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9 Lives

Mitchie is hoping that this move is the last one. She has been moving from town to town with Grandmother for most of her life. Every time she she settles into a town something horribly goes wrong inflicts on them to move again. Mitchell just can't help it, she's sorry for it happening over and over again. Now, moving into the small town of Groton Long Point, Connecticut, where she was born and where her parents had lived before her father had left them. Living in a new town and going to a new school is not only nerve racking enough but the town's people know everything about everyone...Great. She makes a few friends without the need of introducing herself and find an intriguing group of students, especially the loner, William. Mitchie can't help but be drawn to William and tries to understand what is he hiding from the world. Mitchie soon discovers that maybe it isn't just her and her grandmother against the world anymore.

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