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Everybody's Fool


Wizards and Witches danced across the ballroom, clad in every manner of over-embellished wizarding high-fashion. Each one knowingly displaying false sense of security withen their laughter, their words. All of them drank, ate, gossiped, and smoked as if unbeknown to the game they were playing.
I leaned against the bar, a goblet in my hand and pressed against my temple as i watched.
These parties bored me truly. If I wasn't expected to be here by my father and mother, I'd have been elsewhere.
"Mmmh The cakes good," Crab mumbled as he appeared beside me, Expectantly stuffing his face yet again. "Mant' some Maco?"
"No I don't Crab." I said. I took a drink and glared at him when he spoke again.
"Didn't know your mum baked." he said.
"Yeah, like my mother would cook you fat lug." I said as I saw a young woman laugh vivaciously within a group of charming young fellows. She was Eliana, and honestly it was unnerving.
"Hey, whats got you so uppity?"
Suddenly I felt the appearance of someone behind me. "Ignore Draco," Blaise said. " He's merely jealous of them."
I scoffed at the thought. "Eliana is nothing more than a beautiful nuisance."
It was Goyle who spoke next. He was clearly dazed in thought and deep longing. "I love her!" he mumbled. I rolled my eyes and knocked his hand from the stupid oafs chin. He fell with a thud and bounced back in confusion.
"Wait does that mean that I can make a pass at Pansy?" Crab asked.
I downed my cup before asking for another. "Even Parkingson has standards." Goyle said as he nursed his jaw.
"It's funny," Blaise said as he took up the stool beside me. "How easily her charm has an effect on those nearby." He pointed towards the series of elegant couches and tables where Elliana sat as the focal point of entertainment. She laughed and flirted joyously without a care in the world.
I knew better. After all, I knew the real her.
She was playing their game. She knew it.
and she had them all fooled.
"No flaws when you're pretending Zabinni." I grumbled, downed my cup and made a hasty decision.
If she was willing to play then so could I.
"Ah, Sir Malfoy." Eliana said in a giggly gleam of laughter. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"
It was strange to see her act so.. Proper.
Strange, but expected.
I smiled and held a hand to her. "As it seems," I said. "We're in need of a dance." The young men around her bore a masked hatred for me in that moment as the other girls joyously egged her for it.
Instantly she blushed in embarrassment and were it not for the slight moment where her eyes narrowed at me I may have believed in her excitement myself.
"Well, if you insist." She said kindly and took my hand.
Eliana looked elegant in the dimly lit candle light. All manner of the previous night had seemingly been washed from her features. I chuckled. "Almost didn't recognize you without the sludge Aldridge."
Eliana stopped. A smirk pursed on her red lips as she onced me over. "Thanks. You too clean up nice, For a Malfoy." She replied. I felt my confidence swell intensely at the thought of her finding my looks attractive. I was almost stunned that she, Eliana, had been nice for once.
"I am rather sexy eh Doll?" I told her.
"Well, sort of." El said. Suddenly we were close, so much so that if she whispered I'd no doubt feel it. Eliana smiled, her eyes lit in that devilish way of hers. i felt her hand sliding between my jacket. She squeezed, sending an ache deep into my ribs.
I had forgotten about my bruises, She hadn't. I kept my composure as best I could though wincing and glanced throughout the room to see if someone had noticed. Luckily they hadn't.
I chuckled and mumbled a soft "You bitch.." to which she casually ignored.
With Eliana's delicately small hand in mine I led her out to the center and she twirled in my arms before I pulled her in close. She took a step back to maintain her distance from me and there we lingered in a slow waltz.
Like I said before, Dancing is easy.
"What are you doing?" She asked skeptically.
I smirked. "Can I not ask the most beautiful girl in the room to dance?"
She merely shook her head.
"Goyle maybe, Blaise Indefinitely. YOU however, tend to have cruel intentions Mr. Malfoy." She laughed as did I, after all, she wasn't wrong.
I spun her quickly and pulled her tightly back into me. "And this," I said. "Is coming from the girl who has everybody fooled?"
She twirled beneath my arm and once again we danced a slow waltz.
Her eyes darkened before they rolled and she took a quick glance at the table behind her. "They're all so eager to please," She said. "Yet they care for nothing, nothing but names and pretty faces."
"Well, it's tradition Eliana-" I stated which only made her scoff.
"It's archaic Draco." She said.
I nodded towards the others who's watchful eyes lingered on our dance. "Then why prance around them like some ignorant little witch?" I asked. "You've always hated these parties."
Eliana chuckled in amusement. "Oh, like you haven't? You weren't sulking at the bar ready to hex every person who had my attention but you?"
Not having realized that she had known I was there caused me to pause in embarrassment. "I-wasn't I just.." I looked back at the elegant seats of witches and wizards who were waiting for me to return her. It angered me. "Look," I said. "Parsons is a right git, Flint couldn't follow 90 percent of the conversation, Dam and Talb would bore you into oblivion, and Mallas?" I explained as the man licked his meaty chops at Eliana "I would feed Mallas to the Dark Lords snake if given the chance."
Although I had been serious, Eliana merely laughed at me. "You objectify mer ever chance you get!" She said. I shook my head and laughed myself.
"I'm a Malfoy, I am allowed to. Plus," I gave her a smug smile and flattened my blazer. "I have class."
El rolled her eyes but it made her smile. "I'm a big girl Draco. I can take care of myself you know."
I thought back to what my father had asked of me just earlier that morning and smirked down at her. "Oh really?" I said. "Then why did dear mummy ask me to watch over you?"
Eliana smiled and shook her head. She glanced to where our parents stood drinking and gossiping with one another. "I believe that their in cohorts together. Only a matter of time till i find out why."
She was both curious and angry. It made me think that she didn't quite understand how things were.
"You don't know.." I stated. Suddenly her attention was back on me.
"Know what exactly?" She asked. Her eyes held a lighthearted curiosity I dare not shatter.
I shook my head. "Living in the America's must have turned you mental." I said. After all, how could she not know?
Eliana merely shrugged. "It's given me a larger perspective on things I suppose." She said. "Still tell me what you know."
I couldn't break it to her, not yet. After all, she'd know soon enough. So I spun her out of my arms again. "What I know El," I said and once I had her back in my arms I continued. "Is that you have a bet to lose tonight. Though I am impressed that you have yet to fall flat on your face. "
She immediately turned back to me and laughed. "Some thing's have changed since we were kids Draco," She said and quickly took both of my hands. In one swift motion she had me moving with her in rhythm. I spun before she and soon she had cartwheeled into a split before me. El twhirled gracefully as I pulled her up and fell back into my arms. "I've taken dance for years now." She explained and when I questioned her she merely shrugged. "Mother Insisted."
I nodded thoughtfully. The woman was always a bit demanding of her daughter. "Of course she did." I said. In truth it was hard to imagine.
There was clapping about as the melody ended. We stood there for a moment in silence. "You too?" El asked. I didn't quite know what she meant so she explained further. "The piano in your room, you had sheet music."
I hadn't expected anyone to notice that of all things. "Lessons through the summers, Father finds it a bit useless and now it's more of a hobby anyway." I explained. I knew that she wasn't going to let up on it. So I smirked confidently. "Eliana fancies musicians eh?"
She merely shrugged. "If I say yes then will you play for me?" She asked.
I took in her appearance obnoxiously and replied. "If I say yes then will you dance for me, Privately?"
"keep dreaming Pretty-boy." El said and with that she wandered off towards the bar. I followed, after all, I had a bet to win.

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