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Strangers in Love

Contagious Love

Despite the level-headed demeanor Kellin had managed to display during what had happened at Vic's place, but in all reality, Kellin was worried about him. He wasn't an idiot, the moment he had stepped foot in Vic's living room he knew that there was something wrong with him. The normal color his skin held was gone, leaving him looking far too pale than he normally did, his appearance was all around disheveled and like there wasn't any effort put into it, and even his eyes had lost their gleam they once held.

Though, Kellin believed that he was just being too uptight about the situation when he had spent three days with Vic without an incident. It was partially him keeping an eye on Vic's health, the other part was that he was starting to develop serious feelings for Vic. They were deep and only seemed to dive down further the more time he spent around him. These thoughts made him nervous, the last thing he wanted was to lose Vic, he had been there for him when no one else was, and to lose him would destroy Kellin.

It was on the fourth day after the original incident in his living room that Kellin considered confessing his feelings to Vic. It helped that Vic was looking a lot better today, some of his color had returned and he seemed more energetic than he had in the last few days. Which is how they wound up outside, messing around on his trampoline. He was fairly better at it than Kellin was.

"C'mon Kells." Vic called playfully as he did a flip on the trampoline, landing perfectly on his feet once more. Kellin, however, could only jump up and down while barely keeping his balance.

"I'm trying." Kellin shot back with a playful pout on his face.

"Well, you're not very good at it." Vic teased, showing off his abilities once more and this time flipping backwards.

Kellin shook his head and bumped into Vic to knock him over before sticking his tongue out at him playfully.

"Seems you're not too good at it either." He commented offhandedly, shooting a victorious smirk at Vic as he continued to bounce on the trampoline. Though, before he knew it, Vic's hand had clamped on his ankle and sent him stumbling down as well.

Kellin sent a playful glare at Vic, who merely chuckled at him in response.

"You're so lucky you're cute." Kellin muttered, a small smile crossing his features as he did.

"What was that?" He questioned smugly, crawling over towards where Kellin was resting on his knees.

"I said, you're lucky you're cute." Kellin repeated, though his voice didn't seem to have the same confident tone that it had once had when he said it the first time.

"Well, you're pretty cute too." Vic murmured, leaning towards Kellin to tousle a lock of his hair between his tanned fingers. "In fact, you're downright adorable Kells. It's almost impossible for me to keep my eyes off of you most of the time."

There was a deep scarlet hue that overtook Kellin's pale features at this comment, his eyes averting from Vic's for a moment. He wasn't sure what to say in response to the other's compliments. There wasn't much time to think about it before there was the soft feeling of Vic's lips pressed against his own.

Not hesitating to lean back into the other's kiss, Kellin returned in hopes that he could somehow convey all his emotions and feelings into that one single kiss they shared. Before long, Vic had continued forward until he had Kellin on his back, knees on either side of his slim form.

Kellin's hands trailed up Vic's torso, taking his shirt with them. In the moment, his burning need for him was overshadowing anything else that was occupying his mind before that. He needed Vic and he needed him now. It seemed Vic's mind was in the same place with his lips left Kellin's to leave soft nips on the tender flesh of his pale neck.

"I love you, Kellin," Vic breathed the words against Kellin's skin, though, once they were spoken his body seemed to go rigid. "I'm sorry- I shouldn't have." Vic was quick to separate himself from Kellin.

Keeping his fingers balled up in Vic's shirt, Kellin gazed up at him with deep blues that were swirling with emotions. He was shocked that Vic returned his feelings, happy that he wasn't the only one feeling this way between them, and confused as to why Vic seemed to regret his words so much.

"Vic, stop," He called, pulling him back towards him. "I-I love you too." He murmured, releasing one hand from his shirt to cup his face.

It was Vic's turn to look at Kellin with such bewilderment, but his seemed to be more short-lived than Kellin's. A smile crossed his features a few moments later, unable to suppress what he felt in that moment. He stole a soft kiss, this one held more feelings and passions than just lust, there was love laced within his actions.

"I can't believe it," Vic murmured, pulling Kellin to him to just wrap his arms around the other. "This is just so fantastic."

"I know." Kellin agreed, burying his head into Vic's shoulder, the feeling of this moment was completely surreal to Kellin. There wasn't a time in his life that he could remember feeling this happy about being with someone.

"No one's ever made me feel like this before," Vic whispered softly, moving away to look at Kellin once again. "You've really been one of the greatest things I've ever had the pleasure of having in my life, and I'm really hoping that you'll decide to stick around with me."

"Always," He confirmed, nodding his head quickly. "You're the only person who's been there for me when I've had no one, you've made me so happy these last couple of months and I just really couldn't imagine being without you."
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