useless, old, or questionable object that was left undesired by the rest of the world and after a lengthy debate on the subject of Blaise's love life the three of us had some how managed to end up in a war of dares.
"No, I refuse. This is unjustified. " Blaise said as muffled sounds of disgruntlment echoed from the stall.
"If you don't have the balls Blaise all you have to do is admit it." El mocked coolly.
Suddenly Blaise emerged angrily from the stall, wearing a silk elderly witches gown. For as tall as he was, the dress hardly covered his knees and had practically burst through the seems at his shoulder. His chest was thoroughly exposed and atop his head sat a large floppy pink hat.
I snickered in amusement. El and I both glanced at each other while attempting unsuccessfully to stifle our laughter.
"You look like a Dark version of Longbottoms grandmother." I sputtered, earning a smack to the arm from El and daggers from Blaise before he walked off to the shop counter.
"Aww I wish I had a camera." Eliana mused as we watched him interact with the young store owner. "Damn he's harry as fuck." El stated as she too noticed an excessive amount of exposed fur from both his legs and chest.
"Yeah no kidding." I mumbled as I peaked sullenly down the collar at my own slightly hairless chest.
"Don't worry cherry pie." Eliana said as she pat my knee sarcastically. "you'll hit puberty soon." She said.
I scoffed. "I'll have you know that i'm well beyond that point thank you, Eliana." "Think he's got a shot?" She asked without a care as to her insult.
"Not even if he had help from the Dark Lord himself. " I said as we watch the girl grow weary of whatever speach Blaise had concocted before punching him directly in the eye. I winced, knowing the pain all too well. Guess he lost after all.
"You know," I mumbled as El tossed her long dark hair behind her. I noticed how it cascaded down her back in spirals, even in such a natural, unkempt state. "I'd much rather watch you skimp around in such little clothing, makes for a much better view." I whispered into her ear and gingerly caressed her arm.
El smiled back at me lightly before shoving me harshly onto the floor. "Pig." She chuckled. "Are you ever going to give it up?"
"No." I said with an amused grin. "You'll see in due time Lovely. "
Suddenly, from seemingly no where, Blaise stood towering over me with a smirk plastered on his face. He tossed a small card into the air and proceeded off to change without a word.
"Maggie Herracross - write me. XoXo." I read aloud in confusion. El quickly snatched up the card, flipping it repeatedly in speculation.
"No way!" She exclaimed. "There's just no way!"
I shrugged and laughed. "I suppose he gets it from his mum."
"Hey John, can I get a thing of cherries? " Eliana asked as she led the three of us up to the bar and gleefully hopped onto a stool.
"Sure thing Elli." The man named John said. I looked at her in confusion.
"Is there someone you don't know?" I asked.
She shrugged. "I didn't know Blaise before tonight." She said nonchalantly. Blaise nodded in agreement.
"Ellie!" The bartender shouted as he slid a small cup of cherries down to her.
"It's your dare Eliana." Blaise said as she popped a cherry into her mouth.
"Nah, I think it's Draco's turn." She said passively.
I scoffed at the idea. "No, you've been the cause of all my troubles tonight. You're first."
El rolled her eyes and popped another cherry. "Fine, don't get your panties in a twist Draco. Any idea's Blaise? "
Blaise thought for a moment. "Eagle Eye." He stated simply as he nodded to a man sitting with three other women.
"His keychain?" El questioned.
He nodded. "They are exceedingly rare and can produce quite a bit of luck." Blaise explained.
"Can I buy it off him?" She asked. He shook his head no.
Eliana sighed, grumbling in frustration. "Great, now I gotta go act all slutty. " She said as she fumbled with her tank top in order to expose a bit more cleavage. "Oh, almost forgot. " She mumbled, returning to retrieve a cherry.
"What's that for?" I asked, suddenly not liking where this was going.
El turned back and smirked. "The lure." She said while allowing her teeth and tongue to toy seductive with the fruit as she scampered off.
"She's too smart for you Draco." Blaise stated as we watched her flirt with the man's emotions.
"I'm not.." I protested but Blaise huffed in amusement.
"The way you look at her, what will Parkinson think?" He mused.
My brow furrowed in confusion. "Pansy? The girls more of a nuisance than she's worth." I grumbled as we watched Eliana cross her legs over the man's lap and continue her flattery.
"Stick to what you know Draco." Blaise said with a smirk. "She'll be the one to escape her fate. Not you."
El skipped playfully across the bar. It couldn't possibly have worked so quickly?
"Here. Your turn Draco." She grumbled as she tossed the eagle eye onto the bar Alongside a napkin.
"That was too easy." I demanded.
Blaise took the stained paper. "Tommy Morris - anytime beautiful. " he read.
"Look, I just had my ass groped over a good luck charm." El said hastily. "Its your turn."
I tossed my hand up in defense. "Well if y'all say so, EagleEye." I said mocking her flirtatious American accent.
Elli Sat on the stool and eyed me with a look of dramatic disgust. Suddenly a table from the back of the bar erupted into fits of cheers and laughter.
Eliana smirked, an idea forming on her face. She spun her stool and quickly pointed out the woman earning all their praise. "No." I quickly refused, knowing that whatever she had planned would not be easy. The woman was older, and at one point may have been beautiful, but age had settled in and a poor choice of makeup, fashion, and clear alcoholism had turned her worse for wear.
"It's simple really." El said passively as she held up a cherry. "Convince her to let you eat a cherry from her navel."
Blaise nodded in approval.
"Are you mad!" I hollered. They merely snickered in delight.
"It's just one cherry. " El said passively. "You can always punk out like a slytherin. That's right Draco, enforce your stereotype as a wuss."
"Cause that's honorable." Blaise said sarcastically.
The expression fell from my face. I knew i'd have no choice after that.
Somehow it happened. I'm not even sure how exactly. I walked over to her and folded into a natural sense of flirtation and courting. As a Malfoy I was taught well in the arts of coercion, but now as the foul, older woman lay on the bar table with her midriff exposed and drenched in glitter and alcohol?
I seriously wished I hadn't been.
A crowd had formed, chanting the term 'cherry' in anticipation of the horriblenes that was about to unfold. Eliana and Blaise stood off to the side, snickering with pride. I hated it. Seeing such enjoyment on their smug faces only drove me to win. The dare was clearly ment to be grotesque, humiliating, and demeaning at my expense.
However, I was about to win this game.
Between the chanting crowd and adrenaline coursing through my veins, my confidence soared. In one slow seductive swoop I followed the trail of rum down her stomach, took the fruit between my teeth and tilted my head back for some added dramatic flair. The crowd roared and cheered gleefully in their own drunken stupor.
It was idiotic and stupid, something as a Malfoy I'd never do again, But it was all worth it to watch the pride drain from Eliana's beautiful face.
To know that I had earned it myself.
"What's the matter, Lovely?" I asked as the bar folk praised my accomplishment like i'd just won the quidditch world cup."Ashamed that someone else is stealing you thunder?" I smiled and handed her the cherry stem that I folded into a knot with my tongue out of spite.
Eliana stood in dumbfounded amusement, but said nothing.
Suddenly the woman, smelling of alcohol and smoke, emerged from the bar and obnoxiously ran her hands through my hair in attempt to seem seductive.
"As soon as possible. " The lady whispered as she stuffed something into my jean pocket before scurrying off.
Imediatly, Eliana's eyes went wide with laugher as she quickly stole the note from my pocket.
My face went red from embarrassment. "Talk about being an inch from death Eliana!" I shouted, feeling very nervous suddenly.
Once again they ignored my protests and and sat giggling behind the paper. I just as quickly snatched it from them and read it. "Bathroom - thrd stall. NOW! - Tina. "
"The dark Lord would be so proud." Blaise said sarcastically.
"Pisa off." I grumbled and tossed the crumpled paper at him in annoyance.
The rest of the night was spent in constant movement to the rhythm of war drums. We had woven our way back through the large mass of sweaty bodies and somehow managed to make our way up to the balcony where even more people had gathered.
Although we were the furthest from the stage, the view, however, was spectacular. Lights danced across the darkness. The music pounded roughly against my chest and that painful stitch in my side only grew evermore intense. I was insanely tired. Every limb ached, every muscle burned. Yet somehow it was that exact feeling of desperation that kept me from falling. I laughed through the pain, knowing how mad everyone in that room must have felt.
Yet, I couldn't stop dancing with Eliana. All my anger, my rage, the sadness and sorrows all of it was washed away by the sweat that clung to our bodies. We flowed in time with the music, jumping, dancing and laughing in excitement till it slowed to a low echo. Soft light emerged from the tips of the wands of every witch and wizard, illuminating the vast crowd like A blanket of shimmering gold lain out before us. It was a truly magnificent sight.
I pulled Eliana into my arms and dropped my head to her shoulder. " If only I could save tonight." I said. She squeezed my hand tightly in return. It was in that moment that I finally understood the secrets that Neverland offered. It wasn't something physical or really even explainable, but it was there and in that short fleeting moment I felt it.
"I see it now, Love." I whispered to Eliana right before the room suddenly erupted into a wave of effervescent excitement. She smiled, a confident and smug smile. I was wrong, and it amused her that I had finally admitted it. Being wrong wasn't something that I was used to and for the first time I was ok with it. The crowd jumped and roared. Everyone was alive, connected by the same unknown essence. But as they focused on the music, my attention was on the girl before me. The girl whom couldn't remember. I sighed, knowing she'd never know the person I was before everything became so... Difficult. El looked back and frowned. I smirked seductively, hoping to distract her from the truth. She rolled her eyes but luckily didn't press the matter. I chuckled and shook that horrid feeling from my mind. In that moment nothing else truly mattered. Not the future nor the past. Nothing. It was us against the world and I was determined to enjoy every last second of a world that I knew wouldn't exist by the morning.
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