Inside of Me

Don't take the pregnant guy anywhere

Patrick found himself explaining to both Andy and Joe an hour later about the pregnancy and his and Pete's relationship. Lucky enough for him, they were both understanding and supportive. This made Patrick feel relieved and less stressed.

Pete was happy that they finished the tour about a month later without Patrick needing any Emergency Room visits. The only visit he made near a hospital was for a doctors appointment. After the tour, he was told he was about 12 months pregnant. He was happy that he didn't look fat yet, but the morning sickness was hell. He'd stay home all morning with Pete holding him in bed as he cried and whined about how shitty he felt.

It was currently one of those mornings. Pete had an arm under Patricks back and the other arm over his chest. "Feeling any better?" He asked.

Patrick murmured something about feeling hungry finally and wanting cheese.

"Cheese?" Pete asked, smirking.

He shrugged and closed his eyes.

Pete's phone started ringing and he reached for it and put it to his ear. "Yeah?"

Patrick opened his eyes to watch his boyfriend talk into the phone. Pete could get so serious during a phone call, even if it wasn't business related. He chewed at his bottom lip before agreeing to meet someone somewhere. He finally hung up and looked at Trick.

"I'm meeting Brendon later. He asked if you're coming." Pete told him, running his fingers through his ginger-coloured hair.

"Yeah.. okay."

About 2 hours later they were heading downtown to Brendons house. Brendon answered the door and let them in. "Yo yo, guys." He grinned. "Who wants a drink?" He asked, heading into the kitchen.

"I'll take a beer." Pete said, sitting at the counter. Patrick sat beside him. "I'm fine."

Brendon walked over and slid a bottle over to Pete, then looked at Patrick. "How was the tour?"

"Good." He said.

"Yeah? Did you read the shit on the internet?"

"What shit?" Pete asked, staring at him.

"Oh.. These articles. Saying he was in the hospital." He said, opening his own beer and then pointing at Patrick.

"He was." Pete said. "Just cut his hand on some metal.."

"What were you doing playing around with sharp metal you doof?" Brendon asked, leaning forward on the counter.

"Setting up stage?" Patrick said slowly.

Brendon gave him a look but accepted the answer anyway. He knew Patrick had a knack at being clumsy. Pete traced his finger around the top of the bottle, silently. "How's Spencer?" He finally asked. The drummer was in rehab.

"Getting better. He'll be home soon." Brendon said. "It's weird living here alone.. It's quiet without his drumming and talking.. But you know.. I'm glad he's getting help. I was so worried I'd find him passed out from an O.D. or something."

Patrick blinked when his eyes started burning. He had a heavy feeling in his chest, like he were sinking. He knew what was coming and he couldn't have stopped it if he tried. He felt the tears brimming in his eyes and he clutched at the front of his jacket.

Pete shushed Brendon, noticing Patrick was getting upset. Brendon looked at him then looked back at Pete with a confused look. "Hey.. Spencer's fine, dude." Brendon said.

Patrick pushed his hands to his eyes. "Sorry." He moaned.

Patrick's best friend after Pete was Spencer. Most people assumed it was Joe or Andy, but no. Him and Spencer had this bond. He'd been really worried when he found out Spencer was going into rehab, but now that his hormones were getting wacked he was expressing his worry a bit differently.

"It's all good, dude. We're all worried about him." Brendon said, watching him.

Patrick sighed, rubbing his sleeves down his face to wipe at his cheeks. He was embarrassed now. "I think we better get going." He muttered.

Pete stood. "Yeah.. We should. He's exhausted from the tour." He agreed and hurried him out to the car, leaving a very confused Brendon in his kitchen.

During the drive home, Patrick looked out the window then told Pete to stop. "I want to go into the mall and look at baby stuff for a bit, is that okay?" He asked.

Pete nodded. "Yeah.. I have some stuff to send out.. I'm going to head to the post office. I'll pick you up in an hour?"

Patrick nodded and got out of the car when Pete had parked. He headed into the mall and went into the baby store. It was one of the larger stores in the mall and had rows of furniture and clothing. He headed for the crib aisle and looked around.

His eyes caught the price tags and the anxiety about how expensive having a baby would be, suddenly set in. There was a young girl standing in the same aisle and she was on the phone with someone who he could hear was yelling on the other end. The girl hung up and sniffed, looking at her hugely pregnant belly.

He felt sorry for her, and though it seemed awkward, he went up to her. "You okay?" He asked.

"No-.. oh.." She looked at him. "You're.."

"Yeah. Patrick Stump. I know." He smiled. "Hi."

"Hi." She wiped at her cheeks. "How embarrassing."

"Nah.. What's your name?" He asked.


"Was that your.. guy on the phone? I could hear him yelling down the aisle."

She shrugged. "It's not easy to explain."

"I've got time. Do you wanna' talk?"

She looked at him. "You're famous.. What do you care?" She asked, wiping at more tears.

"Because I'm nice.. And I care about people." He told her.

She agreed to go with him to the food court and talk. He got them tea and found a table.

"So.. The guy.. Who was on the phone, is the father of the baby.. And after 8 months of the pregnancy, he decides he no longer wants to be the father and told me he won't pay or support any of it. Then he told me to go live with my parents because he doesn't want me anymore."

He looked at her. "I'm sorry.."

"I can't go to my parents. I ran away to be with my boyfriend in the first place."

"Ran away? How old are you?" He asked.

"16." She whispered.