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Sequel: Ruining You
Status: Twoshot

Silent Screams


I had a dream,
which was not all a dream.
And yet you weren’t there,
to hear my silent screams,
or were you?

This is the thirty-eight part of The ''Tales of the Past'' series.

Story is mine, written by me, edited by me, posted by me. The picture for the banner was provided to me thanks to the contest I entered and I don't own it. The layout was created by the lovely matches in water; so the credits for that go to her. You steal and I’ll report you, comprende? Constructive criticism is more than welcome.

-Written for these Contests-
Original Fiction Contest
Genre Contest under tragedy.

1 picture, 2 stories with the picture I picked being used as the banner.
  1. Silent Screams 1/2
    Word count: 529
  2. Silent Screams 2/2
    Word count: 610