Sequel: Beside You
Status: Completed 11.1.13

Everything Has Changed

Somebody's Me

The wedding itself was wonderful, very private, except for the fact that Sergio and Iker thought it would be a good idea to invite the entire Spanish National Team of eighteen, even better when they all showed up in their Spain suits and ties, (Same from last chapter). Alex arrived with Justin, and Sergio came alone. Alex was the maid of honor and Sergio was Iker's best man. The couple said their "I Do's" and sealed it with a kiss and everyone clapped and cheered happily, and then it came time for the wedding reception.

"So you're really gonna do it?" Iker asked Sergio as he wiped his mouth with his dinner napkin. "I need to mate, I've waited too long and it's something she needs to know, it's the make or break moment." Sergio said seriously. "Well as long as you don't steal the spotlight from my wife, I think you should be fine." Iker said smiling as the words 'my wife' crossed his lips.

The night carried on and soon the meal was over and it was time for everyone to dance and enjoy themselves. After a few upbeat songs, Sergio requested "Somebody's Me" by Enrique Iglesias for him to ask Alex to dance. The song began, "Do you remember me, like I remember you?" and Sergio found his heart beat speeding up and his feet carrying him to Alex who was alone at the moment. Sergio stopped right in front of her. Alex blushed and stood there looking shyly at her feet. Sergio froze, he was so nervous. Sergio took a deep breath and spoke, "Quieres bailar?" He spoke. "Oh uh, shit, I mean, would you like to dance?" He asked blushing violently. Alex looked up at him surprised. She was overjoyed. She didn't want to seem too eager. She nodded slowly and gave him a small smile. Sergio wasn't quite sure where to put his hands; Alex seemed to pick up on that and calmly pulled up his hand and placed her other on his shoulder. Sergio felt that same spark he had the first night they had met and continued to blush awkwardly. "Cause I I walk the streets alone, I hate being on my own. And everyone can see that I really fell and I'm going through hell, thinking about you with somebody else... Somebody wants you, somebody needs you, somebody dreams about you every single night. Somebody can't breathe, without you it's lonely somebody hopes that one day you will see, somebody's me..." Sergio took another deep breath as they danced, "I've missed you, a lot." He said abruptly. Why was he being so awkward? It was so unlike him around girls, but then again, Alex was different. Alex was unsure if she should admit that she missed him too. She looked down, "I've missed you too." She spoke. "And I must say, you look very classy in that suit." Sergio gave her a small, shy smile, "Alex, I don't want to be strangers anymore. I need you in my life. I don't care how, I just want you here with me." Sergio confessed. "You will always be in my life, even if I'm not in your life, because you're in my memory..." the song played. Alex looked at Sergio in the eye for the first time all night, "I only hurt you when I'm near you. one way or another. I'm tired of hurting you Sergio." Alex argued. "I'm tired of being without you Alex." Sergio admitted. "Please don't make me hurt you." Alex said. "I'd rather be hurt a hundred times, than live without you in my life." Sergio almost pleaded. "Sergio." Alex said looking at him. "Alex." Sergio responded moving his hands to her hips. "I'm not worth it." Alex said coldly. The song ended and she moved away from him. Alex walked quickly out of the ballroom quickly, turning various corners, and heading down a few flights of stairs until she felt lost enough to sit down and cry.

Alex heard footsteps coming down the stairs and into the hall. "Alex please, you'll hurt me more if we stay strangers, please." Sergio bent down next to her "Sergio, I told you I'm not worth it! Why don't you get that?" She stood up and raised her voice. "Because..." Sergio stumbled and paused. He took a deep breath and swallowed before continuing, "You were the first beautiful thing I got stuck on. Now all I think about is who else is kissing you. I want you so bad Alex.... and..." Sergio stopped again and took another deep breath before looking into her eyes like a lost puppy. "I love you Alex." Sergio froze. Did he really just say that? Alex looked at him shocked. "It's true Alex, it has always been true, and it will always be true." Sergio said hopelessly. "You what?" Alex asked, her jaw still dropped. "I...uh." Sergio said as he stepped closer to Alex. "I love you." he whispered. "You're smile, you're laugh, the way you can let lose and have fun, the way you can be so free yet hold so many secrets. You're the first girl who I've ever had to work this hard for, I've never tried this hard for any other girl in my entire life." Sergio said. "Everything about you Alex. The good and the bad." Alex was baffled, "How could you love someone who has caused you so much pain?" She asked. Sergio looked at her and shrugged, "I guess I became addicted to the pain." Alex looked hard at him. He was telling the truth, "Say it again." She growled. "Alex I love you." This time Sergio didn't stutter, he didn't mix up languages, and he looked her right in the eye.

Alex walked over to him, tears streaming down her face. Sergio backed up until he hit the wall behind him, his eyes not leaving Alex's. Alex grabbed his face in her small hands and kissed him, catching him by surprise. She kissed him long and hard and didn't care who saw her. She didn't care if Justin found her. She stood there kissing a /man/ she really cared about. Sergio was shocked at first but responded within a few seconds, wrapping his arms around her and moving to press her up against the wall. Alex shifted her hands from his face to his neck, pulling him closer to her as she gladly leaned up against the wall as he pushed her there. Sergio never wanted it to stop. it felt so familiar, it felt so damn right. He loved her and he really meant it. They continued kissing as Alex's hands found the silk tie she had tied for him just four short weeks ago, she gripped the tie and pulled him impossibly closer. Sergio pulled back and looked into her eyes waiting for her to speak. Alex pulled away and whispered. "I can't say it yet. But I'm pretty damn close to it." She looked into his deep brown eyes fearing that she had angered him. "I know, but you have to understand, it was the only choice I had left." Sergio whispered. Alex smiled at him, she was leaning into him when they heard the sound of clicking heels on the wooden stairs they were right across from. Sergio pulled Alex close to his chest, protecting her; they both thought it was Justin. Sergio sighed a breath of relief when he saw the familiar ruffled, dark brown hair, and tall figure of Iker. Iker turned and walked down the stairs, but stopped and paused at what he saw and slowly back pedaled back up the stairs. "Ya no, not gonna get involved." Iker said teasingly. "Oh shut up!" Alex smiled and pulled away from Sergio and rolled her eyes at Iker. She still held Sergio's hand as she smiled at Iker, "We weren't doing anything." She argued. "Ya sure sissy." Iker said winking at them "Just don't steal the spotlight from Sky tonight." he continued. "I'm serious! Nothing. And I would never do anything here of all places." Alex said letting go of Sergio's hand and gesturing around her, as she felt a hand now on her butt. She blushed slightly as Iker looked down and laughed his adorable laugh and smiled, "Yeah okay, sure sis." Iker said teasingly. Alex slapped the hand away and pushed past Iker, rolling her eyes again as she headed up the stairs. As Alex walked up she heard Iker being a boy again, "So you and Alex now huh?" He said in English, he knew all too well Alexandra could hear them. Sergio laughed and nodded, "Ya mate! And we were totally about to make out until you came strolling down here denying me some much deserved action." Sergio joked nudging Iker. "You immature Spanish pigs!" Alex yelled from the top of the staircase. Alex strutted back into the ballroom and up to Skylar who was surrounded by a group of old schoolmates, laughing and joking.

"Hey Al, where have you been? I sent Iker to look for you like ten minutes ago." Sky said. Alex laughed nervously, "I um.." Alex hesitated. "Look if my husband caught you, he'll tell me eventually so spit it out.." Sky said smiling, she was so happy to finally call him that. Alex smiled at the word husband too, then she thought about Justin. She knew that if Sky found out about her and Sergio than she would get nonstop lectures about how he's a better guy than Justin and what not. "Not gonna tell me huh? fine." Skylar scoffed. "Oh Iker..." Sky said turning to walk over to Iker. Alex quickly followed and noticed Sergio reentering the ballroom as he fixed and readjusted his tie. Alex gave him a small smile and he winked at her as he headed over to the bar. "Iker don't." Alex said, if looks could kill, that boy would be halfway to the morgue by now. Iker looked between two of his most favorite girls, deciding what to do. Sky knew that Iker was rubbish at keeping secrets especially from her. Alex knew Iker was weak for Sky in more ways than one and he had /needs/ that only Sky could fulfill. "Iker honey, where did you find Alex?" Sky asked sweetly as she wrapped her arms around his neck, and started to kiss down his jawline gently. Iker stuttered as he gave Alex a pleading look, silently screaming for help, both girls knew he couldn't last much longer. Alex kept looking at Iker, "Iker if you tell her, I will follow you on your honeymoon and ruin /everything/." Alex said fiercely. Iker gasped, "You wouldn't!" he responded. "Try me." Alex said placing her hands on her hips and raising an eyebrow. Skylar stopped kissing Iker's neck and looked between the both of them, "So something did happen then?" Skylar said. Alex gave a Iker a 'Don't test me' look. "So neither of you are going to tell me? Fine, speaking of people, has anyone seen Sergio?" Skylar said. "I think I'll go look for him." Skylar said as she kissed Iker's cheek and walked over to the bar.
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