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Strangers in Love

With This Pen

Kellin couldn't get rid of this dreadful feeling in the pit of his stomach. It had been haunting him for days now, slowly dwindling on a week. It just hung in the air over his head, taunting him as it followed him around without relent, like one of those animated rain clouds you saw in the children's cartoons that were constantly raining over the character's head.

Kellin was terribly lonely.

Being shy and withdrawn from most really did have its downsides, one of them being that he didn't get out much. Of course he had friends, but he just didn't enjoy some of the activities that they did. Often on their party nights he was sitting home alone while being curled up in his favorite spot on the old and battered couch in his living room with a classic book in his hands. Normally that was enough for him, but recently he had a craving for something more, something better and more exciting.

The problem with that was that he couldn't go out to any place he pleased and just make an instant connection with those around him. There was something in his wiring that didn't allow him to open up and let others in the way some people could. It astounded him to no end that people actually possessed the ability to walk up to someone they didn't know and make a friend out of them in no time. At times he used to find himself envious over the fact that he couldn't do more but stutter and blush like a fool whenever he tried to talk to someone he was unfamiliar with for the first time.

One night, an idea hit him. He was casually flipping through the channels on another one of his infamous nights in when he noticed the movie The Lake House was currently playing on TV. He had seen it once before, but never really understood the concept of the movie. The letters part made sense to him, it was how they got to know he each other. That was when it hit him, it was so simple! How couldn't he have thought of it before? He was going to write a letter. Like with a pen pal.

He had one when he was a kid, back in the fourth grade, his teacher assigned them each a kid from another state and they wrote to them throughout the school year Now was a time that was good as any other to start writing again, but to who?

It would have to be someone he hadn't met before, but wouldn't that be rather strange for the one on the receiving end? Getting a letter from someone they had never met before would be unusual and the chances of hearing anything back from them would be greatly slim, but it was at least something for him to do to keep himself occupied for the night. So, his next challenge would be figuring out what he wanted to say in that letter.

Not wanting to ward off whoever received his letter, he figured a short introduction of himself and a fair reasoning of why he had decided to write to them in the first place. Though that all turned out to be easier said than done, after writing and rewriting, ripping out several papers from his notebook, and crossing out things, he had finally managed to complete his letter almost an hour later. He didn't want it to portray too much of his awkwardness, at lest not yet. That could wait until a few responses in, that is if he even got one from the person.
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