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Whatever It Takes I'll Do

Chapter Two

The door opens and I fling myself into Wes tall frame. “Happy birthday Wes.”

I feel his laugh vibrate through his chest, he gives me a squeeze. “I’m glad you made it.” His blue eyes looking over my shoulder at Dad.

“Sorry son, you know this one. She wouldn’t skip training.” Dad ruffles my hair.

“Daaad,” I whine. Wes laughs again and lets me go.

“Yep. I know this one.” He take my hand in his and leads me into his living room. Dad follows places his present on the hallway bench.

“I’ll see you later Demi.” Dad waves goodbye as he leaves the room.

“Bye Dad.” I glace around the room and by the looks on my boyfriend Ethan, Ronan and Jace’s faces I know I’d just interrupted the movie.

“Sorry guys.”

“It’s alright Demi,” Jace says but I can tell by his tone he’s annoyed.

Ethan walks over and kiss my cheek, he grabs my other hand and I let go of Wes, “Come on Babe let’s sit down.” He pulls away from Wes toward the 3 seat leather sofa where Ronan and Jace are already sat. I end I squashed between Ethan and Ronan’s bulky figures, I lend against Ethan making as much room for Ronan as I can. I try to concentrate of the Zombie apocalyptic movie, but I can’t stop thinking about how controlling Ethan is.

I’m glad when the movie finally finishes, I shoot straight out of the seat.

“What would you do if a Zombie Apocalypses happen?” Jaces asks.

“I’d collected a heap of food and hid out in the basement at home,” Ronan says.

“I’d get my hand on as many weapons as I can.” I turn to Ronan. “Then I’d take you food,” I laugh. The others do to.

“You’d really take my food?” Ronan seems generally upset by it.
to him. He opens the card first. I smile as I look at the picture I’d used for the front cover. It’s us around 5 years old with our muddy face pressed cheek to cheek with huge smiles, we’re both missing our two front teeth.

He laughs and puts the card down, he gently tugs at the sticky tape on the parcel. I reach over and tear the paper. Just like I’d done nearly every birthday.

“No, but I’d make you share.” I smile. I spot my present on the bench across the room. I get up and grab it. “Oh Wes. I nearly forgot to give this to you.” I hand the large stripy blue and white box over

Wes moves the present away from me and laugh, “Hey! Keep your hands off.” He slowly pulls of the rest of the paper to reveal a large brown leather album. Wes opens it and just stares at the page for a while. Does he like it? Would he understand why I put the collection of photos together?

“Demi I-“

“I know it’s all sentimental and it’s not your kind of thing-“


“But with us finally starting high school I thought that I’d”

“Demi! Shut up! I love it.”

“You do?” The shock plain on my face.

“Yes. We’re starting high school in a weeks’ time. For you to recapture my-our whole childhood…”

“You really do love it.”

He nods and pulls me into a hug and whispers, “It’s the best present I’ve ever gotten.”

The grin on my face could have put the Cheshire cat up for its money.

“Knock it off you two.” Ethan grunts.

There was silence for an awkward moment before Jace suggests “Let’s watch the squeal?”

The guys all agreed and I sigh.

“Why not turn it to ESPN? Texans VS Vikings?” I plead desperately. “I’ll even get the chips and dips?”

I hear Wes chuckle slightly and turn to see him shaking his head slightly, “There’s Doritos in the snack cupboard.”

“I’ll help you?” Ethan offers, standing up.

I smile. “Thanks.” We head through the white swinging doors at the back of the room into the small country style kitchen. I open the wooden French door fridge and grab the bag of tomatoes, a green pepper, the jar of mince garlic, and the bottle of lime juice.

“Can you grab the chips? There in the cupboard by your head.”

He smiles at me, “Sure thing Babe.” He grabs 3 bags of Doritos’, 2 yellow and 1 red. He tosses them on the bench while I get to work dicing tomatoes. He walks around the bench in the middle of the room, wraps an arm around my waist, he kiss my check and whispers, “Drinks?”

It takes me a moment to answer, “Umm. There’s cans of 7up, Dr Pepper, and Pepsi in the fridge.”

“Dr Pepper for you?” He asks.

“What else,” I nod, dicing the pepper. “Can you also grab me an onion? There in the crisper.”

“Sure babe.” He grabs the drinks out and piles them on the bench before he throws me an onion.


I toss the ingredients into a bowl and pour over some lime juice and toss it quickly with my hands. I grab the dip and the bags of chips, not bothering to empty them into bowls. Ethan grabs the arm full of cans and opens the door for me with his butt.


“The snacks have arrive,” I announced in a sing-song voice. “What did we miss?”

“A lot of ads,” Jace laughs.

“Bullocks just scored a touchdown,” Wes answers. “Scores are tied.” Ethan takes the seat next to Wes and places the selection of drinks on the oak coffee table. I throw a bag of chips to Ronan from across the room then one to Ethan before taking a seat at his and Wes’s feet. I place the dip on the table and I grab the only Cherry Dr Pepper can.