‹ Prequel: Purity
Sequel: Heartache
Status: Oneshot/Complete/Finished


Broken 1/1


This is a sad memory which never left my mind or the deepest part of my little heart.

It was like yesterday when she left me. It was Autumn, and I was at the park near my house, sitting on the bench as the leaves were falling from the trees. I waited for her with a present. She was my first girlfriend, and I wanted to make her happy.

It was afternoon, and even though the sun was up in the sky shining with its almost purifying light, I had a feeling it would start raining soon. I waited for my loved one to meet me, so I could see her shining eyes and her smile as she accepted my gift. I was holding the rose tightly in my left hand, and with the other, I held a leash.

Soon, she came and sat beside me. When I looked at her, she was looking at her crossed hands in her lap. She was beautiful today as well, with her dark purple coat and her black boots. Her curly, honey brown hair smelled like cinnamon, and I was drowning in the sweet smell that came from her.

‘’You are beautiful today as well,’’ I told her caressing her cheek, and she turned to look at me with cold eyes. Her eyes shined with a sadness that was hidden well, but I knew everything about this young woman. She was never able to hide anything from me because I loved her so much, and I knew every single detail about her.

‘’This is your gift for our anniversary my love,’’ I said, as I handed her the leash with the dog I had just bought for her, and the rose as well. She shook her head, and tears ran down her pale face. ‘’What’s wrong my love?’’ I asked, caressing her cheek yet again, waiting for some sort of explanation to why my angel was crying before me.

‘’I can’t be with you anymore,’’ she stated bluntly, as she pushed the rose away from her lap. Her kind brown eyes were looking away from my face. ‘’I have to go.’’ Those were the next words that left her mouth as she got up, and walked away with steady steps. She never looked back, and I just watched her leave.

A couple of minutes had passed when I finally realized that she had broken up with me. The rose was on the ground, in a small pool of rain drops. I hadn’t even noticed that it was raining. The dog went towards the rose, and after smelling it, he picked it up with his teeth. He then brought it back to me, probably thinking we could play with it as a game.

I stayed there in the rain, playing with the dog, while using the rose as a toy. Maybe for her, I was a toy, and maybe something else had happened, but all that mattered in the end was that I watched her as she left.