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Strangers in Love

The Downfall of Us

Vic was glad that he got everything cleared up with Kellin, the other had been a great concern of his those few days he had spent in the hospital. Honestly, he was always something that was on Vic's mind, he had become completely infatuated with the pale skinned boy. There seemed to be no end to the thoughts that were constantly swarming around in his head about him.

Though, as much as he loved this idea, it concerned him. His health had seemed to be at a steady decline as of late, and he didn't want Kellin to start making a fuss over him the way he knew he would. That's just who he was. Vic just didn't want him to feel like he had to constantly worry about him.

Currently, he was curled up on his couch waiting for Kellin to show up. They were going to spend the day in his living room watching movies together and just hanging out with one another. What to expect, he didn't know. The last time they were together was when they had kissed. Now he wasn't sure what the other would be expecting out of this, or what he was expecting for the matter.

"Hello?" He heard the soft voice call out following the light jingle of the doorknob. Vic had told him the door would be unlocked when he got there and to feel free to just walk in when he arrived.

"I'm in here." Vic responded to the other, tucking his knees further into his chest. It seemed to be rather cold in the room.

Footsteps sounded quietly as Kellin made his way across the carpeted floor towards his living room. A wide smile was plastered on his face as usual when he appeared in the door way. Though, for some reason, it faltered when his eyes met Vic's.

"What's wrong?" The tan-skinned male questioned, his dark eyes staring back at Kellin swimming with curiosity.

"Are you feeling okay?" The look of concern plastered on his face, coupling with his words made Vic's blood run cold. Did he really look that bad today?

"Yeah I'm fine." Vic mustered up a smile towards him, though he was unsure of how convincing it was.

"You look pale," He spoke, making his way towards Vic, immediately putting his hand to his forehead. "You're burning up too." He muttered.

"Kells, I'm fine." He tried once more to assure the other that he was feeling fine. Even if that wasn't completely true.

He fidgeted slightly under Kellin's smoldering gaze, the other male wasn't buying what Vic trying to tell him. This is exactly what he had been afraid of, Kellin seeing him as something that needed to be watched and maintained. Like a plant.

"Can I get you something?" Kellin asked, his voice taking on a far more normal tone than before. His concern seeming to be hidden with the mere innocence of the question. "I'm already up and everything."

"I'm actually freezing, could you get me a blanket?" Vic asked, deciding he could take advantage of Kellin's kindness, just this once.

Several minutes later, the two boys were cuddling under the warmth of his blanket. Technically, it was more of Vic clinging to Kellin for the warmth that was radiating off of his body. Though, Kellin didn't seem to mind, having wrapped an arm around Vic to draw him closer while his fingers drew soft circles in his skin.

In Vic's mind, this was perfect. Tilting his head up, he peered up at Kellin with his dark brown hues, and it seems he felt the gaze on his skin for he met it almost instantly. That's when Vic could see the slight pink tint arising in his cheeks.

"What?" He asked, his embarrassment evident in his voice as he spoke.

"Nothing," Vic chuckled, reaching a hand up to trace his jaw. "I was just thinking about how perfect you are."

This only caused his face to darken even more, soft mumbles falling from his mouth, but Vic couldn't make them out. He was sure it was him denying what he had said.

It caught Vic off guard when he felt Kellin's warm hands cup his cheeks. Before he could speak up, he felt a pair of warm and slightly moist pair of lips on his own.

His heart was hammering against his chest, his lips moving eagerly to match up with his companion's. There was a soft nip to his bottom lip that drove him crazy, the next thing he knew, he was straddling Kellin' waist, his hands frantically moving through his dark raven locks while Kellin's remained firm on his wait.

That's when it happened, the familiar feeling rising in his chest. Reluctantly, he pulled his lips from the other's and turned his head before beginning to cough violently. He was sure that if he had been able to look at Kellin, his face would be a mixture of confusion and horror, but those eyes of his would be dancing with concern and worry.

When the coughing didn't stop, Vic quickly climbed off of the couch. He hurried his way quickly towards the bathroom with Kellin quick on his heels. He could feel the bile rising up his throat and knew he needed to get there before it was too late. Not a moment too soon he had flipped the lip of the toilet and emptied his stomach.

It was a bittersweet feeling to have a hand rubbing his back as he did. It was nice to have someone's support, but it was from the last person he wished to have see him like this.

"Fuck." Vic muttered, pulling the switch on the side of the toilet and resting his head against the cool tile of the wall.

"I'm going to get you some water." Kellin murmured softly, walking away from the door. Vic was grateful for the moment of silence to process his thoughts and pull himself back together again.

"Here." He saw the small male return with a glass in his hand less than a minute later. Vic took it without a word, waiting for the bombard of questions to come, but it never happened.

"Are you okay?" Was all Kellin said as he watched Vic down the water, trying to rid his mouth of the taste of sickness.

"Yeah, I feel a lot better now." Vic admitted, telling him the truth for the first time that day.

"I know I don't have much experience, but I didn't think I was that bad." Kellin laughed a bit, giving Vic a smile.

Kellin could sense that vic didn't want him to make a big deal out of it, but Vic could sense the worry he held. That was why he was thankful that Kellin chose to lighten up the situation instead of pestering him with questions.

"Kells, you're a fantastic kisser, though I don't know how eager you'll be to make out with me again. Considering I just barfed and all. " He groaned, pulling himself from the floor again and enveloping the smaller male into a hug. Placing a small kiss to his head, he expressed his unspoken gratitude.

"Let's go finish that movie, okay?" Kellin nodded towards the living room where the blanket lay abandoned on the floor.

"Yeah, that sounds great." Vic agreed, releasing him once more.

The pair made their way back to living room, resuming their positions on the couch as they had been. It was on this moment that Vic realized that perhaps he had really found something special in Kellin, something that he wasn't going to get anywhere else. There was a feeling settling in his chest, one much different than what he felt when he got sick.

He believed that he may have been falling in love with Kellin.
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