Inside of Me

Normal, right?

The tour... The first tour back as a complete band. It was going great, better than great. Patrick felt alive and happy. They were already 8 concerts in and their next stop was Detroit, Michigan. The fans had been super excited and supportive, every concert so far had been spectacular in every way possible.

The guys were currently hanging around on their tour bus. Pete kept throwing glances at Patrick... His love. Who wouldn't want him? He was blonde, thin, had perfect skin.. And that damn smile. It made Pete wanna' take him right then and there... But no, that'd be awkward with Andy and Joe around. They had no idea that Patrick and Pete had been together since a few months before the tour. Both Pete and Patrick had had issues with their girls and decided to try something new: Eachother.

Patrick was sprawled out on the leather couch that had the window above it. He was watching the scenery go by. He loved Michigan.. Everything about it was beautiful. "When do we get there?" He called up front to their bus driver, who replied with. "We'll be there by Morning, kid." - 'Kid' had been his nickname for Patrick, due to the singer being a short 5 Foot 5 inches.

"Ancy, are we?" Pete asked, throwing a guitar pick at Patrick's arm.

"Psh.. No. Me? Ancy? Never. Just wondering." He replied back, looking at the raven-haired beauty.

Pete smirked and shrugged his shoulders. "Yeah, sure. Whatever you say."

Patrick smirked back and then looked back out the window. His eyes grew heavy.. Like he was tired. He found that quite impossible to believe considering he was rarely tired, even when they toured.

The rest of the night was a blur. He slept and before he knew it it was Morning, then they were eating, then heading to the stage and setting up for rehearsal.

"What should we practice first?" Joe asked, looking around the arena. God, there was so many seats. In about 6 hours they'd be filled with a bunch of screaming fans: Some creepy and some normal. Either way, they loved them all.

"What?" Patrick asked from where he was sitting on a stool.

"What song first? Are you desf today? It's like the 5th time today someone's had to repeat something to you." Joe laughed.

"Oh.. Uhm.." Patrick trailed off. "Sorry." He then murmured, looking at the stage.

Pete came up behind him. "You okay?" He murmured quietly.

"Think I'm getting sick or something.." He replied, looking up at Pete.

"Well, shit.. When did this start?" Andy asked, overhearing.

"What? What started?" Joe asked, looking confused.

"Patrick's sick." Andy muttered.

"I'll be fine.." Patrick snapped, maybe a little too harshly. He didn't really have the tolerance to keep a tone out of his voice. He felt like shit. His stomach was turning in circles and he swore he could fall asleep any minute.. Even on the stool.

"We could re-schedule. The fans will understand." Pete suggested. He always got overly concerned when his boyfriend was hurt or ill. It was rare, but when something did happen, Pete was more of a nurse than a boyfriend.

"We don't need to re-schedule." Patrick murmured, getting up. He grabbed the paper that had the set-list on it. "Let's go over The Phoenix." He said into the microphone.

"Still can't remember the lyrics?" Andy joked. Patrick had a bit of an issue remembering the lines of the second Verse.

"Shut it." Patrick rolled his eyes. As soon as they started playing the music he wished he would've told Pete they needed to re-schedule. He realised how much worse he felt when he was standing. He was nearly 100% sure he was gonna' puke if he tried to open his mouth and sing. So, instead he just held on to his microphone stand and stared at the empty seats.

"Patrick! Pay attention!" Joe yelled into a microphone.

Patrick jumped and looked at him, startled.

They stopped playing and just stared at him, before Pete spoke. "Okay.. Uhm.. You know what.. Let's just skip rehearsal.. We know what we're doing."

"What?!" Joe yelped.

"He needs rest or he won't be able to do the show tonight." Pete murmured. "You guys can practice or whatever.. I'm taking Patrick back to the bus." He added, taking Patrick by the arm and leading him outside.

The fresh air felt like Heaven to the singer as he leaned against Pete as soon as Andy and Joe couldn't see them.

"The Hell is going on with you?" Pete asked, his voice laced with worry.

"I'm fine.. Probably just a bug or something." Patrick murmured as they got onto the bus. He was glad they were there as he quickly made his way to the bathroom and knelt infront of the toilet. "Oh my God.." He breathed. This was nothing like he felt before. His stomach forcefully emptied and he shuddered, closing his eyes.

"Just.. Try to relax.. I'm gonna' get some water." Pete murmured, having been standing in the doorway. He huried into the kitchen area and found a bottle of water.

After Pete managed to get him to drink some without anymore vomiting scenes, he blinked, not knowing what to say.

"... I feel fine now." Patrick murmured.

"Don't you dare lie to me." Pete breathed.

"No, seriously.. I'm fine." Patrick stood up. "Maybe I just ate something. Really.. I could run a marathon right now."

Pete pulled his short love into his arms. "Promise you'll be okay tonight if I let you do the concert?"

"I promise.." Patrick murmured, feeling Pete rubbing his back. "I love you."

"Love you more." Pete murmured, kissing his cheek.
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First chapter is short.. Just getting things started here. And yes, we're jumping pretty much right into the pregnancy, because that's mostly what the rest of the story will be about. Have around 20-30 chapter planned, if all goes well!

- Amy.