Inside of Me

Pete, I'm Getting Fat!

Patrick looked at Carly. "16?"

She nodded slowly.

"Where are you staying?" He asked her.

"With a friend. I'm not a homeless."

He nodded. "Just making sure." He said, giving her his phone number. "Let's be friends." He smiled.

She brightened at his words and took the piece of of paper that he'd written his number on. "Sure. Thanks." She smiled back.

He got up. "I better go.. Pete is probably waiting in the parking lot."

She nodded. "I'll see you later."

Patrick met Pete in the parking lot and got in the car.

"Did you find anything?" Pete asked.

"I looked at some stuff. It's kind of expensive."

"Don't worry. We'll figure it out. We have 6 more months."

Once they were home, Patrick told Pete about the girl he'd met.

"You didn't tell her you were pregnant, did you? We don't need the media finding out."

"No, Pete. I was just making friends."

Pete looked at him, then cracked a smile and began to giggle.

"What? Why are you laughing at me?" Patrick asked, staring at him.

"You're just adorable. I love you."

"Oh sure. I'm real adorable when I wake up every morning, puking my brains out. That's super attractive, isn't it?"

Pete just snorted. "Oh come on.. You've witnessed me doing worse."

"Like that time I found you so drunk you had pissed yourself and I had to help bathe you?"

Pete nodded and pulled him against his chest. "That's why we love eachother. We take care of eachother even in our worst moments. We've never given up on love."

Patrick nodded, wrapping his arms around the slightley taller man and smiling. "I love you."

"I love you too." Pete replied.

They settled on the couch to watch a movie and they'd only been watching for 15 minutes when someone knocked on the front door.

Pete got up. "I'll get it. Pause the movie."

Patrick nodded and did so, waiting to find out who'd been knocking. He could hear Pete's voice, greeting whoever it was. It was someone good, or else the door would've been shut already.

Pete walked into the livingroom with Spencer following him. Patrick practically jumped up off the couch. "Spencer!" He exclaimed.

"Hey!" The drummer replied, hugging him. "How are you?"

"Good.." Patrick said, slightley hesitant on if that was the truth or not. Was he really 'Good'? - "And you?" He asked back.

"I'm good. All better. I just got out of Rehab an hour ago. They let me go a week early."

"That's awesome.. I'm so happy you're back."

Pete stood, watching them as they chatted for a bit, before Spencer announced he should be getting back to Brendon's. "Let's all get together for dinner next week, okay? The four of you, me and Brendon."

Pete nodded. "Totally, man. I'll call you Monday if everyone's free. That good?"

Spencer nodded, "Yeah. Perfect. Hopefully I'll see you both then." He said, before waving and heading off to Brendon's.

Pete sat back down on the couch and looked at Patrick. "Want to continue the movie?"

"Yeah.. One minute.. I have to use the bathroom." He said, hurrying down the hall.

After, as he was washing his hands, he looked in the mirror and blinked a few times. He pulled up the front of his shirt. What the fuck was that? Fat? He poked his stomach. Pudgy. He was gaining weight. Not tons, but he noticed it. He was instantly disgusted.

"No." He murmured, staring at himself. Maybe the pants he was wearing were just too tight? No. Even when unbuttoned, it was the same. He figured Pete might be getting worried, as he'd lost track of how long he'd been staring at himself, and quickly went back to him.

"You okay?" Pete asked.

"Oh.. yeah.. I just had to pee." He murmured, sitting down.

"For 20 minutes?" Pete asked, looking at him.

"I.. was looking in the mirror."


"Pete, I'm getting fat!" He cried.

"You are not. What are you talking about?"

Patrick pulled up his shirt to show him.

"That? That's nothing.. It's just the baby growing. It's not fat." Pete smiled at him. "It means the baby is healthy."

"It means I'm gonna' be huge and ugly and you won't want to touch me."

"Bullshit." Pete said, pulling him into his arms. "I love you no matter what you look like."

There was silence, as Patrick said nothing.

"Trick.. Come on.. You won't gain more than 20 pounds.. Plus, once the baby is born, it'll all go away." Pete said, trying to reassure him.

"Okay, fine." Patrick sniffed.