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Strangers in Love

Where'd You Go?

It had been a few days since that night of pure splendor that the two boys had shared in Vic's living room, and Kellin would have still been through the roof about it but he hadn't heard from Vic since it had happened. Of course he wasn't just waiting for Vic to come to him, he had called him a few times. There just wasn't an answer on the other end.

Kellin had decided to settle on that Vic was just busy right now, and he'd get back to him soon enough once things had settled down. He knew how Vic's job could get sometimes, especially when he thought it was a good idea to push his work off for a few days later. He'd often lock himself away to work his ass off until it was all finished once again.

That's what it had to be this time around, why would Vic want to ignore him. Yet, the days continued to pass by and still Kellin heard no word from Vic. There was a small bit of resentment that was beginning to form within him at this point. He couldn't wrap his head around what could have happened to make Vic want to ignore him. Perhaps he was beginning to regret sharing that kiss with him that day in the living room?

It was rounding on a week of silence when after work one day, Kellin' phone began to ring. When he picked it up, his heart leapt at the name flashing across the screen. It was Vic! All Kellin's previous feelings of bitterness and resentment began to fade away, he was just glad that there was finally going to be some type of communication between the two of them.

"Hello?" He called into the phone, not doing much to hide the excitement that was laced throughout his words at finally getting to talk to him again.

"Hey, Kells." His voice was different today, he sounded tired, like he hadn't been sleeping lately or something. "I'm sorry about not getting back to you in the last few days."

"No, no, don't be. I know you get busy and stuff." Kellin brushed it off quickly, acting as if he hadn't been eager for this phone call for the last week or so. He just wanted to talk to Vic, ask him about how things had been going for him, and to tell him the same about himself in return. That's what they always did when they talked on the phone.

"No, I really wanted to call you back and talk to you. To just hear your voice." He trailed off softly, "My days weren't the same without you." Kellin could feel his face getting hot as he heard those words, of course he felt the same way about talking to Vic, he never would have imagined that he felt the same way about talking to him.

"Then why did you stop calling?" He inquired innocently, he wasn't mad, or trying to accuse him, but if he really liked talking to him everyday, why did he go so long without calling him.

"I wasn't- I wasn't feeling too well the last few days. That's all, I went to my doctor and everything, he had told me to take it easy for a few days, just lay in bed." Vic explained, and Kellin figured it would make sense as to why he sounded so different today.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know, do you need something?" Kellin curled up on the couch, his legs tucked under him as he spoke, eager to make Vic feel better by any means that he could.

Before any words left Vic's mouth, a fit of coughs were head from his end of the line. It lasted for a few moments before he spoke again. "No, I still need some more rest, I just want you to know that I was still thinking of you, and that I hadn't forgotten about you."
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