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Strangers in Love

Giving up on You

The news about Vic's health decline was the last they heard for a while, the doctor's had taken him down for his tests again, leaving Mike and Kellin to wallow in the waiting room. It had taken some time, but Mike had finally managed to get Kellin to settle down in the chair again, his emotions getting the best of him. Neither of them had taken the news well, Mike just had a better ability to keep his emotions at bay. He was never one who was open with how he was feeling in most situations.

The pair had settled down into the old worn out chairs, watching as the crowd in the room thinned out as time ticked on. The two of them hadn't been saying much to each other, which both were somewhat thankful for, forcing conversation wouldn't help make either of them feel better. Mike had been silently contemplating what could happen next, one of his hands subconsciously rubbing at the back of his neck. He was startled from his thoughts, however, he was drawn away with a start when he felt a soft thud against his arm.

"Kellin?" He called before taking notice that the younger male had fallen asleep, resting his head against Mike's arm. This brought a soft smile to his face, glad that he'd finally found a way to calm himself down.

Mike considered following his lead, it was late and who knows how long it would be until they were finished running all the tests on Vic. Careful not to move too much and disturb Kellin's sleeping form, Mike folded his hands in his lap and closed his eyes, hoping to tuck at least 45 minutes of sleep under his belt for the night. He was in the state of half-consciousness, just barely asleep, when a doctor pushed open the door and walked in before calling out Mike's name. His eyes shot open, rousing him into full alert.

"Yeah?" He asked, his tone slightly hushed due to the sleeping male on his arm. He contemplated waking Kellin up as well, just in case they had something important to say about Vic's condition, however, when he looked over and took in the look of content and peace on his soft features, he knew he deserved this rest.

"We've completed running the test on Mr. Fuentes, the results should be in sometime soon. For now you're welcomed to go see him for the time being." The doctor gave a soft nod when he finished speaking, leaving the room once more.

Mike wanted to talk to Vic, alone, so he made the decision to leave Kellin and come back for him later. He'd understand why Mike didn't wake him, he was always quick to allow the brother's to have their time. Mike had come to the conclusion that Kellin was probably the softest soul he'd come into contact with, and the more time he spent with him the more he learned just how great he truly was. For now though, the task was to get away without letting Kellin know he was going.

He gently placed his free hand on Kellin's head, trying to lift it off his arm and lean it against the back of the chair. Rising from the chair, he had managed to take a step away before he felt a soft hand grab at his wrist.

"Mike?" Kellin looked up at him with half-lidded eyes, his voice still scratchy and rough from being asleep. "What's going on? Is everything alright with Vic?" He murmured, starting to move to his feet from the chair.

"Hey, it's fine." Mike turned, taking Kellin's hand in his own, easing him back into the chair once again. "Just go back to sleep, they finished running all those tests, but they're not sure what's going on yet. I'm just going to go talk to Vic before they put him back under again, I'll be right back I promise."

"Okay, I'll be here waiting. Don't forget about me." He managed a half smile, his hand squeezing Mike's gently before he nestled into the chair again and closed his eyes.

An amused smile crossed Mike's face before he nodded his head, despite Kellin not being able to see it, he exited the waiting room and made his way towards Vic's room. He hoped they hadn't put him back on his pain medicine, it was almost impossible for anyone to have a conversation with him that way, it made him drowsy and loopy at times.

"Vic, you still up?" Mike called, entering the room slowly, looking towards his brother's bed and seeing him sitting upright while looking through the channels. "Well, look at that, he's alive." He joked, not taking into consideration his poor word choice.

"You're still here?" Vic asked, setting the remote down on the bed next to him, looking over at Mike in a slight shock. "I figured you two would have headed out, it's pretty late." He seemed to look behind Mike to try and spot his pale-skinned boyfriend trailing somewhere near.

"You really think Kellin was about to leave you here?" Mike shook his head, walking in the room to occupy the chair that usually belonged to Kellin. "He's sleeping in the waiting room. I told him I wanted to come see you, so he said he'd hang back for a bit." He explained his face turning stony and serious, "He's taking this really hard, Vic."

"I figured he would," Vic sighed, running his fingers through his hair, he had gone over that thought a million times. "I know this can't be easy on the both of you, but I'm really glad you guys are sticking with me through all of this."

"I'm your brother, I couldn't walk out on your ass even if I wanted to," For a moment, his face lost it's edge and took on a softer look. "You need to know though, that I really think you fucked up. That surgery would have been good for you- and I know what you're going to say- trust me." He kept his voice even, despite the frustration he felt at his brother's poor choice.

"Mike, we've been over this a million times, I didn't want the surgery. It's too late now anyway, whatever happens now is going to happen." Vic shrugged, having heard this speech from Mike since the day he declined the doctor's option. "I don't regret that choice."

"Of course you don't, why would you?" Mike was starting to lose his tempter at how casual Vic made all this seem, there was nothing causal about anything that was happening here. Vic could potentially die and he was making it seem like it was nothing. "Do you not understand what this is doing to everyone else? You treat it like it's nothing, but Kellin out there hasn't been home in days, he just stays here all the time to make sure he doesn't miss the day you die! Do you know what that must be like for him?"

"Did you just come in here to yell at me and make me feel like hell? You think I don't already know what I'm putting you guys through, what I put him through. I know it sucks and I know it's not fair, but it's still my life and my choice. I'm grateful that the two of you are sacrificing so much to be here, but you don't have to. I know it's not okay for me to ask you guys to just drop everything and sit here with me. I've told Kellin to go home a million times, it's his choice to be here, your choice to be here, and my choice to fight this my own way." The numbers on Vic's heart monitor rose, causing the beeping to get louder. He was starting to get fed up with Mike's constant berating of him.

"You're an idiot, do you hear how selfish you sound right now? No, you didn't ask us to be here, but we are here. You know why? We care about you, this is what you do when you care about someone. You'll do anything to make sure they're okay and they know you're there for them," Mike rose from his chair, feeling too agitated to sit anymore. "You're my brother and I love you no matter what, so I'm not about to let you rot in some hospital while you wait to die. Kellin is in love with you, you should know that, he's not going anywhere anytime soon. I want you to know that I'd give up way more than you think if that meant I got to keep someone as great him in my life."

Vic's eyes narrowed, but before he could retort a nurse wheeled in with an IV pole, interrupting their little back and forth.

"Alright, Vicky. It's time for your medicine," She rolled the pole next to his bed and reached for the wire that was already in his arm. "Once he gets this he won't be all that great for conversation, not to mention he needs his rest." She directed her words to Mike, who was still standing with his fists balled at his sides.

"It's fine, I can just come back in the morning," He assured, not wanting her to think that he'd be a problem. "Just make sure he doesn't give you too much of a problem. I'll see you in the morning Vic, I'll make sure Kellin gets a chance to pop in too."

The nurse wandered from the room after she finished, gesturing for Mike to follow her, "Like I said, he needs sleep. So it's best you leave him to it, I'm sorry."

Mike nodded his head in understanding, casting one last look at his brother, "I love you, Vic." Which was the truth no matter what, he'd always love his brother. Even if they were fighting like they had been.

Vic's words were low and quiet, but Mike heard every word he said, "Stay away from Kellin."

These words cause Mike's chest to tighten and his mouth just seemed to dry up, he couldn't find words to say to his brother. So he just made his way back to the waiting room, the argument weighing heavily on his mind.

"Hey," He was caught off guard when he spotted Kellin wide awake in the waiting room chair. "You were gone for so long, was he still up?" It was strange, to see Kellin look so upbeat and positive despite what had just happened in the room a few moments ago. Mike couldn't help but wonder if Kellin would have agreed with him, or maybe he would have taken Vic's side and avoided him after.

"Yeah, we were just talking. The nurse came in with his medicine and kicked me out though," He chuckled a bit, moving to take the seat next to him again. "I promised that I'd let you go in first tomorrow to see him. He was looking for you but I told him I let you catch up on some rest."

Kellin nodded, leaning his head against the chair. He went quiet for a moment before looking over at Mike again, "What'll happen if he dies, Mike?"

"Why would you ask that?" Mike asked, turning his head so quickly he was sure he'd catch whiplash. "Vic can- will beat this, Kellin. You just have to keep believing in him."

"I do, I'm not saying he will. I'm just not sure what's going to happen to me- everything." He clarified, his blue hues clouded with confusion and what seemed like a hint of desperation.

"We'll cross that bridge when it get's here. Just know that you're not going to do this alone, I'm here and if it comes down to the worst I still will be." He promised, feeling the weight of the day's events taking their toll on him.

"You should get your rest." Kellin said, taking notice of how exhausted he truly looked, he knew it wasn't fair to bring that question up. It had been occupying his thoughts for a majority of the time Mike was gone though.

Mike remained silent, leaning back to make himself comfortable. He drifted off within a few minutes, Kellin following within the next 45.

By the time morning came, Kellin was up and eager to go see Vic. He hadn't been allowed in due to shift changes so he had taken advantage of the time to grab himself breakfast and even some for the still sleeping Mike, he left it on the chair he had slept in before making his way towards Vic's room.

"Hey, love." He called once he had entered, his excitement printed clearly on his face.

"Hey Kells, I've missed you." Vic smiled, but Kellin knew there was something off about it. His eyes were dull and lacking the life Kellin could always find in them.

"What's wrong?" Kellin asked, taking his favorite chair right beside his bed. He immediately reached for Vic's hand. "Is something going on?"

Vic looked at him, studying him for a moment, "Is there something going on with you and Mike?"

"No, what are you nuts?" Kellin blurted, the question hitting him like a slap in the face. Here he was sitting beside Vic constantly and he just wants to accuse him of things that weren't happening. "Mike and I are friends, he's been really helpful with this whole thing. It hasn't been easy, Vic."

"I know and I'm sorry. I just- I wouldn't blame you if you wanted someone new, not sick and broken like me." Vic's eyes drifted towards the window beside his bed.

"Vic, you're all I want, I don't care if you're sick. You could be contagious for all I care and I'd still be right here," Kellin promised, standing to press a soft kiss to Vic's forehead. "I love you."

Vic smiled, nodding his head. "I love you too, I'm sorry I even thought that. It's just Mike has been so upset with me and he cares about you a lot, I just got worried he'd be falling for you like I did. It's not hard to." Vic chuckled, squeezing Kellin's hand.

"You're the only Fuentes for me." Kellin smiled, "Cut Mike a break though, he's been really worried about you, he's just taking this all really hard. He's bee nothing but a good friend and brother."
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