Sequel: Beside You
Status: Completed 11.1.13

Everything Has Changed

The Break-Up

Iker watched his wife leave in a loving daze. He shoved his hands in his pockets and shrugged looking at Alex. "I tried." He said. Alex slapped her hand to her forehead and chuckled to herself, "Jesus." She spoke.

"Sergio, c'mere." Skylar commanded. Sergio looked at her and his face paled and he swallowed. "S-Si?" he asked nervously. "Alright now I know something's up, you only stutter and mix up languages when you're when you're nervous or you get so emotional you don't assess the situation, so spill." Alex had walked over to some old friends, clearly distracted. Sergio looked over at Alex, desperately trying to get her attention. "N-nothing why would you s-say that?" Sergio said quickly as he silently tried to get Alex to look his way. Alex was laughing and joking with some friends when Sergio saw a familiar face come up behind her. Justin wrapped his arms around Alex from behind, she stiffened but immediately relaxed. Sergio swallowed again as he saw this, regaining his composure as a flurry of anger hit him, he wanted Justin gone, he knew something bad would happen soon with the way Alex had been hurting herself lately, no boyfriend should ever make his girlfriend feel so terrible that she needs to do that and it made him physically ill every time he thought about Alex doing that to herself. "Nothing happened." Sergio said plainly. A slower song came on and Sky ruffled Sergio's hair before walking off to find Iker. Alex looked over at Sergio apologetically. Sergio shrugged his shoulders and gave her a plain look, trying hard not to give too much away. Sergio glanced over at his best friend looking loving into his newly wedded wife's eyes as they danced close together. Sergio looked back over at Alex to see her dragging Justin into the hallway, she and Sergio disappeared to earlier. This unsettled Sergio quite a bit, he walked quickly over to the hallway and hid behind the wall and started to listen. Sergio knew it was wrong but he worried about Alex too much to leave her alone with Justin.

"Justin." Alex began. "Yes babe?" Alex shook her head, staring at the ground, "I know you're still cheating on me with Brianna." She stated calmly looking straight into his eyes. Justin swallowed hard, "How?" he asked. Sergio listened carefully and his blood boiled, he wondered how anyone could ever cheat such an amazing girl, it made him sick. "You just told me." Alex responded. Justin didn't know what to do, how could he have been so stupid to reveal that? Alex sighed and shook her head, "I wasn't sure but now I know." Alex said. "No Alex, I swear I didn't do anything." Justin said worried. "Justin, you just told me you were still with her. I didn't know for sure until now, and it's going to make it a lost less painful to tell you that I'm breaking up with you." Alex said. Sergio had left before he heard Alex wanted to break up with Justin, he felt that this wasn't going to end well and he was going to need reinforcements. "You wouldn't Alex, you love me and you owe me for taking you in when no else would!" Justin shot back. "There was never any time for us! You were always hungover or emotionally wrecked, and I know that you always come back to me, because you can never bring yourself to stay away." Justin continued, raising his voice slightly. "Justin I met someone who /really/ changed for me. He changed into a wonderful, sweet man." Alex shouted at him. "So that's it then? You were seeing someone else when we were dating?" Justin asked. "No. I told him I didn't like him because I loved you!" She shouted back at him as tears welled up in her eyes. "I guess it was a mistake to put him through so much pain." Alex said letting a tear fall. "You were still with him! Who is he?" Justin spat. "No! We were just friends! I told him I only wanted to be friends because I had you." Alex said. "What makes you think I would believe that's all you did? Who is he dammit?!" Justin asked as he stepped closer and began to tower over Alex. "Because I'm not the one who cheats!" Alex screamed at him. "Oh ya? Sure Alex! Now answer the damn question!" Justin yelled back "Why should I? I don't owe you anything anymore!" Alex yelled back. Sergio came around the corner by himself, "I think it's time you leave Justin. I don't want you ruining my best friend's wedding." He said calmly, looking tough. Alex looked over Justin's shoulder at Sergio, "Don't worry, I can handle this." She said. "I know you can, but it's time he left, he's caused enough trouble." Sergio said. Justin turned around and looked Sergio up and down and then back at Alex, "No way, no fucking way. Not him no way." Justin said. "Please Sergio, I can handle this. Just go and enjoy the party.' She spoke. Sergio looked upset but listened to her and walked away but stayed just out of sight, with a little extra help in case things became worse.

"Justin, just go." Alex said through a clenched jaw. "No you worthless, emotionally unstable, little bitch you're mine!" Justin said stepping forward and raising his hand to her. "You don't talk to her that way!" Sergio said behind Justin. "Again, I think it's time you leave Justin." Sergio said. Justin turned around, ready to punch Sergio straight in the face. "Look you assh-" Justin started before he turned around to see all 18 players of the Spanish National Team in their matching suits staring back him. Alex had never seen Iker and Sergio look so intimidating outside of the football pitch. All 18 of the Spaniards held a cold as stone gaze, waiting for Justin to make his next move. "You need to go, and don't ever let me catch you raising your hand to any girl ever again." Sergio hissed. "Go home and get out of my house." Alex said looking at Justin. Justin's face flushed red with anger, "fine but this isn't over!" he said as he stormed out. "Oh yes it-" Sergio said before Iker slapped him and closed his mouth. Sergio walked over to Alex and hugged her, Alex pulled away and gripped Sergio's hand as she looked back at the 17 players, "You all looked quite intimidating right there." She said joking. "Sergio's number one rule has always been that men, of any age, should never hit a woman, no matter what." Iker said as the guys walked over to give her a hug. "It's true, it's how we've all been raised, you always respect women no matter what." Sergio agreed. "Well I'm glad you guys were there for me." Alex said as the hug broke away. "Muchas Gracias." Alex said with a very poor Spanish accent that made all the guys laugh. "I'll work on that with her guys." Sergio said to the guys in Spanish as they returned to the ballroom.

"I need a drink." Alex said as they entered the room, hand in hand. "Already got it, Red Bull and vodka." Sergio said handing her a glass. Alex slammed it down as they reached the bar, "Another." Alex said looking at the bartender. "You heard the beautiful lady." Sergio said. "Just like the night at the club." Alex whispered to herself and smiled. "I heard that." Sergio whispered leaning in close to her. Alex smirked and rolled her eyes as she pecked his cheek and giggled. Sergio smiled happily to himself as he blushed slightly. He finally had her all to himself. Just as Sergio was about to speak Skylar came up behind him. "I KNEW IT, WHAT DID I TELL YO-" Skylar managed to get out before Iker came over to quiet her with a kiss, "Enough nena, I think they get the point." Iker said as he pulled away. Alex giggled and hugged Sky. "I'm happy for you, now go and get some of that gorgeous man right next to you." Skylar said nudging Alex into Sergio. Sergio smiled and pulled Alex onto his lap, "Hi beautiful." Sergio said, his eyes sparkling along with his dazzling, bright smile. "Hey handsome." Alex said smiling. Sergio leaned in and kissed Alex, in front of everyone who was still there. Sergio didn't care who saw he finally had the one he wanted, as he deepened the kiss, with Alex's hands tugging on his collar. Alex pulled away as she heard a couple of the players whistle at them.
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