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The Show Must Go On.

Eliana's Pov-

"Eliana, Get up! It's practically noon and you're still sleeping?!" My mother scoffed as she opened the curtains to my window. Blinding light flooded in through the glass. I grumbled a set of choice words at the frustrating woman but she merely ignored me. "You're dress and shoes have been lain out in the foyer. Get up! Hellen will be here any minute! "
"Dress?" I mumbled. I hadn't a clue what she was talking about. I mean, since when do we go to church? I was still drowsy, my body ached from exhaustion and I felt like I hadn't eaten in days. My mother was still bustling around my bedroom before she slammed the door harshly. "What the hell is her problem?" I said as I begrudgingly pulled myself out of bed and stalked off to the bathroom. I yawned as I looked in the mirror. My brown curls were wild, stringy, and sticky. They clung to my back, plastered in sweat. Something that was once a jelly substance had crusted over throughout the night and made my hair tangled on one side. My makeup had smudges and there were dark circles under my eyes. I had somehow managed to wrestle out of my top but had passed out on the bed in my trashed jeans and bra. There was also a rather large bruise running across my side to my hip. I laughed at my disheveled appearance. Hellen was going to have one hell of a time with me tonight.
That's it, The galla was tonight!
I scrambled to my feet as the events of last night played through my head like a movie.
I can not believe I was so stupid! The night before the biggest family title event I had to go out and party, with a malfoy of all people? Great job El. You've seriously outdone yourself.
As quickly as I could I tossed on a jacket and half-heartedly zipped it up before storming out of the house. I had to see Draco. If our parents knew even the slightest detail of last night we both we're dead and I didn't even want to think how punished I would be for letting some guy blacken Draco's face. He deserved it for being an ass but I doubt that would sit well with their standards.


Draco's Pov-

"Excuse me sir but master requests that you rise and prepare for this evening." One of our many house elves stated. I grumbled as a massive headache pounced through my skull. The creature must have took that as an understanding cause he poofed away not a moment later. I slumped out of bed and over to the vanity. My head was roaring in agony as I tried to recall the events of last night. They were hazy. Almost like a dream.
I glanced in the mirror as my eyes adjusted to the blinding afternoon sun. I was appalling. Some pink goop had dried in my hair and caused it to stick up in every direction. My shirt had been torn to shreds and what was once white had now been stained with a mixture of green, and yellow. The red, which was only on one side, had faded to an orange-ish brown making everything very unappealing. Black ink was smeared in illegible writing all along my right side. It flowed from my shirt down my arm along with what I was sure was Eliana's drawing talents. A large hole bore through my left side and i smelled of dead fish.
I couldn't tell half of what happened after we left the balcony. Things were a bloody mess in my head. I tried to make out some of the writing, which may have given me a clue were it not a muck of random nonsense. One sentence that was scrolled neatly in cursive did stand out among the rest. 'Eliana's Pretty-Boy.' It was written along my arm and back in fancy lettering. I chuckled at the thought. She always did call me 'Pretty-Boy' when we were children. Perhaps her memory wasn't as lost as she thought.
I looked closer and noticed that my attire wasn't even the worst part. My eye was bruised badly and there was a long stripe along my chin. I had forgotten about my tussle with that large fellow. How would I explain that to father? This time it wasn't from him and he'd know because he usually made a point of avoiding my face. I had a few methods for disguising things but this however, was far from my skill.
Brilliant! Just bloody Brilliant.
"Well aren't you just as cute as ever. " someone said from the doorway.
I ignored Eliana's comment and pointed to my face. "What the fuck am I supposed to do about this?!" I yelled, though it didn't faze her. She merely laughed as she walked across my bedroom. "How can I face everyone looking like a troll?!"
"Personally. I think the hair suits you better pretty boy." she said as she playfully tossed her hands through it. "You've got this whole dark rugged look going."
I glanced back into the mirror. Perhaps she had a point..
"What- -.. no this is all your fault. Damn it Eliana! " I said.
She merely shrugged.
"I know," she said. " You look like shit."
"Have you seen yourself recently?" I suggested as I glanced her over. Eliana looked dirty and she wore the same outfit as before. Only she had traded her top in for my sweater. It hung loose on her small frame and exposed her teal bra. I smirked at the thought.
"Mind out of the gutter Draco." she said as she zipped the jacket up higher. "I couldn't find my shirt."
suddenly there was laughter in my head. A lot of it. Along with city lights and water?
I shook my head as I remembered the events that led us home. "You tossed it. After the rain stopped. "
"Oh right.." she said. "Whatever." The flirtatious and fun Eliana was gone with last night. Now I was left with the angry girl whom won't remember. I sighed. A part of me wished that Neverland had lasted forever.
"Nice undies. " she added. I shot a quick look down and sure enough I had somehow stumbled out of my pants last night.
"Unless your here to forfeit our bet then I suggest that you leave."I grumbled. " Not much time left and who knows how long it'll take to make you look presentable."
"Fine, then you don't get my medicine." she said but as she started to leave I stopped her.
"Medicine?" I asked. She produced a jar from her bag. "Only the finest for a Malfoy huh." I laughed at her words. "Come here."
I did as I was told and El made me sit quietly on my bed. She knelt between my knees and examined my face for a better look. We were exceedingly close and I almost felt a bit unnerved by it but Eliana didn't seem to notice as she finessed with my bruises.
"You know," I said slyly. "If you wanted me alone with you in my bed all you had to do was say so."
I expected her to slap me, for her violent nature to spring back into action like normal. It didn't. Instead, she smiled.
"I'm disgusting as fuck and your still hitting on me? " she said. "I'll take that as a compliment. Close your eyes."
Again I followed orders but winced as she tried to gingerly rub the cream along my bruises.
"Damn it that hurts El!" I said as I knocked her hand away.
"Oh, stop being a baby I'm almost done." El said as she ordered me to be still. I closed my eyes once again and tried to focus on something else but the only thing that kept coming to mind was her left hand. It was placed on my thigh for support as she tried to focus. Suddenly I became very heated and pushed the hormonal thoughts out of my mind. Eliana's body was too close to mine and I didn't need... THAT to be something else she wouldn't let me live down.
"All done." El said as she gave it a final once over. " Now, leave it on for an hour before ya shower and it should be as good as new."
I wandered over to the mirror. An instant mix of fear and rage boiled within me as I looked at my appearance. If my parents were to see me like this.. well, they would not be pleased. "You're sure my father won't notice?" I asked as the substance quickly cooled my skin.
"It's from my mother's herbarium. " El said. She placed a comforting hand on my arm for reassurance. "Usually takes a full day to heal so don't let him stare for too long and you'll be fine."
"The mighty Aldridge girl is concerned for me?" I asked as I made a dramatic bow. "Why I'm flattered, " That earned me a swift punch to the arm. Shock graced my face as I rubbed the spot. The woman was stronger than she looked. "What was that for?"
Eliana shook her head and walked to the bedroom door. "The only reason I'm helping you is so neither one of us gets our ass's beat again!" She said and slammed the door tightly.
I sighed. The woman had a point. If anyone saw the man that appeared in my mirror they would be appalled. The mere sight of him would disgrace my family and father wouldn't be too kind after that. I wasn't too worried. After all, I had been playing this game for years. These days I could avoid a beating if I truly wanted to. Usually.
I ran my hand along the large rip in the fabric of my meager t-shirt and chuckled slightly. There too was another wound to add to the list of many over the years. Only this time I wasn't ashamed of it. I was almost a bit proud. Whatever the two of us had done at Neverland was the most idiotic, un-Malfoy thing I had ever done and surprisingly enough. I enjoyed it. It was strange really. As I heaved off my shirt I winced at the searing pain. It was the good kind of pain. The kind that holds memories. I glanced at the medicine that Eliana had given me but thought against it. This one I would wear with honor.

Eliana's Pov-

"Hellen! Are you trying to torture me?" I asked as the beauty guru fought with my hair. Hellen was the Aldridge family stylist and had been distressing my tangled locks since I was a child. "Vell' if you v'ould' sit still then perhaps I v'ouldn't need to. " The young woman said as she curled another portion of my hair.
"Can't you just straighten it?" I asked but she merely slapped my hand away from her work.
"I hear this time you have date," she said excitedly. "A handsome boy for you to play with, no?"
Date? I thought for moment. "Oh! Draco?" I said as I realized what my mother must have told her. "He's not my date. Lord no! He's just.. My babysitter so I don't escape too soon. "
"Ah! Vhat of course." Hellen said. She curled another portion of my hair but I could see that all too knowing smirk splashed across her pretty Russian face.
"Len, I know what you're thinking and No." I said. "I hate that kid. He's incredibly vapid."
Hellen applied some oils to my hair and I watched her lips purse. Attitude much? Normally I'm the bitchy one. "Mmhm." Was all she replied. I sighed, Might as well play along.
"Hellen.." I grumbled as I poked her side. "What is it? Talk to me."
She started curling the rest of my hair and merely shrugged. "You're an Aldridge."
I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, so everyone keeps reminding me," I said. "It's as if ya'll think I forget or something."
She sighed and tugged on my hair a bit harder than normal. "You must ve'cause sometimes you act as if vat doesn't matter," She said while ignoring my constant owing.
"Well, it shouldn't matter. " I grumbled smartly.
"Eliana!" Hellen exclaimed. "Don't say vat. Vi'd give anything to have half of your status." She finished with the curls and started pining them in some elaborate updo.
"Don't sweeten the deal Len, I just might give it to ya." I mumbled. I already couldn't wait for this night to be over and I hadn't even gotten dressed yet. Hellen and I fought often about these things so it wasn't uncommon for us to be a bit stern with one another. Plus I could be kind of stubborn and pig headed when it came to dressing up and she was the only one who tolerated it.
"Every time you have boys v'alling for you and yet you toss every v'one away."
I rested my head in my hand and sighed as she tilted it right back. "I'm not a princess Len, and I don't need some dashing knight to take care of me.". I said.
"You v'ight as v'ell be with your family's status." She said. "V'an Aldridge of your age v'ould be in line to marry, not have her head constantly up in space."
"Maybe I'm some adopted alien baby and the real conformist Eliana is out there somewhere." I chuckled a bit at my own joke as did Len.
She shook her head at my sense of humor and said. "Not V'ith those eyes of yours."
A large mirror sat in front of us and I took the opportunity to glance in it. I never really saw why everyone commented on my eye color. They were just a light blue. "Lots of people have light blue eyes Len." I stated. Hellen jabbed another Bobby pin into my skull and I almost yelled at her for it again. How do people do this all the time?
" Такой дурак." She said which, from our many previous encounters, I have learned means something like; 'So foolish.' Or whatever, but the basic just is that I'm a dumb ass. Which, no lie. I'll admit it. I can be.
Eventually Hellen finished with my hair. It turned out rather nice actually. When you think about the torture I went through. A simple messy bun with some loose curls falling down my left side. Hellen always wants to do something more 'appropriate' for the wizarding high class, but I put my foot down every time. I don't need hats and feathers and obnoxious deer skulls coming out of my head. I did however add a final touch. Just an old white gold Tiara that my grandfather gave to me. It wasn't even a tiara, more like a comb really, but that's what he called it. It was my grandmother's when she as courtier. I'm not too sure why I'm so attached to it I mean.. I didn't even know my grandmother. Guess some things are better left untold.
Hellen moved on to my makeup. She asked me what I wanted this time and I told her what I always do. Black, Smokey, and Intense with a Glossy Lips. Fuck everything else.
Hellen laughed as if she should have known. She smiled and constantly had me make awkward faces. A light bulb hit me suddenly. As a type of revenge I kept exaggerating the faces or made funny noises which kept making her laugh and mess up.
After a light scolding or two I cut it out but it was fun while it lasted. I mean, I didn't want to sit there much longer and I think that Hellen could tell that I was getting restless.
"V'at Malfoy boy." Len said and I could tell she as trying to distract me.
"What about him?" I asked.
"You v'ould..." She said while tilting my face around in he light to judge her progress. "Dance v'ith hém, no?"
Instantly my eyebrow raised in confusion. "Dance, with Draco?" I said even though I technically had danced with him in Neverland. "I'm good thanks."
I expected her to scold me again but she merely giggled like a little girl. "He fancies you." She stated bluntly. I rolled my eyes.
"Draco 'fancies' any woman with a decent rack."
Len merely hummed passively as she shook her head. "Perhaps v'ut..." she said. " I have a feeling this time is different. "
"Yeah ok," I grumbled. Hellen added some deep red lipstick and some sparkly gloss as a finishing touch.
"D'ere, V'hat ever horror Eliana experienced last night has, Poof, v'een eliminated. "
"Cool let me see." I said but she pushed me back into the chair. Hellen handed me my dress box and pointed to the Shoji screen. I grunted and cursed. I was bit melodramatic but, hey, the concert kind of took it out of me. As I stepped into the dress I could still feel all of my aches and bruises. That was fun..
But I had to admit, Hellen did one hell of a job. If I wasn't a princess before, I was now.
She instantly fawned over my dress when I finished. I had her lace the back seeing as I can hardly tie my shoes without knotting them.
Eventually my mother came in to scrutinize her work and my attire. She called my dress a bit plain but acceptable. It wasn't plain though. I hate plain and boring. Hell the material shimmered like molten emeralds and the sweetheart corset made my boobs appear 3 times the size! Even so, it was different than the typical wizarding attire for such a high class function. Different made you stand out and we both had clashing opinions about that.
As much as I didn't want to do this I had to grit my teeth and bare it. Just one night, couple of hours at most. I mingle with some high rollers, flirt in front of my mother, dance with someone cute and I'm home free. I can always sneak out through the gardens and rip off this silk body trap when I'm home. Till then, I just had to play the part. Easy, Right?

Draco's POV -

Eliana's remedy had actually worked pretty well. I could still feel much of the pain but the overall bruises had faded to practically nonexistent. There was only a slight nick in my jaw that needed proper heeling but it would have to do.
I felt much less self-conscious when I tossed on my newest suit. Deep black over coat with purple shirt and tie. A bit bold but this was a Malfoy galla after all.
I smoothed the collar down and glanced in the mirror. I relaxed a bit. Suits were comfortable, form fitting and tight. I felt secure in it. Like I was hiding in a suit of armor. I needn't worry about little things or weather I was presentable. After all a good suit could even make a Weasley look decent.
I thought back to Eliana's bet. So childish yet she knew right where to hit me. Of course I had other clothes but I mostly wore them during travel or at the manor. Thinking about having not a suit left was a scary thought. My worries were quickly spared as I remembered what I had bet her. This was Eliana after all. I mean, the girl can hardly walk without taking a tumble. My Mother says that she is Jinxed. Pretty but Jinxed. I'd win, of that I'd make sure.
A small house elf appeared behind me. It was clearly as nervous as the rest of them. "Oh, What do you want?" I grumbled as I fixed my cufflinks in the mirror.
"The Master of the House requests an audience with his son sir." It said and I nearly paused in a panic.
"Oh, uh-A-alright." I mumbled. "Send him in."
The elf disappeared and my Father strode in. Has dressed in a suit with elaborate detail and a long elegant robe to fit. I quickly tried to judge the expression he wore but couldn't place it. I just hoped that he was in a good mood.
"Morning Father." I said in hopes that my cheerful attitude would equate with him.
"About time son." Lucious said as he strode into my bedroom. His judgmental eyes bore into me. I felt uneasy and tried to hide my panic with delight. "Excited are we?" I merely nodded and quickly snatched a black fedora off of a shelf. I Pretended to examine it while actually just trying to hide my face from him. "Since when are you so elated about these things, hmm? Draco you're normally complacent to say up here in this...." he glanced around my bedroom and winced. "God this place has gone to the dogs. Have an elf clean it. I won't have my son living in an infestation of bile." I sighed, it wasn't that bad.
My father paced throughout the room and even when he wasn't looking I could feel his eyes on me. He was up to something, of what I hadn't a clue. He suddenly circled me once. "Is this what you are wearing? " I nodded slowly. Everything except the stupid hat. I couldn't even explain it's appearance in my room but wasn't about to tell father that. He seemed a bit disgusted at my choice of attire but he said nothing. He smirked instead.
"Ah, it's the Aldridge girl who has your attention?" He asked. I nodded out of respect rather than agreance. Eliana was merely a tempting nightmare. She was trouble, always had been. I couldn't tell half of the time weather I wanted to kiss her or kill her. "She surely has the Aldridge family beauty and fiery spirit. Much like her father." Lucious said in pride. He stood in thought and I knew what he was deciding. Eliana's family had wealth and power. Their regency held a long line of strong pure blood. Matching me with her would be perfect for him. The benefits that he would gain are astronomical. If only I could tolerate the stubborn woman for more than a chat. My father nodded after some time. " Good. " he stated. "Now Draco, I have a request."
"What is it this time father?" I grumbled. He eyed me for my tone but said nothing of it.
"Just a small thing." Father said as he examined a dragon figure of mine. "Why do you have so many of these?"
I shook my head and took it from him. "It's nothing." I said as I placed it back in its spot. "What is the small thing?"
" Eliana's mother has asked if you would keep an eye on her daughter tonight. " he explained. "Living in the states has made Eliana's manners a bit.. Laxed. We shall look to you to keep her in line tonight. After all we don't want any foolishness do we?"
No father, of course not." I agreed while looking at him for the first time. His brow furrowed and I instantly became nervous.
"What's this?" Father asked as he pinched the leftover nick in my chin. I quickly smacked his hand away from my face and rubbed the mark.
"Oh, uh shaving father." I said. He merely shrugged.
"Ah, well clean it up. Can't have my son walking around like the poor can i." He said before adding. "And get rid of this terrible thing. You don't need it." Suddenly he smacked the fedora from my head and left my bedroom without another word.
A deflated air left me. "That went over well." I mumbled. An Idea hit me. I quickly snatched Eliana's heeling jar and bolted off to the bath. I had time and with a bit of determination I'd be presentable. Somehow. I wasn't about to endure that awkward conversation again. No, surly not.
I was a Malfoy and after all,
The show must go on.

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