Sequel: Beside You
Status: Completed 11.1.13

Everything Has Changed

I'll Protect You

Sergio and Alex shared a few dances, her head resting on his chest, listening to his strong, steady heart beat while he had his arms protectively wrapped around her. It was in his job description after all, to be a protector, to defend what's important to him and it was always an inherent quality in anything Sergio did, especially when it included the ones he loved. The clock struck one in the morning and Alex decided she needed to go home to make sure Justin had left, "Sergio I need to go home and make sure Justin is out." She said and kissed his cheek. "I'll see you tomorrow." Sergio looked at her and slipped his hand into hers, "No, I'm coming with you, I don't trust him." Sergio defended. "Alright, but stay outside the door. Don't come in unless you hear shouting." Alex said. "Fair enough but I'm driving." Sergio said squeezing her hand gently. "Fine" Alex said smiling and rolling her eyes. The pair walked over to Iker, Sky, and the remaining group of the Spanish National Team to say good bye, Sky hugged Alex as Sergio thanked his teammates for helping him get rid of the boy earlier. Sergio turned back to Alex and smiled at her, as they walked out hand in hand.

They stopped in front of his car and Sergio smiled down at Alex, "This was one of the better days of my life, thank you so much nena. And I really meant it when I said I love you, I really do." He said as he opened the door for Alex to get in. "Thank you." Alex smiled as she got in. Sergio frowned at her response a bit, hoping for a different one but remembered that he wouldn't force her to say it and that she would when she was ready.

They arrived at Alex's house, she unlocked the door. "Please stay, I'll shout if there's any trouble." Alex said seriously. "I wouldn't have it any other way." Sergio said as he escorted her to the door, "I'll be right outside the door if you need me at all, do not hesitate." He said. Alex nodded and walked into the house, she instantly saw Justin on the couch, he rose when he saw her, "I told you to get out." Alex said plainly. It was clear Justin was intoxicated and wasn't in the mood to see or talk to Alex right now, "Ya well, things happen don't they?" He growled. "Justin." Alex sighed. "What?" he snapped at her. "Why are you doing this?" Alex asked calmly. "Because I still own you, you still owe me for all I did for you." Justin growled again."Well coming home drunk and being angry at me ins't really the bait I'm looking for." Alex tried to remain calm but the angry was bubbling inside of her. "Besides, you had your chances." Alex said, making sure the word 'chances' stood out. "Well, I'm about to get one more." Justin said lowly as he smiled wickedly, his eyes darkening. He approached Alex slowly before attempting to cram his tongue down her throat. Alex wasn't going to show him that she was afraid. She shoved Justin off of her and shouted, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" She screamed at him. "What do you think?" Justin screamed back. Outside Sergio's heart began to race, his palms began to sweat and he couldn't sit still, if he heard anymore screaming he was going in there. Justin lunged at Alex again, "Do you really think raping me is the best way to mend our relationship?" Alex yelled at him, she couldn't believe him. "Well it certainly is beyond mending, you've got that stupid moron footballer of a fuck buddy now, so I might as well have my fun one more time! Now I'm gonna make it all worth it!" Justin yelled as he picked her up and began carrying her up the stairs. "Help!' Alex screamed at the top of her lungs. "Sergio! Please help me!" Alex shouted, her shouts soon turned to cries before Justin covered her mouth and closed the door to the bedroom. "It's such a shame the dumb player isn't here." Justin hissed as he trapped Alex on the bed underneath him.

Sergio freaked out, he busted through the door, charging up the stairs, getting angrier and angrier as he went. He busted into the room in time to see Alex trapped under Justin, with tears streaming down her face, in just her underwear and Justin without a shirt about to take off his pants. Sergio charged at Justin and tackled him off the bed, hitting him more like an American football line backer than a European football central defender. "Mantenerse alejado de ella, hijo de puta!" Sergio screamed, with anger and tears in his eyes as he punched Justin in the face. "Sergio." Alex tried to sound sound tough but it came out as a whimper. "No Alex he tried to hurt you!" Sergio argues before punching Justin again. Sergio lifted Justin off the floor, "Now get out, I don't ever want you near her again, because if I do, I will hospitalize you." Sergio threatened. Alex begged Sergio not to hit him again as she sobbed harder. Sergio dragged Justin downstairs and threw him out before slamming and locking the door. Sergio ran back upstairs to see Alex huddled up crying, he took off his suit jacket and wrapped it around her before pulling her tight to his chest, his muscular arms surrounding her. Alex cried into his chest, dampening his white dress shirt. "I-I" she choked out. "Ple-ase, s-stay h-here to-night." Alex begged as she gripped his now soaked shirt. "I was never planning on leaving you." Sergio said strongly, putting on a brave front though his heart was racing faster than his thoughts. Sergio was thankful Alex didn't notice him shaking. The most Alex could do was nod and sob more, she suddenly became overwhelmingly tired and collapsed. The only way she could stand was because Sergio was holding her up. Sergio scooped Alex up bridal style and placed her on her bed as he tucked her in, leaving his suit jacket still wrapped around her. Sergio took off his soaking wet shirt as well as his shoes and socks, leaving him in only his dress pants before he lay down next to Alex. Sergio placed a strong arm around her as she laid her head on his chest, on top of his still racing heart, as she still shook violently from the recent events.

Alex couldn't move, she felt so weak, she had no energy. She had no will to move. She was so shaken that she couldn't even move if she tried, there was nothing she could do about it. She was paralyzed with fear. "Sleep nena." Sergio whispered softly as he stroked her hair and placed a delicate kiss on her head. "I'm not going anywhere, I promise." Sergio whispered again.
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