My Gift and My Curse

The Loving Dead

-Jayy POV-

I sighed as I packed, today was the day me and Dahvie went on tour with BVB. I'm not super excited but I guess it's not completely awful. We brought our stuff downstairs, we were waiting for the bus to pick us up. I've heard some stuff about them but never seen them or heard their music before. I know they do rock though. When our tour manager told us, me and Dahvie whined for a while but eventually gave in. "Jayy the bus is here." Dahvie told me. I grabbed my stuff and we walked outside, the bus pulled up and the door opened. We were greeted by some guy with long black hair. "Hi I'm Ashley. You must be BOTDF." He said. "Yeah, hi I'm Jayy." I said. Dahvie introduced himself. We went inside and four other guys were sitting inside, "This is CC, Jinxx, Jake, and Andy." Ashley said pointing to each one, the last one I saw was Andy. I froze, his blue eyes stunned me, his ivory skin was beautiful, he was perfect. "Hi." He said in his amazing deep voice. They all said hi and Ashley showed me and Dahvie our bunks.

-Andy POV-

I looked up at them, "Hi." I said, I think Jayy was staring at me. Weird... I looked at Dahvie, wow, he was cute, what the fuck Andy, your straight. They went to their bunks, "They seem nice." Jake said. "We'll see." Jinxx said flipping through his book. "Jayy's intimidating." CC said and we laughed. "Yeah, wonder which ones gay, probably both." Jake said. I was curious, I hope Dahvie was gay, but...why do you care Andy, your straight. Later that day we all talked, "Tell us about yourselves." Ashley said. "Umm well me and Dahvie been together for a few years, we tour and such." Jayy said. They've been together? As in dating? Or as in the band? I grabbed my phone, I secretly looked up, 'Jayy Von Monroe and Dahvie Vanity Dating.' I felt like a stalker but I was shocked at all the photos of Dahvie kissing Jayy. I put my phone away, "So are you guys dating anyone?" I asked. CC looked at me with a look that said, 'A little personal dude'. "No, I'm single and so is Jayy." Dahvie said. "Sexuality?" I asked. "I'm straight, but Jayy is gay." Dahvie answered. My heart sank, it didn't matter, because I'm straight! I don't like Dahvie.

-Jayy POV-

"But Jayy is gay." Dahvie said. I thought it was a little personal, "How about you guys?" I asked. "We're all straight, but I think CCs hiding in the closet." Ashley joked. We all laughed, but inside I was dying, I had no chance with Andy. A few hours later we went to bed.

-Dahvie POV-

God Andy was hot, but wait, I'm straight. And so is Andy, I'm probably just a little shocked at his beauty. I mean...his..handsomeness. I frowned and went to bed. The next morning we ate breakfast and watched tv. I had to confess, I did like Andy, maybe I was bi. But I could deny it no longer, I was falling for Andy. Hours later everyone was anywhere and it was just me and Andy, "Hey." I said. "What?" He answered. "Lets throw a party." I suggested. "Great idea. It'll be fun." He said. We told the guys and we threw one that night. I'm pretty sure I got drunk, everyone was outside and me and Andy were alone inside. "Nice party." He said. "Yeah! It's greeeaat!" I slurred. "Andy?" I said. "Yeah?" He said. I stared at him, I grabbed his face and kissed him. He kissed back, he tasted like cigarettes, but I liked that. I straddled him and I licked his bottom lip, he opened his mouth and my tongue tingled against his.

-Jayy POV-

I went onto the bus to grab a bottle of whiskey, I stopped when I saw Dahvie making out with Andy. My heart shattered, I ran out the bus. They didn't see me, I was shocked, I thought they were both straight. It wasn't fair, Andy was mine and Dahvie took him from me and he wasn't even gay! I was pissed. I talked to Jeffree, he was a great friend and perfect for talking, "Whats up Jayy?" He asked. "I like Andy from BVB." I said. We were behind the bus away from everyone partying, "That's great!" He said. "No, he's straight." I said. He frowned, "Or so I thought until that backstabber Dahvie kissed him!" I growled. "Aww Jayy, calm down. Did you tell Dahvie you liked Andy?" He asked. I said no. "Then he didn't know, so you can't blame him." Jeffree said. He was right, "But what if they start dating?" I asked. "Then you make him want you." He said. I asked how. "By dating one of his band members." He said. We grinned evilly. I had to think, who did I like the most? Ding ding ding, my head went off...Ashley. I hugged and thanked Jeffree. I went to find Ashley, he was leaning against the bus drinking a beer. "Hey Ash." I greeted. "Oh hey Jayy, how's it going?" He asked. "Great, have you seen Dahvie?" I pretended. "No, you wanna hang?" He asked over the loud music. "Sure. You got something on your shirt." I said. I rubbed his chest and I felt him tense up. I smiled inside, he wants me. "Here." He handed me a carton of cigarettes. I pulled one out and lighted it. I seductively blew the smoke out, "So, your single right?" I asked. "Yeah, for a while now." He said. Interesting...
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First chapter, I'm still coming up with a plot so I'm just writing to get started. More drama to come, I've never made a BVB BOTDF mix before so please be nice. :3