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Whatever It Takes I'll Do

Chapter One

My boots dug into the soft, muddy ground in rhythm with my heavy breathing. How many laps was that now? I ask myself.

“Fifth…teen.” I say breathless as I run past Dad.

“Nice work Demi! You shaved 2 and a half minutes of your best.” My dad smiles at me as he places the stopwatch in the back pocket of his favorite faded blue jeans and holds up his hand for a high five.

I slam my hand against his. “We should make it, an even four miles tomorrow, 16 laps?” I suggest still a little breathless.

“I reckoned you can handle it.” Dad nods his head in agreement, his chestnut colored curls bobbing as he does.

“Do you think they’ll let me on the football team?” I ask desperately.

“I don’t know kido, but I can tell you that I’ve never seen anyone run like you do.” He pulls me into a one armed hug and kiss the top of my head.

He slides his arm around my waist “Come on we better get going I promised Wes I’d have you there before 2.”

I smile, “We have to swing by home on the way there so I can pick up his birthday present.”

“Plus…” He sniffs “You stink.” He starts to laugh at the look on my face but ends up in a coughing fit.
“Dad? Are you alright?”

“I’m fine Dem.” He looks down at me and smiles.

“You really need to give up the cigarettes Dad.”

“I know. I will when I’m ready.” He unlocks the doors to his shiny black 68’ dodge charger.

I roll my eyes, “Daaad.” I drag it out and shove him playfully in the arm.

“I know.” He laughs a little before pulling out of the car park.

I turn on the radio, plug my phone into the USB connection and hit play. It starts playing the song we were listening to before practice ‘living on a prayer’.

Dad and I sing at the top of our longs as we drive through the city of Houston back to the small apartment above the 24 hour cafe, I’ve called home since moving there 6 years ago after my parents had split up. He parks in his favourite spot under the street light at the end of the street. We walk down the busy downtown street towards the tiny stairway next to KaKomo Kafe that leads up to the apartments above.

“Catch.” I barely have time to turn when he throw his keys at me, I catch them before they hit the ground. “I’ll meet you I here.” He nods his head towards KaKomo’s. “Run up and grab Weston’s present.”

“Can you get me a shake please?”

“Sure thing Kido,” He smiles his kind brown eyes crinkle before slipping through the doors of KaKomo’s with the ring of the bell.

I head for the staircase squeezed between the building either side. I check for mail in box 12, grabbing the ESPN magazine. I ignore the Elevator and climb the 2 flights of stairs to my floor. I smile as I pass the open doors of the broken Elevator. I can still see Dad and I playing hocking with brooms using the doors as goals.

I turn the key into the white faded door of number 12 which reads only 2, I slam my shoulder against the door to force it open. I cross the small combined living and kitchen weaving between dad’s desk and the blue and white couch and head through the open door of my room. I grab jeans and a cotton tee for the pine dresser next to the door. I change not bothering to shower, I spray myself with a ton of deodorant and run a brush through my long wavy chestnut hair before pulling it into a loose bun. I lean over and grab the large rectangle present off my bed I tuck it under my arm and hurry back down to KaKmomo’s.

I skip into the café a smile lighting up my tan face. I spot Dad instantly leading across the counter talking to Delores, I hear her laugh at something he says.

I sneak up behind Dad, standing on the tips of my toes I cover his eyes with my free hand. “Guess whooo?”

“Hmm. I wonder who it is.” He laughs. He turns around my hand slips from his eyes. “Demitii.” He pulls me into a hug and kisses my check. “I’d know you anywhere.”

“Same Dad. Hard not to see you when you tower over everyone,” I laugh, high soprano.

“Just because you’re so small.” He rubs his hand through my hair.

“Not my fault.” I stick my tongue.

He laughs, shaking his head as he does. “Demi.” He turns back to Delores. “I’ve got to get this one to a party. I’ll see you later. Thanks for the milkshakes.”

“Anytime Luis. Have fun at the party Demi.” She waves at me.

“I will. Thanks Delores.”

I follow down out of the café, he hands me one of the tall colorful shake cup. I take a sip, peppermint with a hint of chocolate.

We get to the car and Dad pats his pockets. It’s then that I remember I have the keys.

“Catch!” I throw the keys of the car, but Dad doesn't even blink he catches them in one hand and in the same moment unlocks the car.

He turns on the car and “Don’t you forget about me” starts where is stopped before.

We look at each other smile, and start singing.
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